Location: Washington County OH

Biography of Milton Canterbury, M. D.

Milton Canterbury, M. D., of Redlands, was born in Greenup County, Kentucky. His father, Reuben Canterbury, a farmer, was born in North Carolina. The name originated in Kent County, England, from the estate of a man by that name, and for whom the city of Canterbury was named. Reuben Canterbury married Miss Elizabeth Lycaas, a native of Kentucky. The union was blessed with thirteen children, of whom the subject of this sketch is the eighth. He first attended the common schools of his native county and afterward attended a short time the college at Marietta, Ohio. From there he went to Missouri and took a course at Marion College. He then attended the Medical College of Ohio, and graduated in 1863 from the University of Iowa. After his graduation he practiced medicine for two years in Brown County, Illinois. In 1865 he went to Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, where he practiced four years, and then practiced one year at Dallas, Polk County, Oregon. From the latter place he moved to California, where he has been a practicing physician most of the time for ten years. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV...

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Biography of Dudley R. Dickey, M. D.

Dudley R. Dickey, M. D., is a California pioneer of 1850, and the longest in the medical practice of all physicians in San Bernardino County. He is a Buckeye by nativity, born in Washington County, Ohio, January 11, 1829. His paternal grandfather, who had been a soldier in the Revolutionary war, settled in Athens County in that State soon after the birth of our republic, and there the Doctor’s father, Thomas Dickey, was born. He moved from Washington County and settled in Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1836, when that State was a part of Wisconsin Territory. Dr. Dickey was educated in the schools of Iowa; studied medicine and graduated from McDowell Medical College, University of Missouri, in 1849. His father having come to California the previous year, the Doctor started from Fairfield in the spring of 1850 to cross the plains, and arrived at Hangtown in July of that year. From there he went to Oskaloosa bar, on the middle fork of the American river, where he joined his father in some mining interests. In the spring of 1851, he went to Rough and Ready mine near Shasta City; that summer he went to Monterey, and in the fall came down to Los Angeles, reaching there in October, 1851. He settled in El Monte and there divided his time between the practice of his profession and farming until...

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Biography of Thomas M. Sechler

Moline is a city of manufacturers, one of the most prominent of whom is the subject of this sketch, Thomas M. Sechler. He was born October 25, 1841, in Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, at which place his father, D. M. Sechler, at that time conducted a carriage factory. His father, Daniel Montgomery Sechler, was born at Danville, Pennsylvania, March 4, 1818, and his mother, Pamela (Mackey) Sechler, was born in Rutland Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, December 19, 1819. She is still living at her home in Cincinnati, Ohio. T. M. Sechler’s paternal great-great-great grandfather came from Holland in 1685, together with a brother, and settled in William Penn’s territory near Philadelphia. The brother settled in North Carolina, and one hundred and seventy-eight years later the descendants of these two brothers were to be found in the ranks of the opposing armies in the war of the Rebellion. The great-grandfather, John Sechler, born March 20, 1739, died December 21, 1831, was a soldier in the American army during the Revolution, from 1776 to 1778. He was born in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and after the close of the Revolutionary war he moved to Columbia County in the same State, where he founded the town of Danville, now the county seat of Montour County. Mr. Sechler’s maternal grandmother, Susannah (Douty) Sechler, was born April 27, 1781, and died September 8, 1871. She...

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Biography of Henry B. Hubbard

There is no happier hour in the life of the conscientious and circumspect biographer than one which affords him the occasion for picturing in words the record of a virile, useful, energetic and honorable person. There is always a fascinating something about such a person, whether old or young, which forcibly appeals to the pen, and brings forth latent thought and effort which are too often permitted to be dormant-lethargic, as it were. The mere conviction of a man’s astuteness and sterling worth is all sufficient to inspire one with a desire to write endless pages of eulogies concerning him: but alas! the write:-never did nor never will live who can fittingly portray the virtues, services and patriotism of an upright, thrifty and substantial citizen. And so, in our simple way, with the advance knowledge that our language is wholly inadequate to suitably elucidate the many redeeming traits of our friend, but with the realization that our efforts will be appreciated in the same felicitous spirit in which it is imparted, we summon the temerity to place before the reader Mr. Henry B. Hub-bard, as he is, and has always been. Mr. Hubbard is a product of the Buckeye State. He was born at New Matamoras, Ohio, September 30, 1863, being a son of W. A. and Anna Hubbard. His father was a native of Ohio, his mother, who...

