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D Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

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DANIEL (see Daniell, Daniells, Daniels)

Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Mary, July 5, 1711.
Elizabeth, d. Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Jan. 19, 1702-3.
Ezra, s. Joseph Jr. and Bethia, Mar. 10, 1703-4.
Hannah, d. Joseph and Bethiah, Sept. 30, 1701.
Jeremiah, s. Joseph and Rachel, Nov. 3, 1684.
Mary, d. Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr. 13 [1706].
Mehittabell, d. Ebnezer and Mary, June 5, 1709.
Thryphona, d. Ebenezer (Daniell) and Elizabeth, June 12, 1704.
Zechariah, s. Joseph (Danil) and Rachell, Apr. 9, 1689 [? 1687].

DANIELL (see Daniel, Daniells, Daniels)

Eliazar, s. Joseph and Marie, Mar. 9, 1680-1.
Elizabeth, d. Samuell and Marie, Apr. 9, 1681.
Jeremiah, s. Joseph and Marie, Mar. 17, 1679-80.
Joseph, s. Joseph and Bethia, Dec. 15, 1695.
Marie, d. Samuell and Marie, June 25, 1679.
Mary, d. Joseph (Daniel) and Marie, July — , 1669.
Rachill, d. Joseph and Rachel, Oct. 10 [?], 1686.
Samuell, s. Joseph and Bethia [?], Dec. 25, 1693.

DANIELLS (see Daniel, Daniell, Daniels)

Ebenezer, s. Joseph and Marie, Apr. 24, 1677.
Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Marie, Mar. 9, 1678-9.
Joseph, s. Joseph and Mary, Sept. 23, 1666.
Samuell, s. Joseph and Marie, Oct. 20, 1671.
Sarah, d. Samuell and Marie, Mar. 23, 1683.
Sarah, d. Joseph (Daniels) and Bethiah, May 1, 1707.

DANIELS (see Daniel, Daniell, Daniells)

David, s. Joseph (Daniel) Jr. and Bethah, Feb. 21, 1698-9.
Jason, s. Noah and Abigail, Feb. 26, 1793.
Mehitabell, d. Joseph (Daniells) and Marie, July 10, 1674.
Milly Frances, d. Moses (b. Medway) and Julia (b. Medway), Oct. 29, 1849.
Noah, s. Noah and Abigail, Jan. 22, 1814.
Thankfull, d. Noah and Abigail, Aug. 31, 1796.


Loiza, “reputed” d. Dr. Lothario Daniels[on] and Sibil Clark, Mar. 8, 1816.
William Cowper, s. Dr. Lothario and Mary, Aug. 31, 1804.


Caroline Idelia, d. Lyman and Lucy, Feb. 12, 1846.
-, d. Lyman and Lucy of Mendon, June 29, 1848.


Amelia, d. Warren and Fanny, July 17, 1843.
Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb. 14, 1678-9.
Fanny Louisa, d. Warren and Fanny W., Oct. 28, 1839.
Mary Catherine, d. George and Mercy S., Feb. 12, 1846.
Mary Lydia, d. George and Mary B., Jan. 1, 1839.
W[illia]m Prentiss, s. George and Mercy, May 23, 1843.


Hannah Adams, d. Faxon and Polly, Sept. 29, 1817.
John Wadsworth Adams, s. Faxon and Polly, May 13, 1816.


Paul, s. Abel and Anne, Apr. n, 1763, “French Neutrals.”


Benjamin Pickman, s. Elias F. and Mary Ann, June 6, 1837. ‘
Richard C, s. Elias H. and Mary Ann, Oct. 3, 1834.
Sarah Anstis, d. John Barton and Mary, Oct. 19, 1821.
Sarah Ellen, d. Elias H. and Mary Ann, Feb. 21, 1831.


Charles Prentiss, s. Joel and w., Sept. 2, 1835.


Enoch Monk, s. Richard and Lydia, Feb. 21, 1820.
Lydia, d. Richard and Lydia, Oct. 4, 1817.
Silance, d. Richard and Lydia, Sept. 29, 1815.


Samuel Adams, s. Ebenezer and Abigail, July 2, 1775.


Ellis Dwight, s. Joseph and Polly, Aug. 19, 1819.
Francis William, s. Joseph and Polly, Apr. 2, 1825.
Joseph Loring, s. Joseph and Polly, Feb. n, 1823.
Mary, d. Joseph and Polly, Feb. 28, 1821.


William, s. John and Cecily, May 1, 1844.


Ambros, s. Gershom and Taphenes, May 17, 1770.
Benjamin, s. Gershom and Taphenes, May 13, 1781.
George Washington, s. Gershom and Taphenes, May 3, 1776.
Jerusha, d. Gershom and Taphenes, Jan. 29, 1774
Margret, d. Benjaman and Margret, Mar. 20, 1768.
Pacience, d. Benjaman and Marget, Nov. 24, 1765.
William, s. Gershom and Taphenes, May 9, 1772.

DWIGHT (see Dwite)

Dorcus, d. John a[nd] Elisabeth, Apr. 5, 1703.
Elizebeth, d. John and Elizeb[torn], Feb. 7, 1697-8.
Hannah, d. John and Elisabeth, Aug. 20, 1712.
Hannah, d. Seth and Hannah, May 6, 1753.
Hannah, d. Timothy Dwight and Jane Clark, Apr. 1, 1786.
Kezia, d. John and Elisab[torn], Sept. 8, 1705.
Orion, s. Timothy and Caroline, Dec. 3, 1775.
Parte, d. Seth and Hannah, Nov. 25, 1747.
Sarah, d. John and Elisabeth, Aug. 30, 1708.
Seth, s. John and Elisabeth, Nov. 16, 1716.
Sybill, d. John and Elisabeth, July 27, 1711.
Timothy, s. John and Elizebeth, Aug. 20, 1700.
Timothy, s. Seth and Hannah, Sept. 7, 1750.
Timothy, s. Dr. Timothy and Experience, Nov. 27, 1789.

DWITE (see Dwight)

John, s. Timothee and Dorcas, June 28, 1672.
John, s. Timothee and Dorcas, May 3 [1675].
Timothie, s. Timothie and Dorcas, July 23, 1670.

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