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R Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

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Edward, s. Grindal and Susannah, May 24, 1683.


Josiah, s. John and Sibble, Feb. 23, 1767.

RICHARDSON (see Richarson, Richason, Richerson, Richeson, Risherson)

Charts, s. Seth and Dina, Oct. 26, 1765.
Daniel, s. John and Rebecka, Aug. 31, 1685.
Elizabeth, d. John and Rebeka, Sept. 20, 1681.
Hannah, d. James and Hannah, Aug. 13, 1769.
James, s. James and Hannah, Oct. 11, 1771.
John, s. and Rebeka, Aug. 25, 1679.
Martha Ann, twin d. Simeon and Abigail, Dec. 12, 1835.
Mary Jane, twin d. Simeon and Abigail, Dec. 12, 1835.
Moses, s. Simeon and Abigail, Oct. 3, 1822.
Patty, cL Moses and Patty, June 21, 1805.
Seth, s. Seth and Dinah, Oct. 21, 1760.

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RICHARSON (see Richardson, Richason, Richerson, Richeson, Risherson)

Bathsheba, d. Seth and Battsheba, July 26, 1750.
Bathsheba, d. Seth and Dinah, Apr. 2, 1752.
Ebenezer, s. Joseph and Hannah, May 23, 1722.
George, s. Seth and Dinah, Dec. 5, 1762.
Jonathan, s. Seth and Dinah, Mar. 12, 1758.
Joseph, s. Joseph and Hannah, Sept 21, 1707.
Paul, s. Seth and Dinah, Jan. 30, 1754.
Peter, s. Joseph and Hannah, Aug. 20, 1723.
Peter, s. Seth and Dinah, Oct. 5, 1755.
Sibbill, d. Samuel and Mary, Aug. 10, 1735.
Silas, s. Seth and Bathsheba, Dec. 28, 1748.

RICHASON (see Richardson, Richarson, Richerson, Richeson, Risherson)

Kezia, [twin] d. Samuep] and Mary, May 3 [torn], 173O].
Sarah, [twin] d. Samue[l] and Mary, May 3[torn], 173[4>

RICHERSON (see Richardson, Richarson, Richason, Richeson, Risherson)

David, s. John and Esther, June 19, 170[3].
Easter, d. John and Easter, Jan. 2, 1706—7.
James, s. Joseph and Hannah, Mar. 14, 17i5-[16].
John, s. John and Esther, Oct 22, 1701.
Jonathan, s. John and Esthe[r], Feb. 1, 1704.
Joseph, s. John and Esther, Apr. 3 [?], 17 n.
Mary, d. Joseph and Hannah, Aug. 15, 1708.
Mary, d. John and Esther, Sept 9, 1710.
Rebekah, d. John and Rebekah, Feb. 28, 1696-7.
Samuel, s. Joseph and Hannah, Mar. 31, 1712-13.
Sarah, d. John and Ester, Apr. 25, 1700.
Seth, s. Joseph and Hannah, Apr. 3, 1719.
William, s. Daniel and Hannah, Feb. 3, 1710-11.

RICHESON (see Richardson, Richarson, Richason, Richerson, Risherson)

Olive, d. Samuel and Mary, July 4, 1737.

RISHERSON (see Richardson, Richarson, Richason, Richerson, Richeson)

Mehittabell, d. John (Richerson) and Rebeckah, June 16, 1689.

ROBESON (see Robinson)

John, s. John and Sarah, July 30, 1714.


Hannah, d. John [and] Hannah, May 16, 1709.
John, s. John and Hannah, Oct. 4, 1712.
Priscila, d. John a[nd] Hannah, Sept. 12, 1710.

ROBINSON (see Robeson)

Charles Cotten, s. Rev. Charles (b. Exeter, N. N. [? H.]) and Sally (b. Boylston), May 22, 1849.
Sarah Jane, d. Rev. Charles and Sally C, July 29, 1845.

ROCKET (see Rockett, Rockitt, Rockwood)

Bethia, d. Josiah and Mary, Feb. 21, [16] 83-4.
Deborah, d. John (Rockett) and Bethiah, Apr. 7, 1700.
Hezekiah, s. John and Bethia, Mar. 1, 1702.

