Location: Trumbull County OH

Biography of J. O. Rudy

J. O. Rudy, real estate agent, Mattoon; was born near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky., May 1, 1827; his parents moved to Illinois, and settled near Paris, Edgar Co., in 1830; his early life was spent upon the farm, and his early experiences were those of a farmer’s son; his education was derived from the common schools; in 1850, he crossed the plains to California, where for two years he applied himself to mining; near the close of 1852, he returned, having as his reward for toil, hardships and privations, about $3,000 in gold; on his return, he engaged for one year in operating the old homestead; near the close of 1853, he engaged as a partner in the dry goods business, in the firm of Augustus & Rudy, at Paris; in the fall of 1858. The firm closed out business, and he moved to his land in Douglas Co., and opened up, and improved his farm; in 1862, he was appointed Post Trader to the Pawnee Nation, under the administration of President Lincoln; this position he held till the beginning of the administration of Andrew Johnson, returning in the fall of 1865; he next went to Trumbull Co., Ohio, and engaged in sinking wells, and in the manufacture of lubricating oil; this he followed one year; in the spring of 1867, he came to Mattoon, arid in company with...

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Biography of Truman Reeves

Truman Reeves, late proprietor of the oldest jewelry store in San Bernardino, and probably the only one-armed watchmaker in the world, established the business in that city in 1874. In 1857, when a youth of sixteen years, he commenced learning the watchmaker’s and jeweler’s trade with Julius King, in Warren, Ohio. He worked on his father’s farm in Orwell, Ashtabula County, where he had moved with his parents from Chardon, Ohio, his birthplace, until he went to the trade. Upon the inception of the war of the Rebellion, his ardent patriotism impelled him to respond to the first call by President Lincoln for volunteers for three months’ service, and at the expiration of his term of enlistment he re-entered the army for three years as a member of the Sixth Ohio Cavalry, in which he did valiant service, in recognition of which he rose by successive promotion to Second Lieutenant. At the battle of Cold Harbor, on May 28, 1864, his left arm was so badly shattered by a mini ball as to render amputation at the shoulder-joint necessary, and he spent seven months in the hospital. January 5, 1865, he was discharged from the service and returned home. In March of that year, and without any effort or knowledge on his part until the commission was handed him, Mr. Reeves was appointed Postmaster at Orwell, Ohio; and after...

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Roll Of Capt. Samuel Denison’s Company

(Probably from Trumbull and Mahoning Counties). Served from August 26, until November 16, 1812. Captain Samuel Denison Lieut. David Augustus Adams Ensign William Swan Sergt. Benjamin Armitage Sergt. Amos Gray Sergt. William Carlton Sergt. David Dunwoodie Sergt. Jesse Alderman Sergt. Nathaniel Cook Corp. James Walton Corp. Robert Stewart Corp. Matthew J. Scott Corp. David Raner Drummer, William Moon Fifer, Joseph McGill Privates Amiestein, Daniel Anderson, James Armitage, Ephraim Arrel, John Baggs, Joseph, Sr. Barsley, Josiah Beard, John Bell, William Boyd, Andrew Bredon, John Brothers, John Buchanan, William Carlton, Peter Carr, John Cowden, Ranels Cowden, William Crawford, William Crays, Alexander Dawson, Aaron Day, John Dickson, John Dinwiddie, John Dinwiddie, Thomas Eckman, James Ferguson, Samuel Fight, Jacob Fight, Jacob, Jr. Fowler, Thomas Gwahe, Robert Henry, Francis Hits, George Howard, William Kays, David Kimmel, Philip Leonard, John Liddle, John Linn, James Lyon, Isaac Mann, Samuel McClellan, David McConnal, David McConnal, John McConnal, Philip McDonald, James McGill, Robert McGill, William McKinney, Henry McKinney, William McKnit, William McMurray, John McMurray, William Miller, Conrad Moon, James Moore, John Moore, Sampson Nelson, John Noble, David Oswal, Jacob Poly, John Poyers, John Ripple, George Rose, John Rummel, Henry Stephenson, Elijah Stewart, David Storm, Michael Stout, Jonothan Swazer, Isaac Tully, John Walter, Robert Wilson, David Wilson, Edward Wilson, Thomas Yost,...

