Bridgeo, Philip
Bpt. Aug. 29, 1782.

1809 Schooner “Two Sisters,” 80T.
Condemned in 1812.
1811 Schooner “Minerva.”
1824 Schooner “Two Brothers,” 72T.
1826 Schooner “Alpha.”
1829 Schooner “Sally,” 82T.
1834-39 Schooner “William,” 97T. (Lost G. C.)
Lost off Charleston, South Carolina, in a hurricane.

Brimblecomb, Cornelius
Bpt. Aug. 6, 1775.

1806 Brigantine “Good Intent.”

Brown, Ambrose J.
Bpt. Feb. 22, 1784.

1813 Schooner “Joseph,” 63T.

Brown, Eli

1790 Schooner “Sea Flower,” 66T.
____ Brigantine “Diana,” 160T.

Brown, James
Bpt. Dec. 8, 1782

1810 Schooner “George Washington.”
1810 Ship “John.”

Brown, John
Born June 12, 1785, or Jan. 15, 1786

1818 Schooner “Paragon,” 99T.

Brown, Joseph
Born Nor. 12, 1769.

1806 Schooner “Samuel.”

Dartmoor Prison
Original drawing by Capt. Glover Broughton in 1815.  Five thousand Americans were incarcerated in this place, five hundred being from Marblehead.

Brown, Peter
Bpt July 30, 1786.

1826 Schooner “Salus,” 82T. (S. P.)
Image Richard Brown
Ship “Rattler” from Ambrotype

Brown, Richard
Bpt. June 5, 1757.

1775 Private Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. John Merritt.
1807 Schooner “Betsy.”
1810 Schooner “Success.”
1812 “Nancy.”
1812 Schooner “Polly.” Condemned (G.C.)
1815 Schooner “Neptune.”

Brown, Richard
Born Sept. 14, 1809.

Ship “Rattler.”
Ship “Empire.”
Ship “Belle Creole.”

Original painting owned by Mrs. Frank W. Sanborn.  Painted by Ant. Roux Gilsama, Marseilles, Paris, 1823

Broughton, Glover
Born Sept. 20, 1796.

Grandson of Com. Nicholson Broughton. Seaman on Privateer Ship “America” of Salem in 1812. Captured in the war of 1812 and imprisoned m Dartmoor Prison.
1821 Schooner “Speedwell,” 98T.
1822 Brigantine “Nancy,” 150 T.
____ Brigantine “Nancy” was condemned and sold in 1830. Marblehead Register, May 1, 1830.
____ Brigantine “President.”
_____ Brigantine “General Glover.”
1835 Brigantine “Hardy.”

Broughton, John
Bpt. July 8, 1792.

Grandson of Com. Nicholson Broughton. Captured in the war of 1812 and imprisoned in Dartmoor Prison, England.
1812 Seaman Privateer Brigantine “Alfred.”
1820 Schooner “Caesar.” (Lost G. C.) (S. P.)
1822 Brigantine “Fenwick.”
1824 Schooner “Borneo.” (S. P.)
1826 Schooner “Spring Bird.”
1826 Brigantine “Nancy,” 150T.
1828 Brigantine “Prudent,” 171T.
1829 Brigantine “Cherub.”
1830 Brigantine “President,” 122T.
1833 Schooner “Columbia.”
1835 Brigantine “Antares.”
1840 Schooner “Saratoga.”

Broughton, Nicholson
Born Oct. 29, 1764.

Son of Com. Nicholson Broughton. Died in Martinique, June 21, 1804. 1790 Schooner “Fox.”
1794 Schooner “Betsy.”
1795 Schooner “Joanna,” 76T.
1796 Brigantine “Fancy.”
1797 Schooner “John,” 65T.
1803 Schooner “Catherine.”
1804 Schooner “Molly.”
1812 Privateer Schooner “Tomahawk.”

Barque “Zotoff, John Glover Broughton
From a water color painting owned by Arthur TV. West Cut loaned by Essex Institute

Capt. Broughton married a daughter of Gen. John Glover. He enlisted at 13 years of age in the Continental Army serving at Winter Hill during the winter of 1777-78.

In 1797 he was captured, and again in 1799, the last time his vessel was run ashore at Monte Christo.

From Origin of the American Navy by Henry E. Waite.

Broughton, Nicholson
Bpt. Oct. 31, 1790.

Grandson of Com. Nicholson Broughton.
1806 Schooner “Saratoga.” (S. P.)
1815 Schooner “Jefferson,” 79T.
1815 Schooner “Caesar.”
1816 Brigantine “Union.”
1818 Ship “Java,” 291T. (S. P.)

Capt. Broughton married twice, both wives being daughters of Hon. Nathaniel Hooper.

In 1815 he was sailing master of the Brigantine “Tomahawk” when she was captured by the British Man of War “Bulwark.”

Ship’s Pass of the Ship of “Java”, Capt. Nicholson Broughton, 1818.  Original, and many others of same kind in possession of the Marblehead Historical Society.

From 1825 to 1835 had built for him by Jackman and Currier of Newburyport thirty-two ships, brigantines and schooners many of them sailing from what is now the Marblehead Transportation Companies wharf, on foreign voyages.

Before he arrived at the age of manhood, commanded one of his father’s vessels probably the “Saratoga.”)

In 1818 while in command of the Ship “Java” he brought from China a cargo on which the duties were $39,758.00.

From Origin of the American Navy, by Henry E. Waite.

Ship “Danube” Original painting owned by Mrs. John B. Lindsey

Broughton Horace Capt.
Born May 2, 1836.

Ship “Danube.”
Ship “Carnatic.” (See John Devereux.)

Broughton, John Glover
Born Dec. 9, 1816.

Killed in New York.
Ship “George Hurlburt.”
Ship “Edwina.”
1841 Barque “Zotoff,” 220T.
Sold in 1864 and later wrecked on the coast of Maine. Essex Institute Records.

Bruce, David
Bpt. Jan. 18, 1768.

1794 Schooner “Prudentia,” 65T.
1795 Schooner “John,” 65T.
1796 Schooner “Hawk,” 90T.
1797 Brigantine “Polly.”
1806 Schooner “Hannah.”
1809 Schooner “Sally,” 62T.

Bruce, Daniel
Born Aug. 13, 1807.

1842 Brigantine “George,” 263T.
(Essex Institute Vol. 40, April, 1904).

Bowen, Nathan
Born Dec. 17, 1726.

1761 Schooner “Prince of Orange.”
Captured by the French Brigantine “Gentile” of Bayonne and taken to Bayonne Castle. See Road’s History.

Bowen, Ashley
1762 Schooner “Rambler.”

On voyage from Marblehead to Quebec, boarded by a company of French and Indians who attempted to seize her. An English Brigantine heaving in sight prevented it. See Road’s History.

Burnham, Francis A.
Bpt. Sept. 30, 1787.

“Hannah.” (Condemned in 1812 G. C.)

Buntin, Charles

1834 Ship “Alciope,” 377T.


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915