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Bowman, Henry – Obituary

Another of Umatilla Counties Early Settlers Called To The Great Beyond. There will be old settlers for time evermore; but the old settlers who were here at the dawn of civilization, who marked the pathway of progress, are one by one crossing the silent river, and soon none will remain. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Another has been claimed at Pendleton by the dark angel. Henry Bowman, widely known throughout Umatilla county and Eastern Oregon, died Sunday morning at 4:50 o’clock [November 30, 1892] at his home in this city. About two weeks ago he returned from the mountains, where he was engaged ten days in removing his sheep. Bad weather and exposure occasioned a severe cold, and immediately upon his return he was compelled to take to his bed. An old enemy, fever, developed, and this time proved a victor. The patient gradually grew worse, and Saturday night was very restless and uneasy. About 3 o’clock he became more calm, and from that time...

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Biography of Henry Bowman

HENRY BOWMAN. – Mr. Bowman, universally known as a public-spirited and prominent citizen of Pendleton, was one of the earliest settlers of Umatilla county. He was born in 1833, in Tyler county, Virginia. He spent his early years in the old dominion, and his youth in Pennsylvania and Iowa, and in 1860 came by the well-worn Oregon trail to our state. In the train of thirty-six wagons there were some two hundred persons, eighty-eight of whom were men; and their numbers secured them from attacks by Indians. The train was under command of Mr. E. de Lashmutt, uncle of the present mayor of Portland. Arriving at the Umatilla country, Mr. Bowman met men from the Willamette valley seeking stock ranges, and wisely concluded that there was no use in going farther west; and he at once selected a place on Birch creek, ten miles south of the present sight of Pendleton, and began stock-raising. Mr. Bowman’s ranch is one of the finest in Oregon, containing thirteen hundred and thirty acres of nearly level and altogether tillable land. There is at least fifteen miles of fencing on the farm. A large orchard of thrifty apple, pear and plum trees is just beyond the house. This is the wintering place for his stock, which consists of fine horses and sheep. The summer range is forty miles distant in the mountains, which...

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Biography of Col. William Williams Chapman

COL. W.W. CHAPMAN. – It has frequently been remarked, that while many men of great fame, and a deservedly wide reputation, cannot lay their finger upon a single public act that they originated, others whose names are less known can county by the score the progeny of their brains, now alive and active in the affairs of the world. Of the latter class is Colonel Chapman of Oregon. There are few men in America, even among those esteemed great, who have originated and carried to completion a greater number of particular acts of large scope and general beneficence. Many...

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Biography of Samuel Coulter

Samuel Coulter was born in Tyler county, Virginia, August 20, 1832, and is a son of Samuel and Sarah (Rodes) Coulter. His father’s parents were natives of Wales and at an early day settled in Virginia, while his maternal ancestors came from England. At the age of four years he lost his father and soon thereafter the family moved to Van Buren county, Iowa. When be reached the age of twelve his mother died, after which he went to live with his half brother, Capt. B. L. Henness, who now resides near Mt. Tabor, Oregon, who kindly offered him a home and such educational advantages as the place afforded. In 1850 he drove an ox team across the plains to Oregon, arriving at Oregon City on the 12th of September, 1850, his entire possession at the time outside of a scanty wardrobe being two dollars in money. But he was not discouraged and soon after his arrival he secured employment and in April, 1851, was able with six others to purchase a wagon and six yoke of oxen and complete outfit for the mines, it being reported at the time that good mines had been discovered near Yreka, California. The excitement caused by the discovery of gold in California was then most intense, and young Coulter determined to try his fortune in this direction. His mining venture was rewarded...

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Biography of Col. W.W. Chapman

Among men now living there are none around whom clusters so much of the history of Portland as the one whose name heads this memoir. He is the strongest link between the infant days and the stalwart manhood of our city. But the results of his labors in behalf of Portland, great and far-reaching as they have been in good, by no means complete the record of his long and useful life. Years before American civilization had gained a foot-hold in this portion of the Pacific Northwest, he had borne a leading part in laying the foundations of the State of Iowa, projecting and formulating measures which have since become established to the western limits of the continent. As one of the earlier pioneers of Oregon he found a new arena for his powers, and here for nearly a half a century he has exerted an influence upon political and business forces eminently beneficial, while his whole public career has been singularly free from personal or selfish motives. A hard fighter in everything, a man of direct methods and perfect integrity, he has maintained his opinions fearlessly, honestly and sincerely. No one can read the story of his public endeavors without feeling his heart warm toward this venerable man of over four score years, who upon many occasions in days gone by, when others were timorous or doubtful, dared...

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