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Sea Captains Bailey, James to Bessom, Joseph

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Bailey, James

1805 Schooner “Sally.”
1806-1813-1816 “Selectman.”

Bailey, John
Bapt. July 9, 1761

Died Apr. 22, 1828.
1790 Schooner “Industry” 76T.
1795 Brigantine “Mary” 116T.
1796 Barque “Washington” 135T.
____ Ship “Tom.”
1813 Captain in command of Fort Sewall.
1817 and 1818 Selectman.

During the intervening time, between the death of Capt. Bailey and the appointment of his successor, his wife was in command of Fort Sewall under a commission from the government of the United States, a very unusual proceeding.

Barker, George
Bpt. April 27, 1766.

1794 Schooner “Hannah,” 74T.
1799 Schooner “Alpha,” 82T.
1800 Schooner “Betsy,” 7lT.
1805 Brigantine “Hope,” 16.5T.
1806 Schooner “John,” 9lT. (S. P.)
1808 to 1812 Selectman.

Barker, George Jr.
Born Jan. 15,1780.

1815 Ship “Messenger.” 277T.
1821 Schooner “Romp” 88T.
1826 Brigantine “Perseverance.”
1828 Ship “Ganges.”

Ship Ganges while on voyage from Boston to Sumatra was attacked by pirates off the Cape of Good Hope. See account in Road’s History.

Barker, Thomas
Born Oct. 8, 1750.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. Wm. Blackler.
1775 Bombadier in Col. Richard Gridley’s Artillery Regiment, Capt. Samuel R. Trevett, at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
1776 Quarter Gunner in Capt. Edward Fettyplace’s, Sea Coast Co.
1776 Private in Col. Thomas Craft’s Regiment, Capt. J. W. Edes.
1776 Seaman in Brigantine “Massachusetts” Capt. Daniel Foster.
1777 Seaman on Brig “Fancy,” captured and committed to Old Mill Prison, England.
1791 Schooner “Betsy.”
1795 Schooner “Jeremiah.”
1805 Brigantine “Nancy.”

Schooner “Jeremiah” in January, 1795, was attacked by pirates while on passage to Bilboa with a cargo of fish and oil, but were beaten off. See account in Road’s History.

Barker, Joseph Jr.
Bpt. June 16, 1760.

1775 Matross in Col. Richard Gridley’s Artillery Regiment, Capt. Samuel R. Trevett, at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
1777 Seaman on Brig “Fancy,” captured and committed to Old Mill Prison, England.
1791 Brigantine “Nancy” 143T.
1794 Brigantine “Hope” 107T.
1795 Schooner “Peacock.”
____ Schooner “Molly.”

Barker, Nathaniel
Bpt. Sept. 9, 1762.

1789 Schooner “Storm,” 8lT.
1796 Schooner “Hope,” 92T.

Barnes, Corbin

1789 Schooner “Polly,” 84T.

Bartlett, George
Bpt. July 8,1764

1807 Schooner “Oriental,” 84T.

Bartlett, George B.
Bpt. Oct. 14, 1781.

1810 Schooner “Union.”
1823 Schooner “Dove.”
Image John Bartlett

Bartlett, John
Bpt. Dec. 19, 1762.

1801 Sloop “Ranger.”
1807 Ship “Elizabeth.”
1838 Brig “Thoosa.”

Bartlett, Nicholas
Bpt. in 1750.

1776 First Lieutenant Schooner “Hancock,” Capt. Samuel Tucker.
1776 Capt. Privateer Schooner “Hero.”
1777 Capt. Privateer Brigantine “America.”
1778 Capt. Privateer Brigantine “Favorite.”
1778 Capt. Privateer Brigantine “Penet.”
____ Capt. Privateer Brigantine “General Glover.”
____ First Lieutenant Frigate “So. Carolina.”
1789 Schooner “Hannah,” 79T.
____ Brigantine “Hannah,” 136T.
1809 Schooner “Joseph,” 78T.
____ Brigantine “Nancy,” 143T.

While in the “General Glover” was taken prisoner, carried to England and confined five months, when he escaped and went to France and Holland. See Road’s History.

Bartoll, William
Born June 19, 1748.

1810 Schooner “Minerva.”

Bartoll, William
Born Feb. 23, 1803.

1825 Schooner “Alpha,” 77T.
1827 Schooner “Friendship.” (S. P).
1828 Schooner “Union.” (C. P.)
1828 Brigantine “Cherub.”
1840 Schooner “Burlington.”
1841 Schooner “Erie.”
1844 Schooner “Marblehead,” 106T.
____ Ship “William Gray.”
Capt. William Bartoll son of Capt. Wm. and Lydia (Devereux) Bartoll, born Feb. 23, 1803, first went to sea at 15 years of age; was master of the Schooner “Alpha,” at 21, continuing making voyages to European, South American, East and West Indian ports until 184’2. Elected Representative to the Legislature in 1850.

In 1853 appointed Collector of the Port of Marblehead, holding the office for six years.

Bassett, Joseph S.
Bpt. Sept. 17, 1786.

1820 Schooner “Ann.”

Beals, John

Berry, Michael

1823 Schooner “Joseph.”

Bessom, Joseph W.

____ Barque “Abbie Bacon.”

Barque “Abbie Bacon.”
Image Original Water Color owned by Marblehead Historical Society Formerly U. S. Gunboat Pocahontas


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915

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