Location: Windham County CT

Biography of Chandler A. Spalding

Obed Spalding married Margaret Ames. Their son, Eleazer Spalding, married Sarah Parks and resided in Killingly, now Putnam, where he owned a farm, and also during the winter months engaged in teaching. He had two children, a son, Chandler A., and a daughter, Mary Ann, wife of George W. Keith. Chandler A. Spalding was born April 24th, 1810, on the farm in Killingly, and in the residence occupied by him during his lifetime. Having the misfortune to lose his father when but twelve years of age, he began active labor at the age of fourteen, and such was his aptitude and judgment, that soon after, with his mother, he conducted the farm. He received a common English education at the district school, but was too much engrossed with the responsible duties thus early thrown upon him to afford much time for study. On the 11th of February, 1835, he married Charity Gilbert, of Pomfret, whose children are: Caroline C., Albert, Emily, Loren and Charles, all now deceased. Mrs. Spalding’s death occurred January 4th, 1861. Mr. Spalding having already owned one-third of the estate, on his marriage purchased the remaining two-thirds from his mother and sister, thus becoming sole owner of the homestead farm, on which he settled. He married a second time January 27th, 1862, Emily, daughter of Wareham Williams, of Pomfret, who survives him. Mr. Spalding was in...

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Biography of Ezra Dean

Ezra Dean was born in Killingly, Connecticut, on the 31st of August, 1813, and when twelve years of age, on the death of his father, came to Woodstock to reside with an uncle, who was then engaged in the business of a tanner and currier. He attended the nearest school for one or more years and then entered the tannery, with the intention of learning the trade. On the death of his relative he purchased the tannery, in connection with a small farm, and there resided until his death, December 7th, 1871. Mr. Dean evinced much ability and forethought in the management of his business, and soon established it on a firm and successful basis. He was a liberal and public spirited citizen, contributing his means and lending his influence to most of the worthy objects that appealed to his generosity. He was faithful in discharge of both public and private trusts, making integrity and probity ruling principles in his life. He was one of the foremost contributors to Woodstock Academy, and to many other worthy projects. Mr. Dean represented his town in the state house of representatives in 1850, and was elected to the senate for the years 1852 and 1853. Iii 1861 he filled the office of state treasurer. He was appointed by President Lincoln collector of internal revenue in 1864, and the following year voluntarily resigned...

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Biography of Stephen Oliver Bowen

Stephen and Rebecca Bowen were the grandparents of the subject of this biography. His parents were Oliver and Betsey Bowen, the former having removed to Eastford in 1822, where he resided until his death, in 1879. He was during his active life a successful farmer and produce dealer. His wife survived him and is still a resident of Eastford. Their son, Stephen O. Bowen, was born in Eastford, April 8th, 1840. He received an elementary education, and afterward spent a season at the State Normal school, pursuing his studies with a view to proficiency as a teacher. The succeeding ten or more winters were devoted to teaching, the summer months being given to farming and dealing in live stock. Though most of his life a successful farmer, he was for some time engaged in trade, and has been for several years an extensive dealer in and shipper of horses. By honest dealing and strict integrity he has established an enviable reputation in this department of traffic, and won a large and increasing patronage. Mr. Bowen has been active in all the public measures affecting his town, and one of its prominent political factors. Reared in the Jeffersonian school of democracy, he has ever been a steadfast exponent of its principles. He was a delegate to the national democratic convention, held at St. Louis in 1888, and for several years...

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Biography of Edward Aldrich

Edward Aldrich, the grandfather of the subject of this biography, resided on the homestead farm in Thompson. His son Easick, a native of Douglas, spent the chief portion of his life in Thompson. He married Miriam Howland, of Burrillville, R. I., whose children were: Elizabeth, Edward, John, Viletta and Eddy. Edward Aldrich, the eldest of these sons, was born on the 25th of July, 1808, in Thompson, where he became a pupil of the neighboring school and afterward pursued his studies for one or more terms at Dudley, Mass. His education was, however, more the result of judicious reading and of habits of reflection, than of training under masters, and he may therefore be spoken of as self-taught. His father having purchased a farm in Thompson, Mr. Aldrich devoted his life to agriculture until 1870. when failing health compelled a cessation from active labor. He then retired to the residence in Woodstock which is the present home of Mrs. Aldrich. He was for many years engaged in the purchase and sale of stock, which transactions were conducted with much success. An early whig and later a republican, he served many terms as selectman, was for a long period justice of the peace, and frequently represented his town in the legislature. During the late war he was a loyal and zealous supporter of the government. Mr. Aldrich was a man...

