Location: Wallowa County OR

Biography of George Bartholomew Cook

George Bartholomew Cook, who has been engaged in the operation of the ranch on which he now resides in the Wallowa valley for nearly thirty years, is one of the well known pioneers in the vicinity of Lostine. He was born in Polk County, Oregon, on the 27th of February 1862, and is the son of Thomas L. and Harriet (Jacobs) Cook. The parents came to the Willamette valley in 1854 and there the father engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1879 when together with his family he removed to Wallowa County. Here he passed away the same year, but the mother survived until 1909. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The Boyhood and early youth of George Bartholomew Cook were passed on the ranch where he was born, and in the cultivation of which he began to assist at a very early age. He was given the advantages of but a meager education, such schooling as he acquired being obtained in the Willamette valley when he...

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Biography of William La Fayette McCubbin

William La Fayette McCubbin, a well known ranchman of Wallowa county, where he has resided for more than twenty years, was born in Washington county, Oregon, on the 11th of January, 1869, and is a son of John B. and Martha J. (Yarber) McCubbin. The father passed away in 1880, but the mother is still living. William LaFayette McCubbin was only a lad of eleven years at the time of the death of his father. He was reared at Wapinitia, this state, where he attended the public schools in the acquirement of an education until he was sixteen. Feeling that he had a sufficient knowledge to enable him to become self-supporting, he then left school and engaged in the stock-business in that vicinity. In 1900 he removed from Wasco to Wallowa County,. He then withdrew from this and turned his attention to agricultural pursuits in the vicinity of Lostine and this has ever since engaged his entire time and attention. Progressive and enterprising in his methods, Mr. McCubbin has applies himself intelligently to his vocation and is considered an efficient ranchman. On the 20th of October, 1898, Mr. McCubbin completed his arrangements for a home of his own by his marriage to Miss Maude I. Masterson, a daughter of William and Anna Masterson of Lostine, Oregon, and they have become the parents of three children, Bernice, Cecil and Everett,...

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Biography of Crawford Wallace Womack

C. W. (Crawford Wallace) Womack, who lives retired at Lostine, Oregon, is one of the pioneer settlers of Wallowa valley. He was born in Shelby County, Illinois, on October 4, 1844, the son of William and Martha A. (Jordan) Womack, both of whom were natives of Tennessee. The parents were married in Illinois, where they had removed in youth with their parent’s. After their marriage they resided for a short time in Shelby County and then removed to Lee County, Iowa, and later to Putnam County, Missouri. In 1866 they came to Oregon, locating near Lostine, Oregon in Wallowa County, where they purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land. Later they moved into the town of Lostine, where they both passed away, the father, October 15, 1901, at the age of eighty-four years, and the mother February 9, 1901, at the age of eighty-three. They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal church. The father belonged to the Masonic lodge, having joined that order in the early ‘60s. C. W. Womack was reared under the parental roof and acquired his education in the common schools, attending an old time log schoolhouse, with its split logs for benches and its puncheon floor. In 1863, at the age of nineteen, he went with the gold seekers to Pike’s Peak, in Colorado, where he spent the summer, returning that winter to...

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Biography of William (Bill) Womack

William (Bill) Womack, son of John William and Martha Thompson, left Wallowa around 1910 to take up a homestead near Wilder, Idaho. There he married Nellie Mae Pack. Nellie Mae Pack 1889-1934, a daughter of John Henry Pack and Lucy Ann Maria (Carter) Pack, lived in Wallowa from 1898 to 1903. She, with her family came from Beckley, West Virginia, by train, as far as Idaho, then accompanied by the Oscar Bidler family, traveled by wagon train to the Wallowa Valley. John Pack lived on a farm on Whiskey Creek, and Nellie, her brothers and sisters, attended what was then the Willow Springs School. Later the family moved to Roswell, Idaho. On 1 January 1912, William Womack and Nellie Pack were married and lived on his homestead until 1 July 1919 when he moved back to Wallowa to his father’s (John W. Womack) homestead, living there until 1941. They had five children: Marley Osborne 1912-1952. He married Bertha Nona Winters in 1937. They lived near Wallowa. Marley served several years as City Marshal and worked at the Boman Hicks Mill. They had three children. Janice (Smith) lives in Vancouver, Washington, Joyce (Beeman) lives near La Grande. A son Vernon was drowned at the age of 13. Wilma Lucille 1914-. She married Alvin Hawkins. Their home is on Diamond Prairie. They had two daughters. Judith Ann (Hauser) has three children...

