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1727 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Sarah, dau. of Andrew Stickney, Apr. 16.
Samuell, son of Samuell Wallingford, Apr. 23, 1727.
Abigail, dau. of Stephen Longfellow, , May 28
Enoch, son of John Hereman, May 28.
Mary, dau. of Amos Pilsbury, June 4.
William, son of Aaron Plumer, July 2.
Sarah, dau. of Thomas Wicom, Aug. 6.
Mary, dau. of Samuell Dole, Sept. 18.
Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Noyes, Oct. 1.
Enoch, son of Joseph Goodridge, jr., Oct. 15, 1727.
Jane, dau. of William Searl, Oct. 22
John, son of Bartholomew Pearson, Oct. 22.
Abraham, son of Eleazer Burbank, Nov. 19, 1727
Boston, an Indian servant of Lt. Longfellow, Nov. 19, 1727.
Hannah, dau. of Samuell Brown, Nov. 26.
Nathanll Danford, adult person, Dec. 3
Eunice and Nathanll, children of Nathanll Danford, Dec. 3
Enoch, son of Joshua Boynton, Dec. 3.
Hannah, dau. of John Tenny, Dec. 3
Jonathan, son of Jonathan Pearson, Dec. 3.
Samuel, John and Oliver, children of John Danford, Dec. 24, 1727.
David, Anne and Isaac, children of Francis Danford, Dec. 31, 1727

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