Location: Wood County TX

Biographical Sketch of William E. Dupree

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now (See Adair)-Dr. William J. Dupree, born December 25, 1824, in Alabama, married in 1851 Charlotte, daughter of John and Charlotte (Adair) Bell. They were the parents of William E. Dupree, born November 9, 1857 in Wood Co. Texas and he was educated at Jamestown, 5 miles north of Overton, Texas. He married at Quitman, Tex. on Jan. 11, 1883, Fannie L., daughter of Dr. W. E. H. and Fannie (Aycok) Wright, born Jan. 14, 1861, in Wood County, Texas. They are the parents of Elmer, born October 24, 1883; Herbert, born April 2, 1887, died April 2, 1918; Emma, born December 13, 1888; Wright, born October 8, 1890; Bessie, born May 29, 1892; Fred, born August 20, 1895; Annie, born July 4, 1899; Eleanor Dupree, born August 2, 1904. Mr. and Mrs. Dupree are members of the Baptist Church, and he is a successful farmer near Vinita. Jamestown, Smith Co. Texas was noted for its good school. In the fall of 1866 Dr. Dupree moved there from his farm in Wood Co., Tex. to educate his children. In 1877 he moved back to his farm in Wood Co. Bessie Dupree married Dorsey E. Hall, and they are the parents of Dorsey E. Hall, Jr., born April 30, 1916; Wright Dupree and Eleanor Elizabeth, twins, born July...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Anna Flournoy

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Flournoy, Mrs. Anna (See Grant)—Anna Wilson, born June 3, 1855, married in Wood Co., Texas Sept. 12, 1871, De Hardiman Flournoy, born Mar. 1, 1848 in Nacodoches Co. Tex. He served the confederacy in Company G. Texas Portison Rangers, under Captain John Thompson and Colonel Walter P. Lane. He died March 7, 1908. Mr. and Mrs. Flournoy were the parents of Ellen Minerva, born August 9, 1872; Lillie John, born April 5, 1874; Raleigh De, born July 15, 1876; Walter Gray, born February 2, 1881 and Clara May Llournoy, born September 2, 1884. John W. Wilson, born September l0 1824, in Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee, married July 6, 1854 in Rusk County, Tex., Ellen F. Thompson born April 12, 1838. He died January 28, 1867 and she died June 25, 1867. They were the parents of Anna (Wilson)...

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