STEPHEN JOSE VANDERLICK – Of the younger group of Northampton attorneys, who through energetic effort and by abilities well proven in training and in natural gifts have won deserved popularity, Mr. Vanderlick has established his offices as a general practitioner, and entered upon his professional career under excellent auspices. He is a descendant of an industrious Polish ancestry, who for generations were natives of Lipno, in Russian Poland. There his great-grandfather, Michael Vanderlick, was born March 25, 1800, and died in March, 1860; his wife’s name was Kathirim, and their children were: Josephine; Joseph, of whom further; Henry; and Anthony.

Joseph Vanderlick, Mr. Vanderlick’s grandfather, was born May 17, 1820, in Lipno, where he died January 5, 1888. He married Mary Malintac, who was born April 25, 1825, and died December 3 1895, and they were the parents of: Stanley, of whom further; Frank, and Maria.

Stanley Vanderlick, Mr. Vanderlick’s father, was born August 23, 1850, in Lipno, and he followed farming throughout his life. Coming to the United States in 1898, he located at Hatfield for a time, later removing to Northampton, where he conducts a well-kept farm. He married, July 20, 1883. Antonia Skunicki, who was born September 3, 1860, in Lipno, daughter of Joseph and Josephia (Battacz) Skunicki, and their children were: 1. Anthony, who married Agnes Czerzewicz, and whose children are: Sophia, Joseph, Michael and Stanley. 2. John, who married Clementine Tundryn, and whose children are: Helen, Frank, Dorothy and Coraline. 3. Stephen Jose, of whom further. 4. William Stanley and Antonia (Skunicki) Vanderlick came to the United States with their children in 1898.

Stephen Jose Vanderlick was born October 22, 1893, in Lipno, Russian Poland, and came to the United States with his parents when a child. He attended the public schools of Northampton and Hatfield, and graduated at Cushing’s Academy, at Ashburnham, in 1916, Mr. Vanderlick prepared for his profession at the Albany (New York) Law School, where he graduated in 1918, with his degree of Bachelor of Laws. He was admitted to the bar in 1923, and since then has practiced in Northampton. His fraternal affiliations are with the Knights of Columbus, and the Northampton Naturalization Club.

Stephen Jose Vanderlick married, June 28, 1924, Marion Hiney, of Albany, daughter of Thomas and Mary F. (Quinn) Hiney.