ROCKETT (see Rocket, Rockitt, Rockwood)

Abigaell, d. Sa[m]uell and Hanna, May 17, 1679.
Benjamin, s. John and Bethia, Nov. 19, 1697.
Bethia, d. Benjamin and Judith, July 24, 1679.
Bethiah, d. John and Bethiah, Aug. 26, 1689.
Deliverance, d. Samuell and Hannah, Mar. 10, 1688-9.
Eliazar, s. Samuell and Hanna, Apr. 18, 1681.
Hannah, d. Samuell and Hannah, Oct. 5, 1673.
Hannah, d. Joseph and Hannah, Feb. 22, 1679-80.
Hannah, d. Josiah and Marie, Aug. 24, 1691.
Isaac, s. Nicolas and Silence, July 22, 1677.
Israeli [dup. Isral Rocket], s. Josiah and Marie, Feb. 25, 1677-8.
Johannah, d. Josiah and Marie, Dec. 2[torn], 1693.
John, s. John and Bethiah, Oct. 6, 1690.
John, s. John and Bethia, Dec. 26, 1706.
Joseph, s. Samuell and Hannah, Sept 8, 1686.
Joseph, s. John and Bethia, Nov. 15, 1692.
Marie, d. Josiah and Marie, Aug. 3, 1681.
Mehitabell, d. Josiah and Mary, Oct 14, 1686.
Nathaniell, s. Nicolas and Margarett, Feb. 23, 1665-6.
Patience, d. Samuell and Hanna, M[torn] 14, 1682.
Samuell, s. Samuell (Rocket) and Hanna, Apr. 10, 1677.
Sam[ue]ll, s. John and Bethiah, Apr. 15, 1695.
Susanna, d. Samuell and Hanna, Oct. 31, 1675.
Triall, d. John (Rocket) and Johnnah, Feb. 28, 1677-8.

ROCKITT (see Rocket, Rockett, Rockwood)

John, s. Nicolas and Margarit, Feb. 12, 1662-3.

ROCKWOOD (see Rocket, Rockett, Rockitt)

Benjamin (Rockwod), s. Nicolas and Jone, Sept. 8, 1651.
Elizebeth, d. Nicolas and Margreat, Apr. 3, 1657.


Mary Elgiva Eliza, d. Cha[rle]s G. and Mary, Dec. 30, 1842.


Elizabeth, d. Franz and Mary, Apr. 10, 1843.
George, s. Franz and Mary, June 2, 1841.


Mary Adelaide, d. W[illia]m D. and Lydia, Mar. 29, 1843.


John, s. Josiah and Sukey, Sept. 15, 1802.
John, s. Josiah a[nd] Sukey, Sept. 8, 1807.
Mary, d. Josiah and Sukey, Jan. 13, 1800.
Mary Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Elizabeth (b. Dover), Apr. 8, 1849.
Mehetable, d. Josiah and Sukey, Oct. n, 17 [96].
Obed, s. Josiah and Suky, July 22, 1813.
Thomas, s. Josiah and Sukey, Dec. 15, 1804.
[torn] [? Joseph, s. Josiah] [Fe]b. 20, 1798.

RUSSEL (see Russell, Russill)

Abigail Lovell, d. Daniel P. and Polly, Aug. ii, 1834.

RUSSELL (see Russel, Russill)

Daniel Perry, s. Arnold and Charity, July 13, 1807.
George Lovell, s. Arnold Jr. and Margaret A., Nov. 9, 1847.
Harriot, d. Arnold and Charity, June 20, 1816.
Mary, d. Arnold and Charity, Dec. 27, 1811.
Walter Janes, s. Daniel P. and Polly, Oct 22, 1843.
William Arnold, s. Arnold Jr. and Margaret, Aug. 20, 1844.

RUSSILL (see Russel, Russell)

Arnold, s. Arnold and Charity, Dec. 8, 1809.

MLA Source Citation:

Medfield, MA. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts: To the Year 1850. New-England historic genealogical society, at the charge of the Eddy town-record fund, 1903. Web. 30 July 2016.
- Last updated on Jun 11th, 2012

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