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Roll Of Capt. Timothy Buell’s Company

(Probably from Washington County). Served from August 1 until September 7, 1813. Capt. Timothy Buell Lieut. Peter White Lieut. Salvanus Olney Ensign James Leget Sergt. Nathaniel Hamilton Sergt. George Nixon Sergt. Jabez Palmer Sergt. S. D. Buell Corp. Samuel Nott Corp. Edward Comer Corp. John Barrough Corp. Nicholas Chapman Privates Blackmer, Timothy Clark, John C Coleman, Daniel Coleman, Elisha Corns, John Cuddington, Zechanah DeLong, Henry Demont, Richard Dennis, Thomas Dunbar, Thomas Ellis, Benjamin Emir, Dennis Gates, Stephen Gates, Timothy, Jr. Havens, Henry Jennings, Zebulum Kimball, Titus Laughey, John Laughey, William Lawrence, R, Jr. Liget, Robert McConnel, John McCoy, Alexander McGee, Robert Miller, Jacob Miller, Samuel Nulton, Jacob Palmer, Benjamin F Perry, John Porter, John R. Pruant, William Quigley, Horace Ray, James Scott, John Smith, Nathaniel Taylor, John Whitney, Jonothan William F Wilson, Jonothan Wood, Paulus E Zuthinger,...

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Roll Of Capt. Charles Devol’s Company (Cavalry)

(Probably from Washington County) Served from October 20, to December 18, 1812. Capt. Charles Devol Lieut. Isaiah Scott Lieut. Washington Olney Sergt. James White Sergt. William White Corp. John Clark Corp. Pardon Cook Corp. Samuel Reid Privates Brown, Solomon Browning, Thomas Finch, Maurice Olney, Gilbert Pixley, Argelus Quigley, John Shuttleworth, Joseph Tacker, Joshua Whittle, Samuel Wood, Paulus...

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Roll Of Capt. James Flagg’s Company

(Probably from Washington County). Served from October 20, 1812, until January 11, 1813. Capt. James Flagg Lieut. Benedie Hutchinson Ensign, Nathaniel Olney Sergt. Lary Ford Sergt. John Greenman Sergt. David Trobridge Sergt. Peletiah White Corp. Jacob Lane Corp. Charles Thomas Corp. Joseph Witten Corp. John G. Askell. Privates Abbott, George Adams, James Alpha, Daniel Anderson, James Baker, John Barrett. John Britton, Nathan Burbank, Seth D Burchet, Jonah Cady, Philip Castle, George Chapman, Simon Cline, William Coalman, Daniel Coverton, Henry Dennis, Thomas Donahue, Daniel Dougherty, George Emerson, Asa Ewing, James Fordice, Stanton Goodwin, James Gosset, John Harris, George Heinman, Curtis Hutchins, James Hutchinson, James Ingles, John Kidd, John Knight, James Mallary, Elisha Morris, Nehemiah Olds, Gilbert Priest, Richard D Starke, Pardon Walker, James B. Witten,...

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Roll Of Lieut. John Devault Or Devall’s Company

(Probably from Washington County). Served from January 31, until April 10, 1815. Lieut. John Devault or Devall Sergt. Isaac House Sergt. Thomas Devault Sergt. Levi Bevington Corp. Gilbert Harley Corp. Morris Baker Corp. James Plymell Privates Aye, Henry Callender, John Chad, George Chaver, Joseph Doty, Ephraim Doty, Witham Dunkle, Jacob Dyer, William George, Ephraim Harrison, Phillip Harrison, William Harter, John Hayes, David Hobaugb, Phillip Holbougb, John Hotter, Benjamin Hurley, William Kerr, William Kile, Oliver Long, Benjamin Long, Robert Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Samuel Moore, Benjamin Moore, Samuel Neely, Benjamin Neely, George Rhodes, George Rhodes, Richard Roebuck, Benjamin Roebuck, George Sanders, Ezra Sanders, John Shackles, Richard Sharoertz, Daniel Thompson, Davis Travis, Ezra Winder, Joseph Wright, Caleb Yates, Horace Yates,...