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Wallowa County Oregon Genealogy

The following genealogy is specific to Wallowa County Oregon and contains 3 biographies, a burial index for the county, numerous cemeteries, as well as a cemetery listing, a census listing, and a collection of obituaries for the county. History of Union and Wallowa Counties, Oregon Biography of Thomas R. Cook Biography of James Westley Hammack Biography of John William Womack Biography of William (Bill) Womack Wallowa County Oregon Burial Index – Surnames A – Z Wallowa County, Oregon Cemetery Records Bartlett Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Bramlet Cemetery Wallowa County Oregon Dobbin Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Eden Bench Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Elk Creek Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Flora Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Hurricane Creek Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Imnaha Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Lost Prairie Cemetery, Wallowa County, Oregon McCubbin Cemetery, Wallowa County, Oregon Nicoson Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Park Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Middle Point Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Pine Creek Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Powwatka Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Promise Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Stubblefield Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Wallowa Cemetery, Wallowa County, Oregon A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N – O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames W Surnames Y – Z Surnames Westside Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon Wallowa County Oregon Census...

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Biography of Leander P. McCubbin

The stability of a land depends upon the character of her sons and it is very gratifying to find the citizens who form the population of Wallowa county stanch and capable, and in this worthy number we are constrained to give especial mention to the subject of this sketch, since he has manifested qualities that are deserving of this position and has achieved success that demonstrates his ability to be among the leading financiers and property owners of the northeastern part of Oregon, while also he has maintained an untarnished reputation and displayed a well rounded character replete with the virtues that make the typical man. Leander P. was born in Jacksonville, Oregon, April 21, 1861, being the son of Abraham and Sarah (Deen) McCubbin, natives respectively of Kentucky and Missouri. The parents came across the plains from Missouri to the Willamette valley in 1852, locating in Clackamas County. The father died in Wasco County, in March 1880, and the mother in Lostine, in April 1898. The wife’s parents came from Missouri to Clackamas County in 1875, the mother passing away in 1886 in Wasco county and the father died in Marion county in 1892. Returning more especially to our subject, he was reared on a farm, and attended public school in the various places in which his parents lived during his minority. When a child he was taken...

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Biography of James Westley Hammack

James Westley Hammack, who is living on his ranch located one mile east of Lostine, has always devoted his energies to agricultural pursuits, and has met with a goodly measure of success. His life record was begun in Knox County, Kentucky, his parents being James and Elizabeth (Moore) Hammack, both of whom are now deceased, the father having passed away in 1899 and the mother in 1905. The early years in the life of James Westley Hammack were passed on the farm where he was born and in the cultivation of which he began to assist while still in his childhood. In common with many other lads reared in the country at that period he was given but a meager education, attending school only at such times as his services were not required about the farm. Under the capable supervision of his father he acquired a thorough knowledge of the best practical methods of tilling the fields and harvesting the crops, so that by the time he had attained his majority he was a skilled agriculturist. He subsequently left home and went out in the world to make his own way, but still continued to devote his energies to farming. Together with his wife and family he crossed the plains to Oregon in 1865 with an ox team, his destination being Yamhill county. He remained their for only two...

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Biography of Thomas R. Cook

Thomas R. Cook is the owner of a fine ranch of eighty acres located in the Wallowa valley, in the cultivation of which he has been actively engaged for more than a quarter of a century. He is a native of Oregon, his birth having occurred in the Willamette valley on February 16, 1861, his parents being Thomas L. and Harriet (Jacobs) Cook. His people came to Oregon in 1854, settling in the Willamette valley, where the father acquired some government land that he industriously cultivated with a goodly measure of success for twenty-five years. In 1879, he disposed of his holdings there and removed with his wife and family to Wallowa County, and here he passed away the same year, the mother, however, surviving until 1909. Reared on the ranch where he was born, Thomas R. Cook was early trained in the work of the fields and care of the stock, thus laying the foundation for a successful agricultural career later in life. His education advantages were very limited, his schooling being confined to a few terms of irregular attendance in his home district, prior to the age of twelve years. He then laid aside his text-books and thereafter has his entire time and attention to the work of the ranch. When his parents removed to Wallowa County he accompanied them and upon attaining his majority he filed...

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Biography of John William Womack

John William Womack, son of Jacob and Lurreene Bougher Womack, was born in Unionville, Missouri, He, and a cousin Crawford Wallace Womack, made an early trip into Wallowa Valley, camping along Bear Creek. During the night their horses wandered away from camp and were found the next morning at what is now the town site of Wallowa. They both returned again in 1877, when they both filed on homesteads. John filed southwest of the town of Wallowa, building a log cabin at the foot of the west slope of Green Hill. He named his homestead “Cove Ranch.” Crawford Wallace Womack and John McCubbin spent the first winter with John on his homestead. In 1881, a wagon train left Saint Joseph, Missouri, heading for Oregon, with Russell Thompson as wagon master. Russell and Catherine Hedges Thompson’s oldest daughter, Martha Jane, drove one of the teams and wagons across the plains. Traveling with the Thompson wagon train were Edna and Chella Pickett, also James (Tom) and his wife, Chata Pickett Willett. The train made a one-day layover about the location of Meridian, Idaho (about 10 miles west of Boise), where the Willetts son, Leslie (Leck), was born. The Willett family stopped at Union to spend the winter and the Thompson’s came on to the Wallowa Valley. John Womack married Martha Jane Thompson and they and their eight children lived in the...