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Biography of Marquis Green

Thomas Green, the progenitor of the Green family in America, came from England in 1635, and settled in Malden, Mass. His son Henry, born in 1638, married in 1671, Esther Hasse. Among their seven children was a son Henry, born in 1672, who married in 1695, Hannah Flagg. Their son Henry, the third of the name, born in 1696, married Judith – , and resided in Killingly. A son John by this marriage, born in 1736, one of six children, was the father of Benjamin, whose birth occurred March 11th, 1766. He married Tamer Moffat, to whom were born four children. By a second marriage to Esther Jewett were seven children, -the youngest of whom is the subject of this biography. Marquis Green was born January 19th, 1816, in Thompson, where he attended the public schools and concluded his studies at the academy at Millbury, Mass. At the age of seventeen, he learned the carpenter’s trade, and for a period of thirty-five years was actively employed in this department of industry. In 1848 his present home in Woodstock was purchased, to which, after a life of activity, he retired in 1868, and has since that date been engaged in the improvement of the property. Mr. Green has been to some extent identified with public life. In politics he was formerly an old line whig, and later joined the republican...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Hatch

Samuel Hatch, the grandfather of the subject of this biography, married Naomi Phelps. Their son Jonathan, a resident of Lebanon, Connecticut, was married to Betsey Payne of the same town. The children of this union were Samuel 0., Eliza, Chester P., Jonathan, and James C., of whom Chester P. and Jonathan are the only survivors. The latter was born in Lebanon, October 21st, 1817, and until’ the age of sixteen resided on the homestead farm. He received a rudimentary education, and on deciding to encourage his taste for mechanics, entered the shops of Phelps & Spafford at South Windham as an apprentice. Here his services were speedily made valuable as a journeyman, until an interest in the business was acquired under the firm name of Smith, Winchester & Co. Mr. Hatch retained his connection with the business for thirty years, retiring from the firm in 1877. Meanwhile this attractive field of labor furnished aid for the development of his inventive genius. He secured various patents on machinery, the ‘right to some being transferred to the firm while others were reserved by him. His attention is still given to inventions, the most important being the construction of a machine for the manufacture of paper by a new process, the patent for which was obtained in August, 1889. This is but one of several patents obtained by him on inventions of...

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Biography of Jerome E. Bates

Clement Bates, of Hertfordshire, England, aged 40, with his wife Ann, and their children, James, Clement, Rachel, Joseph and Benjamin, came to America in the ship Elisabeth,” April 6th, 1635, and settled in Hingham, Mass. Clement Bates died in Hingham, September 17th, 1671. His son Joseph, by wife Hester, was the father of Joseph, who was the father of eight children, settled in that part of Scituate now Hanover, in 1695, and died there July 9th, 1740. His son, Joseph, married Mary Bowker, who died a widow, July 30th, 1759. Jacob Bates, the ancestor of the Thompson branch of the Bates family, left Hingham as early as 1730, and after spending some years in Bellingham, Mass., settled in Thompson with his two sons, John and Elijah. His son, Elijah, spent his life as a farmer in his native town, and was the father of George, Tyler, Reuben, Moses, Elijah, William and Jacob. William Bates, born 1784, whose life was devoted to agricultural pursuits, married Sally, daughter of Edward Joslin, whose children were three sons-William, Walter and Winsor-and five daughters. Walter Bates, a manufacturer of furniture, was born in Thompson, January 31st, 1814, and still resides in his native town. He married Mary Jacobs, daughter of Thomas Elliott, of the same town, and became the father of eleven children: Jerome E., Lowell H., Mary J., William N., George F., Julia...

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Biography of William Lyon, 4th

The progenitor of the Lyon family in Connecticut was William Lyon, born in 1675, who when fourteen years of age, came with an uncle to Woodstock and settled on the homestead farm now owned by Mrs. William Lyon and Mrs. Emma Lyon Frink. William Lyon, his eldest son, born in 1700, was the father of eight children, of whom Elijah, born in 1727, had among his children a son William, born November 11th, 1778, who was the father of William 4th, the subject of this biography, born October 7th, 1801. His birthplace was the homestead farm, which has passed by inheritance into the hands the eldest son in the successive generations of the family since it was first acquired. Mr. Lyon received a common school education and was early made familiar with the details of a farmer’s life by his father, with the hope that he would succeed to his calling. The bent of his son’s mind lay in the direction of a trade, and the skill with which he, unaided, erected the frame and built a barn on the farm, decided his fate as a carpenter and master builder. This trade he followed with great success for many years, his services having been in general demand in both town and county. On the 31st of October, 1832, when thirty-one years of age, he married Harriet, daughter of Benjamin...

