Location: Union Oregon

Biographical Sketch of J. H. Stanley

J.H. STANLEY. – J.H. Stanley is a native of Missouri, where he was born in 1858. In 1878 he came to the Willamette valley, where he studied for three years, finishing his education. He then went to Union County, Oregon, and taught as principal of the City School at Union for one year. Afterwards he went to Weston, where he taught in the same capacity. he then went to Morrow County, where he took up a ranch in 1883, which he still owns and runs. He commenced teaching in the fall of 1885, and was appointed county school superintendent, and since that time has twice been elected to the same position on the Republican ticket. He was twice a delegate to the Republican ticket. He was twice a delegate to the Republican state convention from Morrow county. He always takes an active part in politics, and is always ready to sanction and aid any movement that tends to the advancement and interest of the country. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV...

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Obituary of Clarence Miller

Death of Clarence Miller Clarence Miller, a former resident of Union, died of pneumonia, at Austin, Grant County, Oregon, Tuesday of this week. The body was brought to Union Wednesday night, and the funeral will take place from the undertaking parlors at 2 p. m. Friday under auspices of the Odd Fellows, of which order he was a member. Clarence Miller was a young man raised in Union, and he married Miss Zylpha Skiff, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. O. J. Skiff, of Union, about a year and a half ago. To this union one child was born, which, with the mother, survives him. Clarence Miller was 27 years and about one month of age. The sympathy of many friends is extended to the bereaved wife and child and other relatives of the deceased. Newspaper item, Oct 22,...

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Biography of Norman Simon Hubbell

To the brave pioneers of the early ’60s and ’70s Idaho owes, in a large measure, the prosperity she now enjoys, as a state. Among those hardy souls and courageous hearts who then believed in her future, and by long years of toil and undaunted perseverance assisted nobly in the development of her resources, is the subject of this article; and no one is more worthy of representation in the annals of the state. The ancestors of Norman S. Hubbell were respected American citizens for many generations. He was born near Burdette, in what is now Schuyler County, New York, October 29, 1837, and his parents, Walton and Rebecca Emily (Cure) Hubbell, were likewise natives of the Empire state. The father was a millwright by trade, an excellent machinist and a good businessman. At one time he was the drum major of a militia company in his own state. He lived to reach his seventy-second year, and died, loved and respected by all who knew him. The wife and mother was summoned to the silent land when she was in her sixty-fifth year. Of their eight children but two survive. The education which N. S. Hubbell acquired was such as the public schools of his boyhood afforded, and from the time he was sixteen until he was twenty-five years of age he gave all of his earnings to his...

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Biography of Thomas B. Johnson

THOMAS B. JOHNSON. – To the honest tiller of the soil and raiser of stock in this county we are largely indebted for its steady growth and substantial development in the augmenting of its wealth and the tapping of its resources. This class of Union’s citizens are to be congratulated on their faithful and successful efforts, and as one prominent in these industries, we surely must mention the gentleman, whose name is at the head of this article and who has wrought with energy and assiduity in the prosecution of these enterprises steadily for a long period of years. Thomas B. is the son of Davis W. and Margret (Bell) Johnson. The father was born in 1824 in Indiana, and is a veteran of the Civil war, serving in the Eleventh Missouri Volunteers, Company G. In 1863 he came to the Willamette valley, and the following year made his way to Union county. He operated a blacksmith shop from 1864 to 1872. In 1867 he purchased a farm and was engaged in farming and stock-raising until two years since, when he retired from the more active duties of business and is now living in Union. The mother had died and is buried in the Union cemetery. More specifically regarding our subject, at the age of twenty, Thomas B. started for himself herding sheep. In the fall of 1881 he...

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Biography of Judge Robert Eakin

JUDGE ROBERT EAKIN. – While Union county is so especially favored in having men of energy and talent in the various callings of human industry and learning, there is no profession that is more signally marked by the men of ability within its ranks than the legal, and as a leader among this class stands the gentleman, whose name initiates this paragraph, and who is well and favorably known throughout eastern Oregon. Judge Eakin is a profound student of the literature of his chosen profession, having added by careful and thorough research to a mind well poised for weighing the questions of human justice an erudition and fund of information that enables a searching and keen perception to select for the intricate problems that are daily encountered by a deciding jurist the authority needed and lay down the principles applying. Adding to this an acumen and breadth of grasp that are happily blended in his make-up, we have in Judge Eakin a judicial representative that the county of Union may well feel proud of and in whom, we are pleased to state, commendable pride is taken. At Elgin, Kane county, Illinois, Robert Eakin was born in 1848, being the son of Stewart B. and Catherine (McEldowney) Eakin, natives of Ireland. In 1866 the family removed to Willamette valley and settled at Eugene, Lane county, the parents remaining their until...

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Biography of Isaac N. Cromwell, M.D.

