Location: Ware County GA

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Ware County, Georgia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now J H Strickland 3/3/1847 – 1/28/1931 Nancy Strickland Wife of J H Strickland 10/21/1841 – 12/23/1917 Ambrose Woodard 7/14/1829 -12/2/1895 Ardelia Woodard 11/28/1829 – 11/11/1907 B A Godwin 9/15/1850 – 12/9/1923 Susanna Godwin Died 1897 – age 104 years Lawrence Anthony 12/8/1818 – 9/7/1878 Sarah Ann Anthony Wife of Lawrence Anthony 2/17/1818 – 7/6/1897 Lewis J Henderson 4/15/1828 – 11/21/1868 Bettie E Henderson Wife of J D Henderson Died age 43 J F Hendrix 8/3/1818 -11/13/1907 Harriet E Hendrix Wife of J F Hendrix 3/12/1818 – 3/14/1891 Taylor Hendrix 3/25/1849 – 7/5/1925 Martha Elizabeth Summerlin 9/4/1851 – 3/27/1923 Jacob Summerlin 11/28/1849 – 12/22/1907 Winnie Jeffers 2/23/1835 – 3/13/1910 George H Tatum Sr 4/15/1859 -10/29/1928 Elizabeth Tatum Wife of George H Tatum Sr 6/30/1867 – 6/23/1917 George W Edenfield 8/2/1842 – 4/2/1917 Bill W Wildes 8/26/1857 – 6/20/1922 Eliza Wildes 8/16/1855 – 6/21/1921 Sarah J Wildes 9-30-1830 – August 1909 Laura J Wildes 11/14/1868 – 1/14/1919 Priscilla Woodard Wife of M M Woodard 10/17/1846 – 10/12/1916 Jasper Beverly 4/15/1851 – 3/9/1923 Ardelia Thrift 5/2/1848 – 4/14/1891 Taylor Harrell 1847 – 1924 Nancy Williams 5/24/1838 – 1/29/1928 Neil Aldridge 3/22/1824- 10/13/1901 Lewisinda Aldridge (???) died 6/28/1896 Charles H Musgrove 8/15/1849 -3/20/1915 Mrs. L A Welch 4/22/1847 – 10/27/1917 Robert Justice 1860 -1920 L A Rogers 1/31/1859 – 12/4/1916...

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Slave Narrative of Young Winston Davis

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Interviewer: Rachel Davis Person Interviewed: Young Winston Davis Location: Jacksonville, Florida Age: 62 Occupation: Preacher Young Winston Davis states that he was born in Ozark, Alabama, June 28, 1855 on the plantation of Charles Davis who owned about seven hundred slaves and was considered very wealthy. Kindness and consideration for his slaves, made them love him. Reverend Davis was rather young during his years in slavery but when he was asked to tell something about the days of slavery, replied: “I remember many things about slavery, but know they will not come to me now; anyway, I’ll tell what I can think of.” He tells of the use of iron pots, fireplaces with rods used to hold the pots above the fire for cooking peas, rice, vegetables, meats, etc.; the homemade coffee from meal, spring and well water, tanning rawhide for leather, spinning of thread from cotton and the weaving looms. “There was no difference,” he states, “in the treatment of men and women for work; my parents worked very hard and women did some jobs that we would think them crazy for trying now; why my mother helped build a railroad before she was married to my father. My mother’s first husband was sold away from her; shucks, some of the masters didn’t care how...

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