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Biographical Sketch of William F. Palmer

Vaniah Palmer, the grandfather of William F. Palmer, resided in Scotland, then the town of Windham. He married Cynthia Fitch, whose son John, born in Scotland on the 12th of March, 17795, in 1820 married Charlotte G. Bingham. Their children were : Emily C., William F., Henry W., Lewis C., Sanford K., John P. and Charlotte E. William F. Palmer was born June 29th, 1824, in Scotland, and with the exception of seven years in Springfield, Massachusetts, has passed the whole of his life in his native town. After an elementary education received at the schools near his home, he engaged until the age of twenty two in labor on the farm. He was then for a brief time employed in teaming, and subsequently entered the service of the Hartford, New Haven & Springfield Railroad Company. But the scenes of his boyhood proving more attractive, he returned to Scotland and for awhile engaged in farming. Mr. Palmer, at a later date, in connection with a partner, embarked in mercantile ventures, and. in 1882 purchased the entire business interest, which he now controls. In 1866 he was elected to represent his town in the state legislature, and in 1872 was appointed postmaster, which office he still holds. He also for many years held the office of justice of the peace, and has been since 1874 town treasurer and town clerk....

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Biographical Sketch of William Ross

The subject of this biography was the son of Elnathan Ross, who was born June 15th, 1772, and married Olive Storrs, whose birth occurred December 7th, 1774. The children of this marriage were eleven in number, as follows Roxana, born in 1796; Harriet, in 1797; Ebenezer Storrs, in 1798. Olive, in 1800; Schuyler, in 1801; Earl, in 1808; Lydia Storrs, in 1805; Almyra, in 1S06; William, November 24th, 1807: Caroline, in 1810; and Austin, in 1812. William, the fourth son in order of birth, was a native of Chaplin, where the chief part of his life was passed. He received no other advantages than those afforded by the schools of that early day in the town of his birth. When six years of age he went to live with his uncle, Abel Ross, in Chaplin, living with him till he was twentyone years old. He soon after went to live in Ashford with General Palmer, with whom he lived two years. In the spring of 1832, he married Miranda, daughter of John Hamilton Grant, of Ashford, a revolutionary soldier. The next day after his marriage he returned to Chaplin, having purchased the Avery farm, where he resided until his death. This farm is now the property of his only son William. Mr. Ross was in his political principles a staunch whig and later a republican. He gave some attention...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel B. Sprague

Samuel and Ruhamah Borden Sprague were the grandparents of the subject of this biography. His father, William B. Sprague, was born in South Killingly, and some years later removed to the town of Scotland, then a part of the town of Windham. He married Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer Fuller, of Scotland. The children of this union who grew to mature years were : Samuel B., Hannah M. and James W. Samuel Borden Sprague was born on the 15th of October, 1823, in South Killingly, and after a common school and an academic education spent some time as a teacher. Preferring, however, the active and healthful pursuits of a farmer, he located on the homestead farm, where he has since resided, his abilities having been chiefly directed in the line of agriculture. He has been more or less active in the arena of politics, and as a republican was in 1877 elected to the Connecticut legislature, serving meanwhile on the committee on roads and bridges. He has been for a long period chairman of the board of selectmen of his town, and at present fills the office of trial justice. His well known integrity and ability have caused his services often to be solicited for the offices of executor, administrator, and for kindred trusts. He is a member of the Congregational church of Scotland, and has at various times been...

