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L Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

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LAURANCE (see Lawrance, Lawrence, Lewrance)

Josiah, s. Joseph and Mary, June 12, 1709.
Mary, d. Jonathan and Hannah, Mar. 3, 1744-5.
William, s. Jonathan (Larence) and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1747-8.

LAWRANCE (see Laurance, Lawrence, Lewrance)

Araminta, d. Elihu and Tamer, Dec. 4, 1789.
Delane, d. Elihu and Tamar, June 30, 1787.
Elihu, s. Elihu and Tamer, Feb. 1, 1785.
Polly, d. [torn] and Tamer, Mar. 15, 1795.
Roxa, d. Elihu and Tamer, Mar. 21, 1792.
Timothy, s. Elihu and Tamer, May 3, 1797.

LAWRENCE (see Laurance, Lawrance, Lewrance)

Ardilda, d. Elihu and Tamer, July 19, 1799.
Patty, d. Elihu and Tamer, Apr. 22, 1783.
Susan Maria, d. Timo[thy] and Maria, Dec. 2, 1841.

LEALAND (see Leland)

Ebenezer, s. Henry and Margreat, Jan.
2, 1657-8.
Eliazer, s. Henry and Margrete, July 13, 1660.
Hopestill, s. Henry and Margreat, Nov. 15, 1655.


Thaddeus, s. Samuel and Lidia, Jan. 10, 1736-7.
Zilpha, d. Samuel and Lidia, May 5, 1738.

LEGA1LE (see Legallee)

George Ellis, s. Jos[eph] W. (b. Roxbury) and Louisa, Aug. 11, 1848.
Sarah Louisa, d. Joseph W. (b. Roxbury) and Louisa, Oct. 20, 1849.

LEGALLEE (see Legalle)

Mary Ann, d. Joseph W. (Legalle) and Louisa, Jan. 12, 1847.

LELAND (see Lealand)

Experience, d. Henry and Margreat, May 16, 1656.
Mary Elisabeth, d. Dr. P. W. and Pamela, Nov. 26, 1831.
Phineas Washington, s. Dr. P. W. and Pamela, July 13, 1833.

LEWRANCE (see Laurance, Lawrance, Lawrence)

Abigal, d. Jonathan and Hannah, Jan. 18, 1741-2.


Polly, d. Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov. 18, 1775.
Zador, d. Ebenezer and Hannah, Oct. 10, 1783.


Hannah, d. Rev. Horatio N. and Hannah, Mar. 20, 1835

LOVEL (see Lovell, Lovil, Lovill)

Alexander, s. David and Hannah, Sept. 22, 1754.
David, s. David and Hann[torn], Sept. 5, 1736.
David, s. David and Hannah, Sept. 16, 1739.
Diah, s. David and Hannah, Aug. 23, 1749.
Hannah, d. Allexander and Elizabeth, Mar. 30, 1701-2.
Hannah, d. David Jr. and Lois, May 28, 1766.
Horatio, s. Moses and Mary, Oct. 31, 1786.
Lois, d. David Jr. and Lois, Apr. 6, 1769.
Mary, d. Allexander (Lovell) and Elisabeth, Jan. 26, 1703-4.
Mary Ann, d. Moses and Mary, Sept 24, 1800.
Molly, [twin] d. Dyer and Abigail, Aug. 1, 1775.
Moses, s. Hope and Lydia, Oct. n, 1756.
Nabba, [twin] d. Dyer and Abigail, Aug. 1, 1775.
Nathan, s. David Jr. and Lois, Dec 18, 1773.
Olive, d. David Jr. and Lois, Mar. 21, 1771.
Timothy, s. Moses and Mary, Nov. 10, 1788.

LOVELL (see Lovel, Lovil, Lovill)

Alexander, s. Alexander and Lidia, Mar. 2, 1670-1.
Alixander, s. Alixander and Lidia, Feb. 12, 1660.
Betty, d. Dyar and Abigail, Dec 31, 1778.
Charity, d. Dyer and Abigail, Dec. 12, 1781.
David, s. Allexander and Elisabeth, July 14, 1712.
Debora, d. Alexander and Lidia, Dec. 20, 1675.
Deborah, d. Allexand[er] and Elizabeth, July 8, 1724.
Dorcas, d. David and Loas, Jan. 1, 1776.
Elizebeth, d. Nathanell (Lovel) and Elizebeth, Sept. 21, 1698.
Hope, s. Nathaniell and Elisabet[h], Nov. 20, 1711.
John, s. Allexander and Elisabeth, Apr. 17, 1720.
Jonathan, s. Allexander and Elisabeth, Sept 16, 1714.
Joseph, s. Allexander and Elisabeth, July 26, 1708.
Joseph, s. Moses and Mary, Dec 15, 1794.
Lidia, d. Alexander and Lidia, Apr. 27, 1664.
Lidia, d. Alexander and Lidia, June 15, 1665.
Lidia, d. Allexander and Elisabeth, Feb. 12, 1717-18.
Lydia, d. Moses and Mary, Apr. 5, 1782.
Mehittabell, d. Allexander [and] Elisabeth, Mar. 23, 1705-6.
Micaell, s. Nathaniel (Lovel) and Elizebeth, Mar. 13, 1699-1700.
Moses, s. Moses and Molly, Aug. 14, 1784.
Nathanaell, s. Alexander and Lidia, Feb. 18, 1669-70.
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Jan. 30, 1708-9.
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Dec. 15, 1710.
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Elisabeth, May 7, 1715.
Nathaniell, s. Alexander and Lidia, Oct 16, 1672.
Rachel, d. Allexander a[nd] Elisabeth, July 17, 1710.
Sarah, d. Alexander and Lidia, Aug. 3, 1667.

LOVIL (see Lovel, Lovell, Lovill)

Nathan, s. David and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1741-2 [sic, see Nathan Lovill].

LOVILL (see Lovel, Lovell, Lovil)

Nathan, s. David and Hannah, Oct 17, 1741 [sic, see Nathan Lovil].

LYON (see Lion).

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