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Wallowa County Oregon Burial Index – Surnames A – Z

Surname A ABLE: Flora ACTON: Flora, Prairie Creek ADAMS: Prairie Creek ADEY: Enterprise ADRIAN: Enterprise AGER: Flora AKERS: Wallowa AKIN: Alder Slope AKINS: Enterprise ALESON: Enterprise ALEXANDER: Paradise ALFORD: Bramlet, Enterprise ALLARD: Prairie Creek, Wallowa ALLEN: Bramlet, Enterprise, Lost Prairie, Lostine ALTO: Enterprise ALUMBAUGH: Wallowa ALVERTIE: Enterprise AMEY: Enterprise, Prairie Creek AMONINO: Enterprise ANDERSON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa ANDRAESON: Wallowa ANDREWS: Enterprise ANSON: Lostine APPLEGATE: Flora, Paradise, Prairie Creek ARAM: Enterprise ARMON: Bramlet ARNOLD: Enterprise, Imnaha ASCHENBRENNER: Enterprise ASERNATH: Enterprise ASHER: Enterprise, Lostine ASSMAN: Lostine ASTWOOD: Enterprise AUDET: Enterprise AULT: Enterprise AUSLER: Enterprise, Flora AUTHIER: Lost Prairie AUTRLY: Bartlett AVERILL: Enterprise AVERY: Enterprise, Lostine Surname B BACON: Enterprise, Lost Prairie BAGGETT: Wallowa BAILEY: Enterprise BAILIE: Enterprise BAIRD: Enterprise, Wallowa BAKER, Enterprise, Flora, Prairie Creek, Wallowa BAKKE: Wallowa BALDWIN: Bramlet BALENTIN: Prairie Creek BALES: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa BALLANTYNE: Prairie Creek BALLARD: Enterprise, Wallowa BALLAS: Enterprise BALTER: Prairie Creek BANKHEAD: Bramlet, Wallowa BANNISTER: Enterprise BARBER: Enterprise BARE: Imnaha BAREMORE: Wallowa BARKLOW: Wallowa BARNARD: Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek BARNES: Enterprise, Paradise BARNETT: Enterprise, Wallowa BARNHILL: Enterprise BARTER: Enterprise BARTH: Enterprise BARTLES: Enterprise BARTON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Hurricane Creek, Lostine, Prairie Creek, Promise, Wallowa BASENETT: Enterprise BASFORD: Enterprise BASH: Enterprise BASIM: Enterprise BASSETT: Wallowa BATER: Enterprise BATES: Prairie Creek BATLY: Prairie Creek BAUER: Enterprise BAXLEY: Enterprise BAXTER: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa BAY: Alder Slope, Enterprise BAZINE: Wallowa BEACH: Enterprise, Paradise BEALS: Prairie...

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Combined 1900-1910 Census for Flora, Oregon

The following combined census extraction of Flora, Oregon covers the census years of 1900 and 1910. It was extracted from the manuscript “Carving the North End Wilderness: Flora” and was transcribed for AccessGenealogy by Janine M. Bork. The legend for the census is as follows: F=Flora; LP=Lost Prairie; MC=Mud Creek; P=Paradise; P F= District boundary changes Abel, Frank 1866-sheepherder-Ann F. 1877: Layton-1900, Pearl E. 1904, Rolf 1906, Chester 1908 : 1900-F Abel, John 1846-Ida 1847 : 1910-F Acheson, Hubert 1870-Annie 1872: Percy 1893, Byron 1897, Herbert 1900 : 1900-P Agar, Jane 1860: Horace Powell 1890, Lizzie 1896, Eddie 1899, Margaret 1902 : 1910-MC Akins, Carlton 1840-Martha 1864: James 1874 : 1900-P 1910-P Akins, Chancey 1812, father of Carlton : 1900-P Akins, Clarence 1867: Mary 1882, Mattie 1889 : 1900-P Akins, Frank 1874-Emeline 1874: Ola 1892, Daniel 1896 : 1900-P Akin, James 1870: Lex 1905, Leona 1905, Carlass 1906 : 1910-P Akin, Oscar 1866 mail contractor-Essie 1886: Orval 1903, Roda 1905, Mark 1908 : 1900-P Akin, William 1843-Sarah 1845 parents of Clarence : 1900-P Akin, William 1871-Temperance 1880: Ina 1897, Herman 1899 : 1900-P Alexander, Frank 1869-Luella 1876: Elva 1894, Wardie 1896, Rachel 1898 : 1900-P Alexander, Isaac 1877 : 1900-P Alexander, Sarah 1836 mother Mrs. Willis Straley : 1900-P 1910-P Alexander, George 1857 : 1900-P Allen, Charles 1874-Amanda 1878: Ernest 1896, James 1900, Velma 1908 : 1910-LP Anderson, Cholea...