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Biography of Marvin H. Sanger

Of Canterbury, the second son of Ebenezer and Eunice (Hutchins) Sanger, was born in the town of Brooklyn, Conn., April 12th, 1827. In the year 1828 his parents removed to Canterbury, which has since been his residence. His paternal grandfather was James Sanger, of Windsor, Hartford county, Connecticut, and his grandmother, Olive (Chaffee) San-ere Mr. James Sanger died in Windsor,. Some years after Mrs. Sanger returned to Canterbury, where she resided until her death at an advanced age. The children of this marriage were three sons, James, Ebenezer and Ira, and one daughter, Sally. Immediately after the death of his father, Ebenezer removed from his native town (Windsor) to Canterbury, and remained a resident thereof until his decease in 1863, with the exception of a brief time in Brooklyn. He was twice married, his first wife being Olive Chaffee, a cousin bearing the maiden name of his mother. His second wife ,was Eunice, daughter of Amasa Hutchins, of Plainfield, to whom were born five children: George, Marvin Hutchins, Hannah, Olive Chaffee and Sarah Wright. The subject of this sketch at the conclusion of his educational period, which was passed in the common schools of the vicinity and at Bacon Academy in Colchester, Conn., devoted three years to business as a mercantile clerk in Plainfield and Providence, R. I. In 1849 he returned to Canterbury and engaged in business for...

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Biography of Edward Spicer Cleveland

The subject of this sketch was born in the town of Hampton, in Windham county, Connecticut, on the 22d of May, A. D. 1825. He was the son of the Hon. Mason Cleveland, who was a man of much influence, and universally respected throughout the state, having been both a representative from his town and a senator from his district, also comptroller of the state and subsequently school fund commissioner. He died in the year 1855, soon after thee expiration of his term as school fund commissioner. E. S. Cleveland was a nephew of Hon. Chauncey F. Cleveland, also of Hampton, who was repeatedly elected to the legislature and served several terms as speaker of the house, and was governor of the state for two terms, from 1842 to 1844, and subsequently served two terms in congress from the Third congressional district. Edward Spicer Cleveland received a common school education, with a brief period at the Thompson Academy in the same county. At the age of sixteen he entered upon a mercantile career in Hartford, the capital of the state, as a clerk. At the close of this engagement he opened a dry goods establishment on his own account. Soon after, he was married to Miss Caroline Lucinda Bolles, daughter of Mr. Edward Bolles, one of the leading merchants of Hartford. This occurred in 1846. Mr. Cleveland continued in...

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Biography of William Irving Bartholomew

William Bartholomew, second generation in America (see record of Bartholomew family), born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1640-41, was united in marriage to Mary Johnson. Their son, Joseph, a native of Branford. Connecticut, where he was born in 1682, married Elizabeth Sanger, of Woodstock. Benjamin`, a son by this union, born in Woodstock June 23d, 1723, married Martha Carpenter, one of whose children was Leonard, born in Woodstock in 1758, and married to Sarah Perrin, of Pomfret. Their three children were William6, Margaret and Mary. The birth of William Bartholomew occurred in Woodstock on the 23d of June, 1797. He was in 1820 married to Abigail G. Buck, of Killingly. Their children are: Edward Leonard, Simon, Annis Buck and William irving. The last named and youngest of these children was born February 7th, 1831, in Pomfret, on the homestead farm, where he still resides. Like the farmers’ sons of that day he had no advantages other than those offered by the common schools, with two or more terms at a neighboring academy. The twelve succeeding years were spent mainly in teaching, after which this calling was abandoned for the congenial labor connected with the management of his attractive ” Locust Hill Farm.” The attention of Mr. Bartholomew was early called to the science of chemistry as applied to agriculture, and the analysis of soils and the food of plants was...

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Biography of David Greenslit

Elijah Greenslit, a farmer and the landlord of one of the early taverns of the town of Hampton, married Mary Burnham. His children were: David, Elijah, Henry, Ebenezer, and one daughter. His son David spent his life in Hampton, the town of his birth, where he was an industrious and prosperous farmer. He married Nancy, daughter of William Foster, of Canterbury. To this union were born nine children, of whom Lucius, William F. and David grew to mature years. David Greenslit was born June 2d, 1817,’ in Hampton, and spent his early years at the schools in the vicinity of his home. At the age of sixteen he became useful as an assistant in the work of the farm, and was thus occupied until his nineteenth year. Leaving the paternal roof he then removed to Brooklyn, the adjoining town, and was for nearly two years engaged as a teacher.. Soon after, he purchased a farm in Windham, but preferring a home in his native town, was influenced to dispose of this property and locate as a farmer in Hampton. He was on the 26th of May, 1840, married to Elizabeth, daughter of John Searls, of Brooklyn. Their only daughter, Charlotte E., died in 1866 at the age of twenty-two years. Mr. Greenslit was in 1844 made a deputy sheriff of Windham county, and was for nine years the incumbent...

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