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Illinois, Diocese of Belleville, Catholic Parish Records, 1695-1956

A help guide for accessing the images of parish registers recording the events of baptism, first communion, confirmation (to 1907), marriage (to 1930) or death (to 1956) in the Diocese of Belleville (Illinois), Roman Catholic Church. The index to some volumes may reference pages within a given volume beyond current publication dates. As such, these images are not currently available. In addition to traditional parish registers, this collection includes a small number of census, church history, family and financial records. To assist the researcher I have broken down the available registers by county and name of parish, including the years covered by those parish records.

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Biography of Charles Henry Redeker

Charles Henry Redeker, of the Crown Margarine Company of St. Louis, was born near Okawville, Illinois, in 1872. His father, Henry Redeker, a native of Germany, became a resident of Illinois in 1869. He wedded Charlotte Freund, also a native of that country, their marriage being celebrated in Germany ere they emigrated to the new world. The wife and mother passed away in 1887. They had become the parents of two sons and four daughters, of whom Charles Henry was the second of the family. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now In the public schools of Hoyleton, Illinois, Charles Henry Redeker pursued his early education, and afterward continued his studies in the high school at Carlyle, Illinois. He started out in the business world in connection with mercantile interests at Posey, Illinois, in 1898, and continued his interests in that business until 1920. He was also engaged in the banking business at Hoffman, Illinois, for ten years, filling the position of cashier for eight years and...

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Biography of Ed E. Maxey, M. D.

Illinois has furnished to Idaho a number of her leading citizens, including Dr. E. E. Maxey of Caldwell. He was born in Irvington, Washington County, Illinois, on the 21st of August 1867. His ancestors resided in Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee. His father, Dr. W. C. Maxey, was a practicing physician of Illinois for many years. He was graduated in the University of Tennessee, and, determining to devote his energies to the medical profession, has gained marked prestige therein. During the civil war he joined the First Illinois Cavalry and afterward re-enlisted in the Eightieth Illinois Infantry, being promoted to the rank of lieutenant before the close of hostilities, in recognition of his meritorious service on the field of battle. For the past twelve years he has resided in Caldwell, where he has secured a large and lucrative practice. In politics he is a Republican and was elected a member of the convention which framed the present state constitution of Idaho. He was also at one time commandant of the Soldiers’ Home in Boise and is now United States examining surgeon. Dr. Ed E. Maxey is one of a family of seven children. He prepared for his professional career in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Chicago, graduating in the spring of 1891, immediately after which he began the practice of medicine in Caldwell, where he has succeeded in...

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Biography Of Alden C. Hillman, A. M.

Alden C. Hillman, A. M. One of the venerable educators of Kansas was Alden C. Hillman, of Salina, whose death occurred on the 24th of January, 1917. Mr. Hillman was the first man selected for a position in the faculty of the Kansas Wesleyan University. He began his work as an educator before the war, was very prominent in the State of Illinois in school work for many years, and for more than thirty years was a resident of Kansas. He was born May 23, 1832, at Charleston, New York, a son of Ezra and Permelia (Horton) Hillman. Both parents were born in the same state, and were married there in 1828. His father was born in 1806 and died in 1859, spending his life as a farmer in New York and being very active in religious and temperance work. The mother was born in 1810 and died in 1860. She was also a devout woman and closely identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church. These worthy people were the parents of six children, three sons and three daughters: Jane, now deceased; Alden C.; Daniel Watson, deceased; Mary Elizabeth, wife of George P. Schouten, a retired farmer at Sedgwick, Kansas; Marvin J., deceased; Sarah Amanda, wife of H. Sherman, of Lockport, New York. Alden C. Hillman grew up on his father’s farm in New York. At the age of sixteen...

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Biography of Lewis J. Lamar

Lewis J. Lamar, present mayor of the Town of McFarland, is a veteran railroad man, though by no means old in point of years of life. He became self supporting at the age of sixteen, and therefore had had an active career much longer than his age would indicate. Mr. Lamar was born at Nashville, Illinois, July 31, 1879. His grandfather was a Frenchman and on coming to America settled in Pennsylvania, where he married into a family of Pennsylvania Dutch. Lewis J. Lamar’s maternal grandmother was a member of the Hanks family and was a sister of the mother of Abraham Lincoln. Elisha Lamar, father of Lewis J., was born in Spencer County, Indiana, in 1841, and when a boy accompanied his parents to the community of Lincoln, Indiana. He grew up there, and at the age of twenty, in 1861, enlisted in Company E, Forty-ninth Indiana Regiment of Infantry. He was in the Union army 4½ years, and participated in all the engagements of his regiment, including the great battle of Gettysburg. He was at one time on duty as corporal of guard and received a bad wound in the stomach, from which he never entirely recovered. He was mustered out September 18, 1865, at Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Lamar became a farmer in Indiana, moved from there to Springfield, Illinois, continuing the vocation of agriculture, and finally...