ISAAC N. CROMWELL, M.D. – Perhaps there is no calling of men with which the issues of life and death are so intimately connected s with that of the physician: hence it is that popular sentiment demands a class of men to take up this profession who are in every sense of the word the leaders of their fellows, and especially endowed with keen perception, careful and discriminating judgment, alert faculties and sympathy, with perfect self-possession and steady nerve. The subject of this sketch is one of the votaries of the medical muse, and is today one of Union county’s leading practitioners, being a man of deep erudition, sound principles and perfect integrity, which have been manifested in a long, skillful, and successful practice that is large and exacting. Isaac N. Cromwell was born in Murray county, Georgia, on November 27, 1841, being the son of James and Margaret (Shields) Cromwell, farmers of that section. In 1842 they removed to Tennessee, remaining there until 1850, then went to Smith county, Texas. In 1871 the father died, and in 1879, the mother passed away at Eugene, Oregon. Our subject was educated in the public schools of the various sections where he lived, and in 1868 went to New Orleans and attended the medical college at that place. In 1872, he migrated to Oregon and entered the medical department of the...

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Biography of Thomas H. Crawford

THOMAS H. CRAWFORD. – While Union county enjoys especial favor in possesing a large, well informed, and enterprising class of citizens who fill the walks of the industrial and professional callings she is to be congratulated in having such substantial, broad minded and capable devotees of the legal profession. Prominent in this number, and deserving of a large share of honor for his faithful and successful labors in the courts and in the manipulation of the affairs of the county, and also in a measure of the state politics wherein he has bestowed much care and thought for the welfare of all, is the esteemed gentleman, whose name stands at the head of this article. a man of fine capabilities, fortified with a thorough and extended classical education and then a training in the legal profession that has fitted him in an ample and satisfactory way to handle the deep points of court practice and official counsel, there is also in Mr. Crawford a happy blending of the acumen, determination, and executive ability required in the successful lawyer, which he constantly supplements by a careful and discriminating course of research that has placed him in a commanding position in his profession throughout the county and in adjacent districts. Our subject is the scion of a strong southern family, being born in Washington county, Arkansas, on March 18, 1848, and...

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Biography of Homer C. Bidwell

HOMER C. BIDWELL. – The well known and enterprising businessman, of whom we now have the pleasure of speaking is one of the substantial citizens of Union, & has by dint of hard effort, wise management and considerate treatment of patrons built up a fine business in the livery and transportation line. Having as fine stables and his rigs are among the most comfortable and well kept to be secured anywhere. Homer C. was born in Galesburg, Wisconsin on January 25, 1871, being the son of Charles C. & Mary A. (Gilbert) Bidwell. The father was one of those brave men who hazarded their lives in the defense of the Union and during the entire war he served participating in many skirmishes as well as heavy battles, among which may be mentioned those adjacent to Chattanooga. At the close of the war he was honorably discharged and settled down to industrial life. While our subject was a child the family removed to Virginia, whence they went to the vicinity of St. Joseph, Missouri, and from there to Orleans, Nebraska, during a portion of which time Homer was occupied with his father in the livery business. In 1884 they migrated to Union county and after some time our subject entered upon an apprenticeship to the miller’s trade, which he learned and followed for five years. After this period he took...

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Biography of Charles L. Blakeslee

CHARLES L. BLAKESLEE. – A man of energy, sagacity, and keen foresight. Mr. Blakeslee is today one of the well-known pioneers, whose labors have opened this vast and fertile region for the settlement of his fellows, and, he has gained distinction not only on account of this work but also through his enterprising endeavors in operations in the industrial world here as well as in the ranks of educators that laid the foundations deep and wide for the advancement of the new found land for the training of those that should follow. In 1827, in New York, Charles L. was born to Levi and Polly (Toby) Blakeslee, the father being a native of Litchfield, Connecticut, and the mother of New Bedford, Massachusetts, the former being born in 1778 and the latter in 1784. Levi Blakeslee was a giant in the commercial and manufacturing world, being one of the most prominent men of his time. He was heavily interested in mercantile pursuits in New Berlin and other places, owned woolen mills, paper mills, flour mills, distilleries and great quantitites of agricultural lands in different localities. In his time distilling was on a par with the manufacture of flour. During the panic of 1816 he issued scrip from his own mills and sent it to Albany, where it was set in circulation, being of the following denominations: Three, six and one-fourth,...

