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Location: Wyanandotte County KS

Biographical Sketch of W. R. Barnard, Dr.

Barnard and Galley, D. V. S. As veterinarians one of the best equipped firms in the State of Kansas is that of Barnard & Galley of Belleville. In a few years they have acquired a practice extending all over Republic County, and they are both accomplished young men, scientific and practical, and valuable adjuncts to the business of agriculture and animal husbandry in their section of the state. The senior member of this firm, W. R. Barnard, is a native of Kansas, born in 1880, and a son of W. A. and Hannah Barnard. His parents were Illinois people and in September, 1878, came to Kansas. Doctor Barnard was one of three children, but the only other one still living is his sister Hattie. Educated in the common schools, Doctor Barnard showed from early youth an inclination for the handling of livestock, and early determined upon veterinary surgery as a vocation. He entered the Kansas City Veterinary College and was graduated there in 1909. Since then he had been in active practice in Belleville. In December, 1915, he formed a copartnership with Dr. F. W. Galley. This firm had built and furnished with the most modern equipment an office and hospital for the treatment of all kinds of domestic animals. On January 22, 1915, the State Board of Agriculture honored Doctor Barnard by appointment to the office of veterinarian....

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