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Roll Of Capt. Joshua T. Cotton’s Company

(From Trumbull or Mahoning Counties.) Served from August 26, until November 8, 1812. Capt. Joshua T. Cotton Lieut. George Monteith Lieut. Edmond 0. Fanner Ensign Jacob Irwing Sergt. John Cotton Sergt. John Myer Sergt. George Wintermate Sergt. Abraham Wintermate Corp. John Carlton Corp. Boardman Robins Corp. John Russell Corp. George Ounsbury Fifer, Daniel Wick Privates Ague, Nathan Andres, Samuel A Blackman, Simion Boyd, Andrew Bradford, Joel Bradford, William Bradon, John Brockway, Romant Brunsteter, Henry Buchanan, Walter Calhoun, Samuel Carter, Joseph Cawer, Seneca Cowden, John Craft, Thomas Crum, Samuel Cummings, Joseph Cummings, Thomas Curtin, Zenas Demel, James Dillon, William Duc, Jacob Fankle, William Fisher, Isaac Foos, Henry Gilbert, George Goodspeed, Nathaniel Guy, Mathew Hamilton, William Harvey, Francis Hayes. John Henry, Peter Higgins, Silas Hover, Abraham Hull, Jacob Irwin, Thomas Johnson, Anson Kerr, Robert Leach, Abraham Leonard, Nicholas Long, Robert Luts, Daniel Lyon, Isaac Lyons, John Mann. Samuel Maxwell. Robert McClellan, David McCollom, John McConnal. Richard McCreery, William McEnery, Thomas McLaughlln. John McMahon, Susan Moor, John Moore, John, Sr. Moore, Sampson Morris, Archibald Munns, William North, Samuel Osborn, Conrad Osborn, Joseph Parkhurst. Isaac Parkhurst. John Peny, Levi Phillip, Kimmel Powers, Jacob Poyens. John Prudden, David Ramage, James Roll, Benjamin Saxton, John Shatts, Daniel Shields. William Simons. Abraham Smith, Daniel Smith. George Steward. Daniel Stoke. Jacob Storm. Michael Swager, Adam Thorn, Henry Veneman. Nicholas Walden. Jonothan White, Samuel White. John Whittersbey, Anthony...

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Roll Of Capt. David Hine’s Company

(From Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.) Served from August 23, until September 17, 1812. Capt. David Hine Lieut. Edmond P. Tanner Lieut. George Monteith Ensign, Thomas McCune Ensign, Nicholas McConnel Sergt. Julius Fanner Sergt. Silas Johnston Sergt. Daniel Fish Sergt. John Huston Corp. Christopher Razon Corp. Joseph Bruce Corp. Linus Tracy Corp. Whitney, Smith Fifer, Jacob Osborn Drummer, Zuah Cook Privates Ague, Nathan Anderson, Arthur Bartholomew, Asahel Boyd. Henry Brunstetter, Henry Calhoon, Samuel Camp, John Carter, Joseph Carver, Seneca Chul, Henry Condera, Ranels Crays, Alexander Crumb, Henry Cummins, Thomas Fisher, Isaac Ford, Isaac Godsped, Nathaniel Green, Samuel Guild, Jairus Harting, John Hayes,John Henry, Francis Hewey, Francis Hile, John Hiter, George Hoover, Abraham Houck, Henry Hull, Jacob Irwin, Thomas Jack, James Kerr, Robert Kimmel. Phillip Lach, Abraham Landow, Henry Leonard, George Leonard, Nicholas Leonard, William Manchester, Benjamin Marshall, William McClane, Robert, Jr. McCollon, John McConnal, John McConnaughy, James McCreary, Robert McCulley, John McDonald, James McKee, John McKinney, Henry McKinney, William McLaughlin, John McMullin, John Moore, James Munns, William Noble, David Osborn, Conrad Osborn, Joseph Packert, Garret Parker, Jacob Parker, John Parkhurst, Isaac Pollock, James Powers, Jacob Ripley, Harvey Roll, Benjamin Saxton, John Shook, Jacob Smith, George Steel, William Stephenson, Elijah Stewart, Daniel Storm, Michael Stump, Henry Taft, Aaron Taylor. Simons Tharp, James E. Thomas, William Turner, John Venamor, Nicholas White, John Young,...

