Location: Union County IN

Biography of Robert G. Elliott

Robert G. Elliott was one of the founders of Kansas as a free territory and state. He was born in Union County, Indiana, July 23, 1828, of South Carolina parentage, and was graduated from the University of the Hoosier State in 1850. Among his classmates were the son and three nephews of Henry A. Wise, governor of Virginia. After teaching four years in Indiana and Tennessee, and becoming thoroughly educated and aroused in his absorption of the prevailing issues of the ante-war days, he became associated with Josiah Miller in the establishment of the Kansas Free State newspaper at Lawrence. They were college mates, brave and in perfect accord. The first number of the paper was issued January 5, 1855, but the plant was destroyed at the sacking of Lawrence on May 21st of the succeeding year. Soon afterward Mr. Elliott was appointed one of the delegates to the Philadelphia convention that established the precedent of admitting the territories to equal representation with the states. His trip East to attend the convention was also to buy a new printing press, but the closing of Missouri to northern travel prevented the re-establishment of the paper until the spring of 1857. Only two numbers of the paper were issued thereafter, its place of publication being Delaware, just below Leavenworth, then the county seat. Mr. Elliott took a leading part in the...

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Biography Of Joseph Gardner

The ancestors of Joseph Gardner were descended from Quaker stock which landed upon the shores of Nantucket Island in 1620. Later they lived in North Carolina and emigrated from there to the Territory of Indiana in the latter part of the eighteenth century. It was in Union County, Indiana, that Joseph Gardner was born in July, 1820. His parents, William Gardner and Mary Hollingsworth, were ardently opposed to slavery, hence adhered to the anti-slavery wing of the Quaker Church. Upon attaining his majority, Joseph Gardner aligned himself with the Abolitionists and finally died fighting for the freedom of the slaves. He secured a common school education and chose teaching as his profession. In 1841 he married Eliza Weaver, a native of Warren County, Ohio. To this union were born three children: Mary W., born January, 1842, married Lyman M. Sawyer in May, 1864. Theodore, born November 13, 1844, was married in March, 1872, to Wilhelmina Selig, a native of North Germany; and Eudorus E., born October, 1848, married Emma Smith in 1873. Eliza Weaver Gardner died in October, 1848, in Union County, Indiana. In August, 1849, Joseph Gardner married Sarah Maxwell, a native of Union County, Indiana. There were three children by this union: Enos M., born in May, 1850, and married Elizabeth Wallace July 4, 1871; Eva St. Clare, born in August, 1852, married Charles Lindell in December,...

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Biographical Sketch of Giles Davis

Giles Davis, deceased, late of Charleston; although not one of the early settlers, was yet a citizen and business man who enjoyed in so large a measure the confidence of his fellow-men and was held in such universal and high esteem by the entire community, that it is with pleasure that we give a brief sketch of his life; he was born in Union Co., Ind., Nov. 7, 1824; he was the son of Elisha and Elizabeth (Shafer) Davis, both of whom were natives of Ohio; his youth was spent in the usual manner of farmers’ sons. On the 18t of October, 1845, when not quite 21 years of age, he was married to Miss Louisa Jinks, a daughter of Samuel and Phoebe (Winchell) Jinks, of Franklin Co., Ind. In 1868, he removed with his family to Jasper Co., Ill., and engaged in farming; in 1871, he came to Coles Co., and, until 1873, kept a meat market in Charleston; he then located on a farm in Seven Hickory Tp., where he resided two years, at the end of which time he returned to Charleston and resumed business; in 1878, just previous to his death, he engaged in the grocery business, which is still continued by his son, Warren R. Davis. He died Oct. 19, 1878, leaving a wife and eleven children – Sarah E. (Mrs. E. B. Wooden,...

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