Location: Yates County NY

Biography of Floyd E. Doubleday

Floyd E. Doubleday. It has been the fortune of Floyd E. Doubleday to realize many of his worthy ambitions, and through the exercise of good judgment and business ability to wrest from his opportunities financial and general success. For many years he has been interested in the coal industry, and at the present time is accounted one of the leading operators of Pittsburg. Mr. Doubleday was born at Italy, New York, June 23, 1859, and is a son of Guy L. and Caroline (Hobart) Doubleday. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The Doubleday family is of English origin and traces its ancestry back in America to Colonial days, when the earliest ancestor came to Massachusetts. Elisha Doubleday, M. D., the grandfather of Floyd E. Doubleday, was born in 1800, near Binghampton, New York, practiced medicine and surgery all his life in the Empire State, and died at Italy, New York, in 1865. Guy L. Doubleday was born at Italy, in 1827, and as a young man...

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Biographical Sketch of Bernard Borgman

(II) Bernard (2) Borgman, subject of this sketch, was born in Rochester, New York, September, 1854. His elementary education was received in the schools of his native city, and he then attended those of Yates county, New York. He had learned the cabinet-maker’s trade, and at the age of twenty-five years he made his first business venture, establishing himself in the furniture and undertaking line in Penn Yan, Yates county, New York. For nine years he conducted this business successfully, then sold his interest in the concern to his partner and established himself in the same manner, but independently, in Geneva, New York, where he soon attained the first rank in this business. He continued this until 1905, when he sold it advantageously and became connected with the Vance Boiler Works. His first step was to reorganize the company and he is now (1910) the principal stockholder as well as president and treasurer; T. A. Kam is the vice-president, and Charles H. Sweeney is the secretary. The factory has been equipped with the latest improvements and the transactions show an annual increase. There is an average of fifty men employed in the manufacture of steam and hot water boilers, marine and stationary engines, tanks, smoke stacks and all kinds of sheet iron equipments. Mr. Borgman has amassed considerable wealth and is the owner of two fine farms in Yates...

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Biography of Fayette Taylor

Fayette Taylor, one of the younger members of the farming fraternity in Geneva, Ontario county, New York, is not by any means the least of those to be considered when the value of practical and progressive methods is taken into consideration. Those farmers who are ready and willing to adopt the modern and scientific methods of cultivating the soil whenever these methods can be readily adopted are the ones whose farms produce the largest crops in proportion to the acreage tinder cultivation, and it is these farmers who raise the general prosperity of the country, which depends in a great measure on successful and well gathered harvests. One of the best representatives of this class is Fayette Taylor. He was born in Yates county, New York, July 15, 1874, and was educated in the public and high schools of Geneva. His early, years, during his spare hours and during the summer vacations, were spent in assisting his father on the family homestead, and in this practical manner he obtained a thorough knowledge of all the details connected with the proper management of the land which it might be his later fortune to possess. He commenced farming on his own account in 1901, and in 1904 purchased a farm of one hundred acres, which he has brought to such a state of cultivation that it is considered one of the...

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Biography of Abram A. Post

Abram A. Post, owner of one of the finest farms in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, which has been in uninterrupted possession of his family since 1809, has had the advantage of extended travel to assist him in the cultivation of this piece of land and bring out its especial qualities. Frank J. Post, father of Abram A. Post, was born on the homestead farm, October 16, 1842, died in 1904. He improved the land which had been left to him by his father, in many respects, but it was left to the improved methods of his son to bring out its entire capacity. Abram A. Post, son of Frank J. Post, was born on the homestead, July 26, 1876. He acquired his education in the schools of Geneva and Penn Yan, New York, and in the New York Military Academy. He took the first step in his business career while still attending school, having found employment in a shoe store at Penn Yan, during his summer vacations. In 1898 he was employed by the General Electric Company, Schenectady and New York, remaining with this concern for about one and a half years, then went to Havana, Cuba, where he was engaged in business for a period of five years. Upon his return to the United States he went to the homestead, where he engaged in farming. and where...

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Biography of Rev. James T. Dougherty

When De Nonville and his French army, in 1687, destroyed the Indian village of Gannagaro and Gaudougarae, the inhabitants were driven eastward and formed a village near the foot of Canandaigua Lake, which village and lake have since then borne that name. Among the Indian inhabitants in those days were many Catholics, some of them Senecas and most of them Hurons and Algonquin captives, the result of fifty years of missionary labor of the zealous Jesuits. Even in our day the beads and crucifixes given the Indians by the missionaries are still picked up on the sites of the old Indian towns. Following the revolution and the white settlement of western New York, Canandaigua became a prominent center of commerce and government, and no doubt many Catholics were among the pioneers. The family of Hugh Collins came as early as 1823, others followed, and there are traditions of lumber wagons leaving here Saturday afternoons to bring the people to the Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s in Rochester. About 1840 Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, of Rochester, said the first mass in Canandaigua in the Patrick Doyle house on Antis street. Mass was celebrated in various homes for the following few years. At length, in 1844, a lot was purchased by Father O’Reilly from Thomas Beals, and in the fall of 1846 the pew books give the following list of pewholders. On...

