Location: Tule River Reservation

Mariposan Indians

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Mariposan Family, Mariposan Tribes,┬áMariposan Stock, Yokuts Tribe, Yokuts Indians (adapted from Span. mariposa, ‘butterfly,’ the name of a county in California). The name applied by Powell to a linguistic stock of Indians, generally known as Yokuts, in San Joaquin valley, Cal. Their territory extended from the lower Sierra Nevada to the Coast range, and from mounts Pinos and Tehachapi to Fresno and Chowchilla Rivers. A separate body dwelt in the north, in a narrow strip of territory along the San Joaquin, between Tuolumne and Calaveras Rivers, about the site of Stockton. These were the Cholovone. The Coconoon, said to have been Mariposas, occupied an area within the limits of Moquelumnan territory. Physically the southern members of this family, from Kaweah and Tule Rivers and from Tejon, are very similar to the Yuman tribes of southern California. They are fairly tall (169 cm.) and rather short-headed (cephalic index 82 to 83). Their superficial appearance is rather similar to that of the tribes of central California. They are not infrequently fat 1Boas in Proc. A. A. A. S., xi, iv, 261-9,1896 . Their houses, especially those in the plains, were generally made of tules, and were often erected in rows, a village of the tribes about Tulare lake consisting of a row of such houses united into one....

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