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J Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

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—- , ch. Walter and Evelina, July 25, 1836.


William, s. Thomas and Susanna, Jan. 31, 1716-17.

JERAULD (see Geruld, Girauld, Giruld, Jerould, Jiruld)

Horatio, s. Dr. James and Susannah, May 9, 1786.
James, s. Dr. James and Susannah, June 10, 1773.
Mary, d. Dr. James and Susannah, Feb. — , 1790.
Patty, d. Dr. James and Susannah, Aug. 6, 1782.

JEROULD (see Geruld, Girauld, Giruld, Jerauld, Jiruld)

Patiance, d. Dr. James and Susanah, June 28, 1777.
Samuel Green, s. Dr. James and Susannah, Aug. 26, 1779.
Susanna, d. Dr. James and Susanna, May 18, 1775.

JIRULD (see Geruld, Girauld, Giruld, Jerauld, Jerould)

Gamaliel, s. James (Jeruld) and Martha, Sept 23, 1719.

JOHNSON (see Jonson)

Betsey, d. Samuel an[d] Catharine, June 10, 1822.
Catharine, d. Samuel and Catherine, Sept. 13, 1818.
Catherine Elizabeth, d. Moses H. and Lucretia, Jan. 13, 1849.
Catherine Frances, d. Samuel and Frances, Sept. 3, 1844.
Jesse, s. Jesse dec’d and Sybil, Dec. 12, 1805.
Kezia, d. Joseph and Kezia, May 12, 1795.
Lucretia Maria, d. Moses H. and Lucretia C, Dec. 3, 1845.
Miletiah Thayer, d. Oliver and Hannah, Aug. 3, 1826.
Moses Hartshorn, s. Sam[ue]l and Catherine, July 16, 1820.
M[blank] Herbert, s. Moses H. and Lucretia C., Mar. 1, 1847.
Oliver, s. Eneas and Sarah, Sept. 24, 1802.
Ralph, s. Samuel and Catharine, Aug. 13, 1827.
Rogger, s. Return Johnson and Precillia Pratt, Apr. 9, 1696.
Samuel, s. Samuel and Betsey, Nov. 29, 1814.
Samuel, s. Samuel and Frances, Feb. 27, 1842.
Sarah Ann, d. Samuel and Betsy, Dec. 15, 1812.


B[e]thyah, d. Thomas and Bethyah, Dec. 1, 1751.

JONSON (see Johnson)

Elizabeth, d. Return and Marie, Aug. 10, 1681.
Jimmima, d. Returne and Mary, Sept. 16, 1683.

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