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Roll Of Capt. Warren Bissel’s Company

(Probably from Trumbull and Mahoning Counties). Served from August 26, until November 30, 1813. Capt. Warren Bissel Lieut. Caleb Baldwin Lieut. Alexander Reany Ensign, Nicholas McConnel Ensign, Joseph Porter Sergt. George A. Stilson Sergt. Asa Baldwin Sergt. Simon Hall Sergt. John Dowlin Sergt. Parkis Woodruff Sergt. Philarmon Stilson Sergt. Andrew Stull Sergt. Isaac Blackman Corp. Abner Crossman Corp. William McCreary Corp. John Murphy Corp: Henry Fitch Drummer, Michael Pelts Private Arrels, John Beardsley, Josiah Beggs, Joseph Brothers, John Buchanan, John Buchanan, Walter Buchanan, William Burgess, Robert Chaircher, David Cowden, John Cowden, Reynolds Craft, Thomas Crawford, William Craze, Alexander Crooks, James Crossman, Abner Cunningham, James Dawson, Aaron Dennison, David Diers, Jacob Dix, John Dustman, Jacob Eckman, James Fankles, William Fight, Jacob Fish, Abner Fitch, Henry Foulk, Henry Fowler, John Franks, Jacob Gilbert, Henry Gilbert, Samuel Goucher, Robert Graham, Jesse Hamilton, Hugh Hamilton, William Hampton, John Hardinger, Jacob Hardy, John Hoyles John Jack, James Johnson, Abraham Kline, Phillip Landon, Henry Leonard, William Liddles, John Love, Samuel Love,William Malcom, Fall Manchester, Benjamin Marchant, Joseph MaxwelL Robert McCombs, David McCombs, Thomas McConnel, Phillip McConnel, Richard McCrary, Thomas McCreary, John McCreary, William McGill, Joseph McGill, Robert McGill, William McMillen, Charles McMullen, John Mears, Joseph Mokeman, George Murphy, John Noble, David Onansweat, John Peterman, Jacob Potters, Samuel Y Reed, William Rose, David Rose, John Rose, Robert Rummage, Thomas Sell, John Sharon, Hugh Shields, William Simons,...

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Biography of James J. Stanley

A pioneer of this country before Wallowa County had a separate political existence, entrusted frequently with the duties and responsibilities of public office by his fellows, a prominent figure in the county today, and one who has assisted materially in up building the same and in its substantial advancement, the subject of this sketch is deserving of especial mention, since also he is one of those brave and self-sacrificing men who left home and loved ones for the field of bloodshed and carnage of war, when the flag of freedom was attacked by the minions of treason, and there he continued to do intrepid and faithful service in deeds of valor until the last gun was fired and the last attack repulsed, never more to rise in the face of the onward movement of enlightenment and civilization and good government. James J. was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1840, being the son of James and Susannah (Miller) Stanley, navies respectively of Pennsylvania and Virginia, who settled in Ohio while it was under the domination of the savages and the father had Indian children as playmates when he was a child. His mother, the grandmother of our subject, carried her son to Ohio on horseback as early as 1802, and this worthy lady was one who had endured great hardships during the time of the Revolution, being reduced to...

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