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Biography of William R. Marks

(III) William R.. son of William (2) and Emily (Holcomb) Marks, was born in Naples, New York, July 27, 1852. He was the recipient of an excellent education, which was acquired at the Naples Academy; the Hudson River Institute. Claverack, Drew York: and at the Hungerford Institute, Adams, New York. He established himself in the general merchandise business at Middlesex. Yates county. New York, which he conducted from 1875 until 1880. He was engaged in a similar business at Naples, New York, from 1883 to 1886. In November, 1895, he established a business at Canandaigua, Ontario county, New York, of which he is the head at the present time (1910) . His political allegiance has always been given to the Republican party and he has been selected to fill a number of important offices. He served as assistant financial clerk to the New York assembly, 1872-3-4; was connected with the pension department at Washington, District of Columbia, 1882-3; county clerk of Ontario county, 1889-90-91 ; postmaster at Naples, New York, 1883 to 1886; for the past seven years has been a member of the board of water commissioners; served as justice of the peace for Yates county for a period of three years; and has served one term as village assessor for Canandaigua. He and his family are members of the First Methodist Church, and he is connected with...

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Biographical Sketch of William Marks

William R. Marks, who has for many years been connected with the commercial interests of Yates and Ontario counties, New York, and has held numerous public offices, is descended from the early settlers in Connecticut. (I) William Marks, grandfather of William R. Marks, was born in Burlington, Connecticut. He was an influential member of the community in which he lived. Served as a member of the legislature of Connecticut, both houses; was a justice of the peace for a period of forty years; and was prominently identified with church and Masonic affairs. He married Polly Roberts, of...

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Biography of Robert M. Kennedy

Robert M. Kennedy was born in Italy, Yates county, New York, August 26, 1848. In his earlier years he was a farmer and was thus occupied until 1877, when he engaged in the undertaking business in his native town, and from there removed to Middlesex. In 1893 he came to Geneva, Ontario county, New York, thinking this a better field for the conduct of his business, and established himself there, the firm being known as Kennedy & Kennedy, and embracing Mr. Kennedy and his son, James M. They now (1911)occupy a position in the first ranks of embalmers and undertakers, and control by far the largest amount of business in this line, in Geneva, and still manage a branch in Middlesex. They occupy one of the oldest buildings in the town, which was erected by the Bank of Geneva, and occupied by that institution for many years. It is still in perfect condition and is honored as one of the old landmarks. Mr. Kennedy married in Yates county, New York, 1869, Emma O. Robson, born in Italy, New York, in 1850. Children: James M., see forward; Alice B., married Fred Witter, head bookkeeper at the patent cereals office, and resides in Geneva. James M., son of Robert M. and Emma O. (Robson) Kennedy, was born in Italy, New York, August 13, 1870. For the past sixteen years he has...

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Biography of Grant Maitland Kennedy

(III) Grant Maitland, youngest child of Francis M. and Phoebe J. (Fisher) Kennedy, was born in Italy, Yates county, New York, January 3, 1866. His early education was received in the district school of Italy Hollow, New York, and at the age of sixteen years he entered the Naples Academy, at Naples, New York, spending three years in that institution, and finishing with one year at the State Normal School at Genesee, New York. His early years were spent upon the homestead farm, and in the fall of 1885, he made his first appearance as a teacher of district schools, commencing in the Segar district in the town of Italy. For six years he was thus engaged, being in turn in the schools of Lazalieers Hollow (now Guyunoga), the County House district, both in the town of Jerusalem, also Italy Hollow, Italy Hill and West Italy schools, all located in Yates county, New York. August 7, 1891, he went to Canandaigua and formed a partnership with Darwin Cheney in the undertaking business, this continuing until November 25, 1901, when Mr. Kennedy purchased the interests of Mr. Cheney. December 1, 1901, he took Amos Gillett, of Canandaigua, as a partner, and the business was conducted under the firm name of Gillett & Kennedy until the death of Mr. Gillett, February 26, 1903. The business was continued under the same name...

