Location: West Concord New Hampshire

Biography of Frank E. Dimond

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Frank E. Dimond, a well-known business man of West Concord, was born on the estate he now occupies about thirty-six years ago, son of Elbridge and Jennett (Hoit) Dimond. His immigrant ancestor came from England, and was among the first settlers of this section of the State. Nearly all the descendants of the immigrant are still living in this region. His son, Ezekiel Dimond, was great-great-grandfather of Frank E. Ezekiel had seven sons. Reuben, the great-grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born in Concord, N.H., on what is now known as Dimond’s Hill. He was a farmer, and passed the greater part of his life in Concord, dying at the age of seventy years. His wife was Mary Currier Dimond, who reared eleven children. The youngest of these died at the age of fifty, while the others lived to be from seventy to ninety years of age. Jacob, the third son of Ezekiel, was a wheelwright; and he owned at first a small farm. He gradually acquired more land until at the time of his death he was proprietor of a goodly number of acres. Jacob married Rose Abbott, daughter of Ezra Abbott. Her only child, Elbridge, received a public-school training, and then worked at his father’s trade. Elbridge also did considerable farming, and...

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Biography of George West Flanders

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now George West Flanders, who lives on a small farm in West Concord, was born there, November 9, 1831. The great-grandfather was an extensive land-owner at Millville, and had possession of the water-power privilege of that section. His residence stood on the site now occupied by St. Paul’s School. At the close of his active life he left his land to be divided among his sons. His wife’s maiden name was Fowler. The grandfather, Richard Flanders, was engaged in interests connected with a mill. Afterward he purchased a farm in the west part of the town, and became a farmer. At first he had no barns on the land, and he stacked his crops in the open air. Later he was able to build a barn, and extend his property, which his sons further increased. He was ninety years old when he died. His wife, Mary Chandler (West) Flanders, had ten children. A brother of his was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. John Flanders, the father of George, worked at the shoemaker’s trade, and was also occupied to some extent in farming. He was especially skilful in raising fruit and grafting trees. After receiving his education in the public schools of Concord, he began life about a century ago upon the property now in possession of...

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Biography of Jacob N. Flanders

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Jacob N. Flanders, an influential citizen of West Concord, N.H., was born on the estate which is now his home, March 25, 1825, son of Jacob and Huldah (Abbott) Flanders. His great-grandfather, Richard Flanders, was a large landed proprietor of Millville and owner of all the Concord in the latter part of his life, and divided his land among his sons. His wife was a Fowler. Richard’s son, Richard, Jr., was a mill hand and a farmer, and helped in clearing the land now owned by his grandson. The first crops had to be stacked in the open air without shelter; but later on he built a barn, and his sons afterward added to it. He lived to be ninety years old. His brother was one of the patriot soldiers who fought for freedom in the Revolutionary War. Richard Flanders, Jr., married Mary Chandler West, and they had ten children. Their son, Jacob, father of Jacob N., was educated in the old district school located near the pond; and after he left school he began farming. His life of fifty-one years was spent at the family homestead. He was a fife major in the old State militia. He was musical, had a fine strong voice, and taught singing-school here for several years. His wife, Huldah, was...

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Biography of Edward S. Barrett

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Edward S. Barrett, a prosperous farmer of West Concord, was born February 17, 1824, at Ashburnham, Mass., the son of Benjamin and Nancy (Stone) Barrett. The paternal grandfather, also named Benjamin, who was a native of Ashby, Mass., followed the occupation of farmer, spent the latter part of his life in New York State, and ended his days in Aurelius, N.Y. Benjamin Barrett, who was also born in Ashby, after having learned shoemaking, worked at that trade for a number of years. He then followed farming in Ashburnham for a time. Subsequently he removed to Fitchburg, Mass., and later to Newport, N.H., where he ended his days at the age of fifty-one years. He and his wife reared the following children: Oliver S., born December 19, 1809, who died March 18, 1810; Nancy S. born December 14, 1810, who died September 17, 1828; Joseph, born January 13, 1813, who died June 17, 1897; Mary, born August 24, 1815, who died November 8, 1816; Lucy, born June 28, 1819, who married Martin Johnson, now of Lunenburg, Mass.; Ephraim, August 24, 1821, who died November 20, 1821; Benjamin, born October 24, 1822, who died April 24, 1823; Edward S., born February 17, 1824; Julia M., born March 18, 1826, who died February 3, 1889; Caroline, born February 15,...

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Biography of Andrew J. Abbott

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Andrew J. Abbott, a prosperous farmer of West Concord and an ex-member of its Board of Selectmen, was born in the house he now occupies, December 19, 1856, son of Simeon and Mary (Farnum) Abbott. The Abbott homestead, which has been owned by the family for five generations, was bought in 1754 by James Abbott from one of the original proprietors of Concord. James Abbott, who was a native of Andover, Mass., moved from there with his family to this land, and proceeded to clear and improve it. In 1760 he erected a frame house, which is still in use. He was succeeded by his son, Amos Abbott (first), who left the property to his son, Amos Abbott (second), who was grandfather of Andrew J., and served as a Corporal in the Revolutionary War. The maiden name of the grandfather’s wife was Judith Morse. Simeon Abbott, after receiving his elementary education in the district schools of this town, subsequently pursued a higher course in a school of Meredith, N.H. He then taught school for several winter terms, and he conducted the homestead farm during his active period. His natural ability and energy brought him into prominence in affairs, and he served as a Selectman and as Representative to the legislature. He died at the age of...

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