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Roll Of Capt. John Sharp’s Company

(Probably from Washington County) Served from May 23, 1812, until—–. Capt. John Sharp Lieut. William Sawyer Ensign, Jacob Trobridge Sergt John H. Simons Sergt. Thomas Green Sergt. Chester Wilson Serg. Otis Reekard Corp. Joseph Knox Corp. William S. Crain Corp. David Miskgimens Corp. James Elwell Musician, Christian B. Smith Privates Anderson, William Badgly, Benjamin Bancroft. Samuel Beers, Benjamin Benedick, Alvin Black, John Browning, Baizilla Clark, Joseph Downing, James Dunkin, William Ellis, Hanis Fox, Joseph Frazer, Louis Geary, James Goldsmith, William Kelley, Ezra Langdon, Phillip Lynch, William Lyon, Abraham Mull, Samuel Nevels, Jacob Nixon, Samuel Robertson, John T Rogers, Joseph Shingler, John Skinner, John Tuttle, Jabez Wall, James Ward, John Williams,...

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Roll Of Capt John Thornley’s Company

(Probably from Washington County) Served from January 6, until March 6, 1814. Capt. John Thornisy Or Thorniley Lieut. David Merchant or Meredith Sergt. St. Clear Kelley Ensign, Ellsha Chapman Sergt. Daniel McClain Sergt. Lemanuel Cooper Sergt. Thomas Ady Corp. William Smith Corp. William Henkins Corp. Solomon Tise Drummer, William Magee Fifer, David Cox Corp. David Alpha Privates Andrews, Jerld Archer, John Baichet, Jonah Banthan. Perry G. Barkey, Samuel Bearner, Henry Bell, John Bennett, Joel Bird, William Borth, Daniel Browne Jesse Chapman, Hezekiah Chapman. Stmeon Clark Wiiliam Cline, George Connet, Abraham Connet, John Corbet, Robert Creig, John Crouch, Samuel Darling, Jonothan Davidson Mathew Edward, Davtd Emerson, Luke Ferguson, Abner Fost, Ephraim Fugate, Jeremiah Grose, John Harris, George Hartley, Thomas Hepsen, Benjamin Hill, Thomas Jolley, William Keiser, John Kidd, William Lamb, Benjamin Lynn, John Marshall, Thomas McCleain, Andrew Millford, Joseph Newel, Thomas Oglesby, James Petty, Pressley Ramsey, John Ramsey, Samuel Ramsey, William Riley, James Row, Nicholas Saltingstall, John Sills, Jonothan Skipton, John Smith, John Stanley, Francis Tipton, Solomon Tison, Zephamiah Vaughan, Alexander Vulgenoit, Jacob Walker, William Willis,...

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Biography of Francis H. Cook

FRANCIS H. COOK, – Mr. Cook was born in Marietta, Ohio, in 1851. He went with his parents to Iowa at the age of twelve. His father was a farmer, and have his attention to agriculture and to sawmilling; but it was decided to make a printer of the boy. He was accordingly apprenticed to work at the cases in the office of the Harrison County Union, a paper owned and edited by Judge Henry Ford, who was also sitting on the bench of the northwest district of Iowa. The journal changed proprietors quite frequently, young Cook remaining through the two administrations succeeding Judge Ford’s; but, at the next call for a change, he and another ambitious young man embraced the opportunity to buy the Union themselves, conducting it a year and a half. But feeling the need of a more complete intellectual equipment, the young journalist sold out his share and attended Iowa State University. His studies there were cut short at the end of the second year by the failure of the man to whom he had sold, making his notes worthless. He had, however, fifteen dollars, earned at Iowa City; and with this for capital he set forth at the age of nineteen to see the world. His printer’s trade gave him employment. There is never so care-free a traveler as the compositor; and young cook...

