John, of Dorchester, and Almira Heald, Dec. 31, 1824.*


Hannah, and Samuel Washburn of Lempster, N. H., Nov. 15, 1810.*
John, and Mable Litchfield, Dec. 15, 1783. John, jr., and Maria Blood, Sept. 5, 1824.*
Mable, and Ebenezer Hayward of Braintree, Oct. 18, 1812.*
Mary, and Silas Hosmer of Acton, June 13, 1833.*
Ruth, and [Lt. int.] Collins Whittemore of Hancock, N. H., June 4, 1820.*


Simeon, of Boston, and Sarah Nicklass, Feb. 19, 1811.*

JENNER (see also Jenners),

Sarah, Mrs., and Phinehas Blood, jr., Feb. 19, 1792.*

JENNERS (see also Jenner),

Mary, and Peter Winn, Sept. 12, 1799.*


Thomas, Dr., and Rebecca Green, Oct. 12, 1800.*


John, of Concord, and Phebe Brewer, at Concord, Oct. 24, 1754.
Peter, jr., of Concord, and Nancy Wilkins, Oct. 1, 1815.*