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E Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Birth Records to 1850

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James Howland, s. John and Mary W., Sept. 22, 1847.
John Edwin, s. John and Mary W., Dec. 31, 1841.
Mary Elizabeth, d. John and Mary W., Dec. 19, 1845.
Sarah Cushing, d. John and Mary W., Aug. 19, 1843.

ELICE (see Ellese, Ellice, Ellis),
Elefelet, s. Jacob and Mehetable, Nov. 5, 1733.

ELLESE (see Elice, Ellice, Ellis),
Jacob, s. Jacob and Mehettabel, July 3, 1729.

ELLICE (see Elice, Ellese, Ellis),
Enoch, s. M[torn] and Sarai, Oct. 3 [?], 1735.
Mehetable, d. Jacob and Mehetable, July 12, 1731.
Phenas, s. Moses and Saray, Feb. 11, 1734.

ELLIS (see Elice, Ellese, Ellice),
Aaron, [twin] s. Joseph and Sarah, May 10, 1766.
Abigail, d. Moses and Sarah, Sept. 29, 1737.
Alfred Richards, s. Joseph and Polly, Jan. 31, 1822.
Asa, s. Jacob and Abigail, Aug. 19, 1763.
Asa, s. Asa and Phebe, Oct. 16, 1773.
Becca, d. Moses and Molly Belcher, Jan. 13, 178[torn].
Betsy, ch. John and Rebecca, July 22, 1790.
Billings, s. Eliphalet and Hephsibah, July 14, 1783.
Billings, s. Sabin and Louiza, Oct. 16, 1825.
Caleb, s. Enoch and Julitty, Apr. 16, 1767.
Caleb, s. Seth and Mary, June 18, 1810.
Charles, ch. John and Rebecca, Feb. 21, 1794.
Charles, s. Hartford and Mary, Aug. 29, 1819.
[Ch]arlotta, d. Oliver and Margrett, Oct. 20, 1798.
Daniel, s. Joseph and Sarah, Jan. 17, 1768.
David, s. Jacob and Abigail, Apr. 16, 1756.
Dudley, s. Sabin and Louiza, Apr. 25, [torn]8.
Edmund Jr. [sic], s. John and Polly, S[torn]801.
Edward, s. John Jr. and Polly, Sept, [torn]
Elba Josephine, d. Charles and M. [torn], 1846.
Eliphelet, s. Eliphelet and Mary, Jun[torn]6.
Elisabeth, d. Daniel and Anne, June 2[torn]1.
Eliza, d. Joseph and Polly, June 20, 1823.
Elizabeth, d. Asa and Phebe, June 18, 1776.
Enoch, s. Enoch and Julia [duplicate entry, Julitta], Jan. 1, 1774.
Enoch, s. John Jr. and Polly, Jan. 24, 1800.
Eunice, d. Hartford and Mary, Apr. 26, 1825.
George, s. Hartford and Mary, June 20, 1828.
Hannah, d. Enoch and Julitee, Aug. 22, 1779.
Hannah, ch. John and Hannah, Sept. 18, 1782.
Harford, s. Oliver and Margrett, Mar. 23, 1785.
Harriett, d. Hartford and Mary, May 20, 1835.
Harriot, d. Eliphalet and Hephsibah, Nov 14, 1793.
Harriot, ch. Hartford and Mary, May 20, 1835.
Ichabod, s. John Jr. and Polly, Dec. 31, 1811.
lsaac, s. Isaac and Abby (born Dedham), Sept. 13, 1849.
Jacob, s. Jacob and Abigail, Feb. 21, 1753.
Jacob, s. Jacob and Abigail, Sept. 2, 1758.
Jane, d. Hartford and Mary, Jan. 22, 1821.
Jason, s. Oliver and Margrett, May 26, 1792.
Joel, s. Moses and Molly Belcher, Jan. 24, 1779.
John, s. Moses and Sarah, Mar. 3, 1746.