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Biography of William M. Stoker

WILLIAM M. STOKER. – Among the enterprising and industrious stockmen and agriculturists who have been successful in their endeavors in Union county we are constrained to mention the gentleman whose name initiates this paragraph, and who is to-day one of the leaders in his line in the county. A man of good executive ability, with qualities of determination and stability, he has met the forces of the business world and there demonstrated his capabilities in a winning manner that has given him the competence of the prosperous, as well as the favor and esteem of his fellows. In Jackson county, Ohio, on July 10, 1844, William M. was born to Michael and Martha (Carr) Stoker. While yet an infant his parents removed with him to Missouri, thence to Illinois, and from there to Iowa in 1846. In 1860 our subject went to Colorado and there engaged with the Clark Brothers, large freighters from Omaha to Denver, in the capacity of wagon master in an ox train, and he remained in this position for eight years. After the expiration of this time he was in the same capacity with Bostell & Metts, who operated in the same country. From here he returned to Iowa and fitted up a team and made the journey to Utah. For three years he lived on the Provo river, giving his attention to farming. He...

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Biography of Henry C. Susewind

HENRY C. SUSEWIND. – As proprietor of one of the most popular and up-to-date hostelries of our county, the Centennial hotel of Union, the esteemed subject of this sketch is not only well and favorably known in the county and the adjacent territories, but is familiar to the traveling public and a favorite as well wherever he is known, always displaying amiability and a genial spirit and broad views on public questions that is the leading spirit of the day, while in the manipulation of his business affairs he is equal to the best and exceeded by none in the care that he bestows upon his guests and in the management of his fine hotel, while also he handles other and large interests in the business world. Mr. Susewind was born in Monroe county, Illinois on January 13, 1865, being the son of William and Solphia (Hartman) Susewind. When but a child of two years he had the sad misfortune to lose both of his parents, and his days were then spent in the home of his uncle, Henry Susewind, until he was eighteen years of age. During these years he attended the public school and also for a time the Christian College at Waterloo, Illinois. Then he went to work for the government near Greenville, Mississippi, in the improvement of the river. In 1884 he entered the employ...

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Biography of Joseph Shoemaker

JOSEPH SHOEMAKER, Deceased. – To the substantial and industrious citizen whose name initiates this paragraph we are pleased to grant this review of his life’s career as a memoir to his faithfulness and integrity, while he was employed in the upbuilding and advancement of the interests of his chosen county. He was a man of good ability and possessed of a moral worth which made him one of the highly respected members of society. He was born in Wayne county, Ohio, on March 31, 1834, being the son of John and Susan Shoemaker. The father was a Dunkard preacher and lived on a farm, while our subject after being educated in the schools of his native place entered a blacksmith shop and there learned that leading trade. He followed this trade at his home, with one and one-half years in the state of Iowa, until 1870, and then came to Oregon, arriving here on June 20, 1870. He at once opened a shop in Cove, operating there for two or three years, and then bought three hundred and sixty acres of land two and one-half miles north of Cove, where his widow and son reside at the present time. For three years he stayed on the farm tilling the soil and then removed to Union and engaged in the shop again, when he returned to the farm in 1877...

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Biography of William Roth

WILLIAM ROTH. – Many of the most esteemed and thrifty citizens of our land have come from Germany, whence also came the subject of this sketch, and as is customary with that worthy race of people, Mr. Roth has ever displayed a talent for business and a vigor in prosecuting the same that have placed him among the heaviest property owners of the county, and as a leader in his line of industry, that of designer and builder, while also he has handled successfully a number of ventures in real estate and in the stock business that have resulted in handsome financial returns to their promoter. Mr. Roth was born in Baden, Germany on January 23, 1834, being the son of Anton and Marion (Busch) Roth, the father being a cooper. In his native land, William received his education and also learned much of the skill of handling tools, and when he had reached the age of eighteen, in company with three brothers, he immigrated to the United States, settling in Norwalk, Ohio, where he learned the carpenter and builder’s trade, remaining there for four years. Thence he went to Dubuque, Iowa, where he wrought at his trade until 1864, when his adventurous spirit was stirred to action by the reports of the rich fields of the west, and in that year he came across the plains with four...

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Biography of Samuel A. Pursel

SAMUEL A. PURSEL. – Union county’s list of business men comprises a wide awake and energetic class that has wrought well for the advancement of the county and among the number are some that have manifested extraordinary ability in financiering and in manipulating the resources of the county. One of this distinguished number is the gentleman, of whom we have the pleasure now to write, and his enterprise and industry have been well known for a third of a century in the walks of business life in this country, while his capabilities have been shown to be second to none in the enterprises that he has inaugurated and consummated. West Brownville, in the old Keystone state, is the place of his birth, which occurred in 1840. When ten years of age he was brought to Iowa, where his parents remained until the time of their death. When the call of patriotism sounded in his ear, he left the quiet walks of life and enlisted in Company K, of the Fourth Iowa, where he served with valor for about one year, then was honorably discharged and returned to the pursuits of industrial life. In 1872 he left the place of his youth and came to Union county, landing at Lagrande on the 1st of April. He at once saw an opening in the manufacture of lumber and was quick to...

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