Alice Isabel, d. Samuel (born Nova Scotia) and Elvira, June 17, 1849.
     Jacob, s. Eleazer and Rachel, Apr. 15, 1764.
     Prudence, d. Eleazer and Rachel, Nov. 20, 1762.

     Albert F., s. Geo[rge] W. and M., Apr. 13, 1847.
     Henry, s. Henry and Sarah, Aug. 8, 1820.
     Sarah Ann, d. Henry and Sarah, Nov. 10, 1824.

JOSLIN (see Josselyn),
     Stephen, s. W[illia]m and Laura, Nov. 16, 1847.

JOSSELYN (see Joslin),
     Mary Elizabeth, d. Algernon and Mary, July 19, 1834.