John, ch. John and Hannah, July 3, 1775.
John Dwight, s. Phineas and Almira, Dec. 21, 1823.
Joseph, s. Jacob and Mehetabel, July 28, 1736.
Joseph, s. Joseph and Sarah, Feb. 3, 1759.
[Jo]seph, s. Moses and Molly Belcher, Aug. 22, 1790.
Joseph Fisher, s. Alfred R. and Ann (born Lyons, N.Y.), July 25, 1848.
Julia, d. James and Miranda, Feb. 19, 1825.
Julittee, ch. John and Rebecca, Dec. 18, 1792.
Julitty, d. Enoch and Julitty, May 1, 1770.
Kate, d. Joseph and Sarah, Feb. 16, 1772.
Keturah, d. Joseph and Sarah, July 22, 1760.
Lewis, s. Oliver and Margrett, May 8, 1790.
Lorenzo, s. Sabin and Louiza, May 3, 1834.
Louisa, d. Sabin and Louiza, Feb. 2, 1824.
Lucy, d. Oliver and Margrett, Dec. 22, 1795.
Lucy, ch. John and Rebecca, Aug. 27, 1796.
Lucy Mariah [duplicate entry, M.], d. Hartford and Mary, Feb. 28, ____
[duplicate entry, ” recorded after M[torn] 20, 1835″].
Mary, d. Moses and [torn] Sept. 10, 1739.
Mary, d. Eliphlet an[torn]_______ , 1767.
Mary Adeline, d. A[torn]and Ann (born Lyons, N.Y.), Nov. 11, 1849.
Mary Ann [duplicate entry, Maryann], d. Hartford and Mary, June 10, 1832.
Mary Rebecca, d. Joseph and Polly, Sept. 6, 1816.
Mille, d. Jacob and Abigail, Dec. 2, 1765
Moses, s. Moses and Sarah, Jan. 25, 1742.
Moses, [twin] s. Joseph and Sarah, May 10, 1766.
Nabby, ch. John and Hannah, Sept. 8, 1784.
Oliver, s. Eliphelet and Mary, Nov. 14, 1757.
Phinehas, ch. John and Hannah, Nov. 23, 1772.
Polly, ch. John and Hannah, Jan. 6, 1787.
Rebeckah, d. Eliphelet and Mary Oct. 10, 1761.
Sabin, s. Eliphalet and Hepsabah’ Feb. 26, 1785.
Sally, ch. John and Hannah, July 25, 1780.
Sally, d. John Jr. and Polly, Jan. 10, 1808.
Sally, d. Hartford and Mary, Feb. 3, 1823.
Sarah Ann, d. Enoch and Ann, Apr. 18, 1832.
Sarah Arnold, d. John D. and Caroline B., OCt. 26, 1847.
Seth, ch. John and Hannah, June 5, 1777.
Willard, s. Moses and Molly Belcher, Feb. 29, 1784.
William, s. Sabin and Louiza, Dec. 6, 1826.
William, s. Hartford and Mary, May 6, 1830.
William Lorenzo, s. Billings and Almira (born Sharon), Sept. 10, 1849.
_______, d. Charles (born Dedham) and Mary, Dec. 26, 1849.

Achsa Maria, d. Joseph R. and Achsa, July 26, 1844.
Anson Fisher, s. Joseph R and Achsa, June 19, 1842.
James Collins, s. Joseph R. and Achsa, July 21, 1840.

George William, s. Geo[rge] H. and E. W., July 7, 1846.

EVERETT (see Everitt),
Charles Francis, s. Charles and Keziah, Feb. 13, 1829.
Daniel Ellis, s. Charles and Keziah, Nov. 9, 1831.
Edmund, twin s. Charles and Keziah, Apr. 25, 1839.
Edwin, twin s. Charles and Keziah, Apr. 25, 1839.
Sarah Ann, d. Charles and Keziah, May 11, 1834.

EVERITT (see Everett),
Joel, s. Isaac and w., Feb. 15, 1788.

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