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Bartlett Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon

AUTRLY, Gilbert, 1931 BEAM, Mrs. Ira BEAM, Mrs. Norm BOSLEY, Martha A., 5 Apr 1843, 1/6/1912 BOTT, Alvira, 2 Feb 1865, 10/13/1903 BOTT, Arthur Earl, 26 Jun 1886, 8 Nov 1940 BROWN, Francis I., 26 Aug 1869, 20 Mar 1950, Wife of Harry S. Brown BROWN, Harry S., 22 Jan 1871, 2 Nov 1938 BURNS, William Wesley, 26 Dec 1861, 9/28/1937 CRANDALL, James, Died 68Y,11M,2D, 8/28/1903 DAVIS, Bessie, 1861, 1948, Wife of William P. Davis DAVIS, Lucile, 1923, 1927 DAVIS, William Preston, 7 Dec 1858, 12/13/1937 ESTES, Newton, 2 Jul 1904, 5 Aug 1910, Son of D.N. & A.D. Estes EVANS, Alice Lee, 1864, 1942 EVANS, John Robert, 1855, 1942 EVANS, Roy M., 1885, 1936 EVANS, Verna L., 1891, 1904 FRIDDLES, Albert, 22 May 1854. 5 Oct 1925 *FRIDDLES, Ronald, 27-Jun-14, 24-Sep-14, David Carl Friddle, Sophia Dollar Friddle GOODING, A.R., 1863, 1935 GREEN, James Kenneth, 1918, March 14, 1931 GREENE, Jesse Harlan, 9 May 1896, 11 Apr 1971 GREENE, Vera Joan, 1921, 1930 GREENE, Vera Lydia, 12 Aug 1895, November 19, 1978 HACK, Charles W., 20-Nov-05, 2 Sept 1910, Son of E.A. & .M. Hack HALL, Henry, 1851, 1924 HAMMOND, George E., 1875, 1898 HAMMOND, James L., 1839, 1913 HAMMOND, James M., 1880, 1921 HAMMOND, Marion A., 1855, 1946 HAMMOND, Ruth, 1901, January 30, 1920, Tim Gordon Backelman, Eliza Gordon, Wife of T.B. Hammond HOPWOOD, Gad, 1838, 1883 JONES,...

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Biographical Sketch of William H. Pullen

William H. Pullen is one of the prominent men of Malheur County, being both a successful business man and property owner and popular County official. He was born in Illinois, on March 1, 1845, being the son of William and Mary (Weils) Pullen, natives respectively of Pennsylvania and Liverpool. When thirteen, he went with his parents to Texas, remaining there until 1867, and then returned to Illinois, where he engaged in farming until 1872. At that date a move was made to Pawnee County, Nebraska, and that was his home until 1880. He next located in Coos County, Oregon, where two years were spent and another move was made to Jackson County, whence one year later he returned to Coos bay and remained there five years. We next see Mr. Pullen in Wallowa County where he engaged in the mercantile pursuit at Lostine. Four years after this venture, he sold out and went to the lumbering business in Paradise, the same County. It was 1897, when Mr. Pullen came to Malheur County and bought one hundred and twenty acres of fertile land one-fourth of a mile from Owyhee. He has also eighty acres in Idaho and his land is well improved. In 1900 he was called by the people to act as County assessor, his name appearing on the Republican ticket and in the spring of 1902 he was...

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Biography of Ira Stubblefield

A man of great adaptability, with vigor to carry him through his various undertakings, and wisdom to guide him in the safe path, and, withal, possessed of executive force to manipulate enterprises with success, the subject of this article is a man to whom we gladly accord representation in this volume of Harney county history. He was born in Blanco county, Texas, on April 28, 1866, being the son of W. K. and Eliza (Lumas) Stubblefield. The father of our subject was born in Tennessee, October 30, 1816, and at the age of fourteen went to Bolivar, Missouri, and in his twentieth year he went to Texas and lived in twenty-three different counties in that state. He was on the frontier all of the time and did much hunting and scouting and fought the Indians continually. He was with the noted cattle king, Bob Tout, and the two doubtless slew more Indians when the savages were on the murderous raids than any other men of the country. At one time eight white men, including Mr. Stubblefield and Bob Tout, were attacked by Indians, seventeen in number, and all of the whites fled but Stubblefield and Tout and two companions, and they fought the savages to a finish, completely whipping them. Mr. Stubblefield was in many a battle and skirmish with the treacherous savage and always came out victorious. In...

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