Crowningshield, Edward
Bpt. Aug. 30, 1767.

1824 Schooner “Hannah.”

Cross, John
Bpt. Nov. l,1747.

1800 Schooner “Alpha,” 82T.
1801 Brigantine “Increase.”
1804 Schooner “Traveler.”

Schooner “Traveler” was lost in 1804 with all on board. (M. V. S.)

Cross, John
Born Feb. 10, 1805, or Sept. 6, 1812.

1837 Schooner “Splendid.”

Cross, Thomas D.

1815 Schooner “Russell.”

Ship “Iris,” Capt. John Conway
Original painted in Naples in 1806, owned by the Peabody Museum, Salem Cut loaned by Essex Institute

Conway, John
Bpt. Aug. 26, 1770

1800 Ship “Iris,” 227T.
1814 Schooner “Leopard,” 86T.
1816 Ship “Albion.”
1822 Brigantine ”Wanderer, 192T. (Lost G. C.)

Conway, John Jr.
Born Dec. 2, 1798.

1824 Barque “Blakely.” (Lost G. C.)

Ship “Tiber
Original painting by one of the crew on a piece of the ship’s canvas, Owned by Mr. Frank Cole

Cole, John
Born Sept. 5, 1828.

____ Ship “Holvhead.”
____ Ship “Bhick Wall.”
 ____ Ship “Aberdeen.”
____ Barque “Georgia.” (See John B. Lindsey.)
____ Ship “Tiber.”
1891-1893-1895 Selectman.

Cole, William
Bpt. Jan. 14, 1759, or June 2, 1759

1777 Capt. Privateer Schooner “True Blue,” Marblehead Historical Society Paper, No. 3519.
1777 Captured in Privateer Brigantine “Fancy,” and committed to Mill Prison, England. Marblehead Historical Society Paper, No. 1447.
1790 Brigantine “George.”
18002 Schooner “John,” 91T.
1803 Brigantine “Helen,” 100T.
1806 Schooner “Betsy.”
1822 Schooner “Mary and Eliza,” 82T.

Schooner “Mary and Eliza,” captured by pirates off Cuba while on a voyage to Matanzas in 1822. Recaptured by a U. S. vessel, taken to Charles-ton, S. C, and sold. Essex Institute Records.

Launching of Ship “Fame
Cut loaned by Essex Institute

Collyer, John
Bpt. June 15, 1783.

1803 Schooner “Industry.”
1809 Schooner “Lark,” 79T.
1809 Sloop “Ann.”
1810 Schooner “Adventure.”

Collyer, Samuel
Bpt. April 16, 1769.

1806 Sloop “Ann.”

Collyer, William
Born June 15, 1783.

1821 Schooner “James.”

Cowell, Richard
Born Jan 13, 1752.

April 15, 1780 Commissioned Capt. Privateer Ship “Thorn.’
April 19, 1781 Commissioned Capt. Privateer Ship “Marquis.”
1790 Schooner “Swan,” 80T.
1791 Schooner “Fanny.”
1791 Schooner “Lydia,” 58T.
1794 Ship “Fame,” 254T.

In 1780 while in the Ship “Thorn,” (captured by Capt. Samuel Tucker, afterward purchased by Wm. Gray of Salem and changed into a privateer) with a crew of 120 men, captured the Letter of Marque ” St. David,” 22 guns and 170 men, after a desperate encounter at close quarters.

Later while in the Ship “Marquis” captured another Letter of Marque.

Cousens, Reuben

1812 Schooner “Sally.”

Ship “Aurora,” Capt. Thos. Courtis
Painted in Hong Kong, China, owned by Dudley L. Pickman, Salem Cut loaned by Essex Institute

Courtis, Thomas

____ Ship “Aurora.”
____ Ship “Eleanora.” (Condemned G. C.)

Cocks, James
Born Mar. 1, 1772.

1794 Schooner “Sally,” 69T.
1795 Schooner “Catherine,” 69T. (Lost G. C.)
1801 Schooner “Industry.”
1802 Brigantine “Industry,” 102T.

Cook, Samuel
Bpt. May 5, 1750.

1808 Brigantine “Republican.”


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915