Location: Yam Hill County OR

Biography of William Henry Canaday

It is fitting that in a work that purports to accord to the leading citizens of Harney county representation there should be special mention of the well known business man whose name heads this article and who has labored in our midst for a number of years, gaining a good success and making for himself a name and standing which are enviable. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Madison Canaday was born in Hillsboro, Highland county, Ohio, on October 21, 1831, and when a boy went with his parent to Illinois and then to Iowa, whence they crossed the plains with ox teams in 1852. They settled in Douglas county, Oregon, the parents taking a donation claim. Later they removed to Yam Hill county. Miss Sarah E. Abbott was born near Springfield, Missouri, in 1842, and started across the plains with ox teams in 1852, having traveled to Texas and returned to Missouri inĀ 1844. The train was a large on and the dreaded cholera attacked them...

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Biography of Albert Hembree

It is indeed very gratifying to be allowed to epitomize the career of this esteemed pioneer, being, as he is, one of the earliest pilgrims who ever crossed the dreary plains and rugged mountains toward the setting sun; and since that early date he has been identified with the progress and development of the great west, having ever done a worthy share where his lot has been cast. It will be of interest to chronicle some of the more definite details of this life and we note first that Mr. Hembree was born in Tennessee on April 23, 1833, being the son of Joel J. and Sarah Hembree. While a child he came with his parents to Dade county, Missouri, remaining there until the spring of 1843. In that spring they joined the famous train of four hundred wagons led by Captain and Jesse Applegate, and guided by the noted and beloved Dr. Whitman, which wound its way across the plains to the latter’s home near Walla Walla. No roads were built and the work had to be done as they progressed. And incident of the journey illustrates the nature and courage of the man to whom, more than to any other single individual, we owe the opening of this vast territory, Dr. Whitman. While crossing the Platte our subject’s mother and some other women were in one wagon...

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Biography of John McClellan

John McClellan, one of the earliest pioneers of Boise, Idaho, is a native of Ohio, born in Licking County, March 16, 1827, of Irish and English extraction, his paternal ancestors being Irish, his maternal, English. John McClellan, his father, was born in Ireland in 1777, and in the year 1820 came to America, landing at New York, where he remained for some time and where he was married to Miss Amanda Reed, a native of New York and a daughter of English parents. From New York they removed to Dresden, Ohio, where they resided until 1850 in which year he and his wife and seven children crossed the plains to Oregon, John, the subject of this sketch, at that time being twenty-two years of age. That year many of the overland emigrants died of cholera, and several of the company with which the McClellan family traveled were victims of that dread disease and were buried by the wayside, among them an aunt of our subject. His immediate family, however, made the trip in safety, and stopped first at Milwaukee, on the Willamette River, six miles above Portland. Later they removed to Yam Hill County and settled on a farm, where the father spent the rest of his life and died at the age of eighty-eight years. Of his family of seven who crossed the plains in 1850, only four...

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Biography of Rev. Abraham Eads

REV. ABRAHAM EADS. – It is very fitting that in the history of the county with which we have to do at the present time, their should be incorporated a resume of the career of the beloved and esteemed gentleman, whose name appears at the head of this article, and whose life of usefulness has been so intimately and potently connected with the affairs of the county and the country in general adjacent to our borders until now he has grown venerable in the service and the silver threads remind that the toils, hardships and vigils are nearer done and victory is at hand. In Cole county, Missouri, in the year 1829, commenced the pilgrimage of our subject and five years before the memorable “Forty-nine,” accompanying his parents, he came overland with teams. While enroute to the Willamette valley, they camped on the present site of Lagrande, but continued their journey until they had reached their destination in Yam Hill county, where the parents, Samuel and Susana H. (Collett), settled to make an honest living from the soil, and there they toiled and fought the battle of life until the time of home going came, and they rest peacefully beneath the sod there today. From his portion of the estate, our subject erected a monument to their memory. Until twenty-three years of age, Abraham remained with his parents and...

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Biography of Jasper G. Stevens

JASPER G. STEVENS. – Substantial, prosperous, capable, and esteemed by his fellows, the gentlman, whose name initiates this article, is one who has wrought here in the business world of Union for a goodly number of years, and is well established as one of the leading business men of Cove, where he operates a fine drug store, being also entrusted with the responsibilities of the postoffice of the town. Born in the Webfoot State, he cast his lot beneath its stars and has been educated and is acquiring and has achieved his success here, and to-day he holds an enviable position in the community which is fully merited by the capabilities and integrity that he constantly manifests. Our subject is the son of Mark and Frances (Clark) Stevens, being born on July 1, 1857, in Yam Hill county, Oregon. His father was a merchant of Eugene and was one of the early pioneers, who crossed the plains in 1850. Jasper G. received is early education in the public schools, and when the state university was founded at Eugene, he matriculated there and for four years he was assiduously laboring for mental discipline nad the acquisition of knowledge. Receiving his degree from the university, he spent six years in steady work in a drug store in Eugene, and then came to this county, settling in Cove where he opened a...

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Biography of F.C. Bramlet

A pioneer to this state, and a man who has wrought in all the occupations incident to the pioneer’s life, being also attended with many hardships, the subject of this sketch is today one of the most respected and admired residents of Wallowa county, and we are pleased to accord to him a representation in this volume that purports to chronicle the events of the history of the county and also the lives of its leading citizens, since he has been a potent factor in the establishment of the institutions of the county, and has been a faithful supporter of good government here for thirty years, while his personal qualifications eminently fit him for the prominent place that he holds in the esteem of his fellows. In 1827 F. C. Bramlet was born in Franklin County, Georgia, being the son of Nathan and Jane (Gober) Bramlet. When he was six months old his parents came to McMinn county, Tennessee, and in 1833 they removed thence to the Cherokee purchase and in 1843 came to southwestern Missouri. It was as early as in 1852 that they joined the army that was wending its way toward the Pacific coast. The train was attacked with the cholera, and the parents died on the banks of the Snake River, within three days of each other, sixteen of the party died and our subject...

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Biography of Joseph F. Johnson

It now becomes our pleasant privilege to give in brief review the salient points of the life of the prominent and distinguished gentleman whose name initiates this paragraph, and who has been a potent factor in the development of Wallowa County, and also a well known figure in the political realm, both of the state, as well as in promoting and manipulating some measures that are of import to the United States, while his personal qualities of worth and integrity, together with his ability and keen foresight, have rendered him a gratifying measure of success in all of his private business undertakings and made him hosts of friends from every walk in life. Joseph F. Johnson was born in Missouri in the year 1839 to Malchi and Deliah Ware, who came to Oregon when he was a child of about eight summers. The winter of 1847-8 was spent in Yam Hill County, and there they settled until 1869, when a journey to Douglas County was taken and a home made in that portion of the state. There they remained until the death of the parents. At the age of twenty our subject was stirred by a sturdy manhood and energetic spirit to go to the Cariboo regions in British Columbia in search of gold, but after one year he went thence to Idaho, where he remained until 1868, and...

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