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A-J Surnames – 1818 Washington County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Name Page # Range of Ages Albert, Jacob 192 01-03-00-00 Albert, William 192 01-04-00-00 Allen, Elizabeth 184 01-10-00-00 Allen, Thomas 189 01-05-00-00 Anderson, Robert 191 01-08-00-00 Andrus, Archibald 185 01-09-00-00 Apling, Pleasant 188 01-06-00-00 Armstrong, Robert 185 01-07-00-00 Atkins, Nancy 183 00-05-00-00 Bailey, John 191 01-03-00-00 Baily, Britan 191 01-05-00-00 Baker, Abraham 183 01-11-00-00 Bankson, Andrew 186 01-06-00-00 Bankson, Elijah 184 01-05-00-00 Bankson, James 184 01-04-01-00 Beaty, Charles 188 01-05-00-00 Billue, Joseph 187 01-10-00-00 Bitton, John 186 01-03-00-00 Bone, Barnett 187 01-06-00-00 Boxley, George 190 02-08-00-01 Bradsby, William H. 190 01-00-00-01 Branstetter, Peter 183 02-12-00-01 Brasilton, Benjamin 185 01-03-00-00 Brazil, Valentine 187 01-04-00-00 Brimbury, Jacob 192 02-06-00-00 Browder, Jonathan 187 01-05-00-00 Brown, Colier 183 01-03-00-00 Brown, George 183 01-01-00-09 Brown, John 183 01-03-00-00 Brown, Samuel 183 01-02-00-00 Bugg, William 187 01-02-00-00 Bunch, James 191 01-04-00-00 Bunch, John 191 02-06-00-00 Butler, Charles 188 01-08-00-00 Carigan, John 185 01-07-00-02 Carnes, Jacob 188 01-04-00-00 Carter, John 184 01-03-00-00 Carter, Richard 189 01-08-00-00 Casey, George 191 01-05-00-00 Casey, Isaac 191 02-08-00-00 Casey, Lemuel 191 01-04-00-00 Casey, Leonard 191 01-06-00-00 Casey, Samuel 191 01-03-00-00 Casey, William, Sr. 191 02-07-00-00 Caysey,...

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K-Z Surnames – 1818 Washington County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Kenedy, Neal 187 01-05-00-00 Kerby, Cyrus 186 01-07-00-00 Kinyon, Joseph 188 01-06-00-00 Lard, John 189 01-04-00-00 Laughlin, John Lewis 185 01-08-00-00 Lear, Samuel 185 01-01-00-00 Lee, Loyd 186 01-05-00-00 Lee, Rufus 191 02-06-00-00 Lester, Archiblad 183 01-06-00-00 Lester, David 183 01-03-00-00 Lester, Henry 183 01-05-00-00 Lick, Harmon 188 01-04-00-00 Little, Thomas 186 01-12-00-00 Lizenby, John 189 01-02-00-00 Lowe, Nathaniel 186 01-00-00-00 Maddux, Alexander, Jr. 183 01-07-00-00 Maddux, Alexander 183 01-10-00-00 Maddux, Gilless 184 01-09-00-00 Maddux, Leonad 183 01-07-00-00 Maddux, Leven 183 01-08-00-00 Maddux, Wingate 184 01-10-00-00 Maddux, Zachariah 184 01-06-00-00 Margrave, John 184 01-04-00-00 Martin, John 183 01-04-00-00 Martin, Philip 183 05-00-00-00 Matheny, Collins 186 01-05-00-00 Maugham, John K. 190 02-07-00-00 Mc Kiney, Jeremiah 192 02-04-00-00 Mc Kinney, Joseph 192 05-08-00-00 Mc Knight, Thomas 189 01-04-00-00 Mc Reaken, James 187 01-07-00-00 Mcbride, Philip 192 02-06-00-00 Mcbride, Robert 192 03-08-00-00 Mccord, David 189 01-05-00-00 Mcdonald, Henry 185 02-04-00-00 Mciver, Robert 184 01-07-00-00 Middletn, Reuben 188 02-05-00-00 Middleton, William 188 01-04-00-00 Minsn, Abraham 186 01-09-00-00 Moody, Benjamon 185 01-10-00-00 Moore, Charles 192 02-08-00-00 Motley, Thomas 185 01-00-00-00 Myers, Isaac 185 01-03-00-00 Ney, Alexander 183 01-03-00-00 Nichols, John...

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