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Biographical Sketch of Francis M. Kennedy

(II) Francis M., son of James and Margaret (Houston) Kennedy, was born in Kells, Scotland, May 30, 1830. His whole life after coming to this country was spent on his farm in Italy, New York, with the exception of the last six years, when he lived retired from active work, in Canandaigua, New York. He was a member of the Protestant church, and adherent of the Republican party. He married (first) in Italy, Yates county, New York, 1853, Phoebe J., daughter of James and Rachel Fisher. Children: James M., born September 23, 1854, deceased; John A., born May 19, 1857, deceased ; Grant Maitland, see forward. Mr. Kennedy married (second) Lillie I. Griswold. Children: Margaret, born July 7. 1893; Mary J.. November 25, 1875; Frances F., September 1, 1880: Frederick G., December 16, 1884; Ralph H., April 20,...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Daniel Arnold Robinson

(IV) Isabella, daughter of Isaac Richardson, married Dr. Daniel Arnold Robinson, son of Benedict Robinson, of Jerusalem, Yates county, New York, and a descendant of Rowland Robinson, of Rhode Island. Benedict Robinson and a Quaker named Hathaway purchased township No. 7, second range, of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase in 1790. Of his 14, 000 acres he gave a thousand to Jemima Wilkinson, a prominent Quakeress, with whom he came to Yates county. He married Susan Brown in 1795. Children of Dr. Daniel Arnold and Isabella Robinson: Susanna Brown, married Robert Howland, of New Bedford; Dr. Benedict, of Union Springs: Joseph; Baxter, mentioned...

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Biography of Hon. William Strong

HON. WILLIAM STRONG. – There is no name more thoroughly associated with Oregon and Washington judicature than that of William Strong. His marked characteristics are indelibly impressed upon the system of law of both states, especially that of the latter. To long and distinguished service as associate justice of the supreme court, and in the ex-officio character of judge of the district courts in both states while they were territorial governments, must be added his connection with their legislation, and also his brilliant career as a law practitioner, for over a generation, in all the courts of both states. He was born at St. Albans, Vermont, on the 15th of July, 1817. His youth was spent in the vicinity of Rushville, new York, where he received his preparatory education. At the age of seventeen he entered Yale College, from which he graduated with distinguished honors in the class of 1838. Having selected the law for his profession, he engaged in teaching the ensuing two years, whereby he earned those means, which contributed largely to enable him to gratify his desire. So ambitious was he that, by industry and close application to study in the intervals from teaching, he had made sufficient progress in his studies to secure a license in 1840 to practice law. Admitted to the bar, he immediately removed to Cleveland, Ohio, and at once entered upon...

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Biography of Dr. Albert L. Beahan

Dr. Albert L. Beahan, an eminent physician of Canandaigua, Ontario county, New York, has attained his present distinguished position by many years of patient and unremitting toil, united with inflexible and unfaltering courage in the face of apparently insurmountable difficulties. His noble efforts to relieve human suffering have earned for him the high esteem of his fellow citizens, and the universal good opinion of his professional brethren, this forming the best standard of judgment in such cases. His father was James Beahan, of Watkins, who died in 1907, and who had been engaged in the occupation of farming during all the active years of his life. Dr. Albert L. Beahan was born at Watkins, New York, April 13, 1855. He was graduated from the Starkey Seminary, at Lakemont, New York, in 1875, then became a student at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York, from which he was graduated in 1879. He established himself in the practice of the medical profession at Reading Center, New York, and at the expiration of about three years entered upon a postgraduate course of study in New York City during 1883-84. In the latter year he established himself as a physician in Canandaigua, New York, and in 1898 organized and incorporated what is now (1910) the well known Canandaigua Hospital of Physicians and Surgeons, of which Dr. Beahan is the president. The hospital is...

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Biographical Sketch of George Andruss

(VIII) George, third son of Zebina C. and Almira (Garlick) Andruss, was born at Bluff’ Point, Jerusalem, New York, January 4, 1824; died at Canadice, New York, April 2, 1870. He was a farmer. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. As a member of the Republican party, he served as justice of the peace for a period of sixteen years, and was supervisor of the town of Canadice for several years. He married, at Canadice, New York, July r1, 1844, Sarah, born in Barrington, New York, March 12, 1827, daughter of Cornelius and Esther (Angel) Ter Bush, the former born April 15, 1786, died October 21, 1870, the latter born May 10, 1795, died January 2, 1872. Children: Cornelius Jay, see forward; Esther, born February 13, 1847; Almira, May 12, 1849; Frank Zebina, May 31, 1851, died October, 1875; Gertrude May, March 2,...

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