Location: Waterford New York

Eli Merwin Todd of Waterford NY

Eli Merwin Todd7, (Eli6, Jonah5, Abraham4, Jonah3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Jan. 11, 1792, died Nov. 12, 1845, married Sept. 5, 1815, Mary Ann, daughter of Ira and Elizabeth (Belden) Scott, of Waterford, N. Y., who was born July 5, 1796, died Feb. 9, 1878. They removed from New Milford, Conn., to Waterford, Saratoga County, N. Y. Children: *1443. Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1816. 1444. Eli Sherman, b. March 12, 1818, d. Aug. 25, 1818. 1445. Sophia, b. July 5, 1819, d. Dec. 9, 1824. 1446. William Ira, b. Oct. 25, 1822, d. May 17, 1823. *1447. Joshua Mandeville, b. Dec. 8, 1824. *1448. Sophia Rachael, b. Nov. 12, 1828. *1449. George Merwin, b. Jan. 1,...

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Joshua Mandeville Todd of Waterford NY

Joshua Mandeville Todd8, (Eli M.7, Eli6, Jonah5, Abraham4, Jonah3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Dec. 8, 1824, in Waterford, N. Y., died Aug. 25, 1912, married May 26, 1847, Eliza Parmalee, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Judson) Blake, who was born May 5, 1825, in Saratoga, N. Y., died Nov. 2, 1901. Children: 2131. Eli Merwin, b. March 19, 1848, d. Sept. 16, 1878, in Texas, unmarried. *2131. Eliza Blake, b. July 30, 1849. *2132. George Mandeville, b. Feb. 6, 1853. *2133. Robert Blake, b. April 9, 1856. *2134. Sophia Porter, b. Dec. 23, 1858. *2135. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. Nov. 24, 1860. 2136. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 23, 1864, m. Dec. 15, 1898, Richard B. Moriarty, who d. Nov. 26, 1905. *2137. Judson Scott, b. May 16,...

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Biography of George S. Munson, M. D.

GEORGE S. MUNSON, M. D. AN ALBANIAN who, by his talents and energy, has already risen to eminence in a special department of science, is Dr. George S. Munson, ophthalmologist and aurist. Born in the village of Waterford, Saratoga County, N. Y., on the 4th of April, 1856, he passed his infancy there. He is the son of Stephen Munson and Unice A. Munson, who were highly respected citizens of Albany. On his mother’s side he is a direct descendant of the celebrated theologian and metaphysician, Rev. Jonathan Edwards of Northampton, Mass., and afterward president of Princeton College, New Jersey. His mother was a native of Westfield, Mass., and possessed many of the ennobling qualities which have distinguished the women of the old Bay State. She died in March, 1886, at New Orleans, while traveling for her health with her youngest son. The parents of Dr. Munson removed to Albany when he was scarcely two years old. Here his father was then in the shoe manufacturing business on Broadway, and soon established the largest concern of its kind in the city. It continued to flourish from year to year, commanding a large patronage both in and out of the city. Here the tender years of Dr. Munson were spent under the parental roof, with the careful attention and instruction of loving and intelligent parents, who took a pride in...

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