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Location: Weihenstephan Bavaria

Biography of Otto Huber

Among the younger generation of Rock Island’s prominent business men whose names are deserving of special mention for what they have achieved in their chosen vocations in life, stands that of Otto Huber, who is the present secretary and treasurer of the Rock Island Brewing Company, a Rock Island industry whose formation, growth and present scope, has been related elsewhere in this book. Mr. Huber was born in Rock Island January 19, 1866, and attended schools in that city until he was ready to enter the Illinois State University at Champaign, where he spent three years. Afterward he studied two years abroad and graduated from the Institute of Technology at Weihenstephan, near Munich, Bavaria, which country had been the birth place of his father, Ignatz Huber. After completing his education he entered his father’s business in 1889, but he was also a promoter of brewing enterprises in other cities, notable among which is the organization of the Seattle Brewing & Malting Company in 1893. This was a consolidation of four of Seattle’s brewing plants and was brought about by Otto Huber. The company today is the largest and most prominent brewing concern in the United States west of Milwaukee and St. Louis. He organized the Des Moines Brewing Company in 1907, of which he is the president. In 1893 when the Rock Island Brewing Company was formed, Mr. Huber...

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