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Biography of Justus Otho Hall

Justus Otho Hall is superintendent of schools at Hutchinson. By his work and influence there and elsewhere he is one of the leading educators of Kansas today. Mr. Hall had been active in school work almost twenty years. Born near Warner, Ohio, February 27, 1870, he came with his parents to Kansas at the age of fifteen. He received his early training in the country schools near Warner, Ohio, and at Morse, Kansas. After spending some time at work on his father’s farm and after three years spent in the United States Railway Mail Service he entered the high school at Lawrence, Kansas, where in five years he completed the high school course and four years of university work. He was graduated from high school in 1896 and in 1898 he received his A. B. degree from the University of Kansas. In the school year of 1898-99 Mr. Hall was assistant principal of the Olathe High School, and was principal of the Horton High School from 1899 to 1901. Since that time he had been superintendent of some of the larger school systems of the state. He was superintendent of the Horton Schools for four years from 1901 to 1905, superintendent at Beloit from 1905 to 1909, and since the fall of 1909 he had been at the head of the Hutchinson City School System, now the fourth in...

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Biography of Robert H. Childs

Robert H. Childs, now superintendent of the Petroleum Products Company plant in Independence, is one of the veteran oil men of America. His father was a pioneer in the oil fields of Western Pennsylvania, and Mr. Childs himself grew up in that environment, and took to the work as naturally as a New England youth goes to sea. There is probably not an important oil field in the country with which he has not been identified in some capacity or another. The Petroleum Products Company established a plant in Independence in 1908. The general officers of the company at Chicago are: H. J. Halle, president; R. J. Dunham, vice president; and Ed C. Ennis, secretary and treasurer. The general manager and superintendent at Independence is Mr. Childs. This plant refines oil products and its output is an important list of standard petroleum products, which are sold throughout the Middle West. The plant at Independence has a crude oil capacity of 5,000 barrels daily, this oil coming from the Oklahoma and Kansas fields. About 200 men are regularly on the pay roll. Robert H. Childs was born at Enterprise, Warren County, Pennsylvania, January 8, 1851. He comes of old and substantial American stock. His ancestors came from England to Rhode Island in colonial times. His great-grandfather John Cole Childs served with credit in the War of the American Revolution. He...

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Biography of Hon. A. G. Hovey

HON. A.G. HOVEY. – The reputation of Mr. Hovey, the present mayor of Eugene, Oregon, is co-extensive with the limits of the state, in the affairs of which he has ever taken an active part. His aggressive pushing disposition indicate the stern qualities of courage and self-reliance which lie at the basis of his character, and displace the more ephemeral qualities of a purely sentimental hopefulness or ambition. He is an example of the adage that “God helps those who help themselves;” and his whole life has bristled with instances of the truth therein indicated. He is a man of strong convictions and honest opinions, scorning the hypocrisy of policy and dealing with his friends as friends. In fact, he possess one virtue above all others: In dealing with the world, everybody, whether friend or foe, knows where he may be found when he is wanted. His nature is positive in its character; and, when he has once settled in his mind that he is right, nothing can move him from his course. Such a character must succeed in society, where he is a welcome guest. He was born in Londonderry, New Hampshire, in 1830, and removed with his parents to Marietta, Ohio, when he was quite young; and there he grew to manhood and was educated. He was one of the argonauts of California, having crossed the plains...

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Biographical Sketch of Osgood McFarland

Osgood McFarland, a son of Major Moses McFarland, of the revolutionary war, a Scotch-Irish immigrant, together with his wife, Mary Bartlett, came to town from Haverhill, Mass., in 1809. A few years afterwards he removed to Marietta, Ohio. He remained there seven years, when, on account of his health, he returned to Vermont, driving his own team the whole distance, as he had done on the outward journey. On his second coming to Waterville he located upon the farm on East hill, known as the “Tobin place,” whence he removed, after a few years, to West hill, and tilled the farm now owned and occupied by Samuel Brown. During his long and useful life, which closed in 1865, at the age of eighty-four, he served his townsmen acceptably as a member of the legislature, and in other offices of trust and honor. His children were six sons and six daughters, of whom six are now living-Osgood and Eunice in Minnesota , Francis in Massachusetts , Nathan in Hyde Park, and Louisa and Moses in...

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