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Location: Troup County GA

Captain Stewart, G. M. D. No. 655, Lagrange District

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Captain Stewart, G. M. D. No. 655, Lagrange District Adams, Absalom Adams, James M. Allums, Britton Amoss, James Barnes, William Bays, John R. Bays, Moses Bays, Nathaniel Boman, Isham Boman, Larkin Boman, Levi Boman, Robert Boman, William Brooks, Isaac R. Brooks, John Brooks, William Burson, Isaac C. Butler, Whitaker Cardwell, William Collum, James Crawley, Bird Crawley, Turner Culberson, David H. Culberson, James H. Culberson, Jeremiah C. Curry, James Daniel, James L. Daniel, William B. Day, Stephen Dennis, Peter Dickson, Thomas Dunn, Barney Ethredge, Bryant Ethridge, Zachariah Funderburk, Washington Furgison, Burrell Gibson, Churchill Gibson, William Glenn, James Gresham, Davis E. Grizzle, Kinchen Guyse, Joel Harbuck, Henry, Sr. Harbuck, Henry, Jr. Harbuck, William Hendon, Henry T. Hicks, Jacob Hicks, Littleberry Hicks, Nathaniel Holmes, Benjamin Holt, William Hopson, William Horton, Jeremiah Jackson, Thomas Jenkins, John Jenkins, Robert Jennings, Robert M. Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Mordecai Jones, Willie Keeth, James M. Kilgore, Robert Kilgore, William Kirkland, John Kolb, Jonathan Latimer, Samuel M. Layton, Thomas S. Lewis, Henry. Lipham, John McCullars, Andrew McPost, Lindsey Mays, James Mays, Robert Meadows, Simeon Meadows, Vincent Miller, John C. Mobley, William Moran, Jesse Moran, William J. Morgan, Wilson Norman, Jeremiah Pace, Noel Patterson, James Patterson, John, Jr. Patterson, Thomas Patterson, William Peppin, Noah Phipps, Thomas Poe, Gilbert Poe, Jonathan Poe, Solomon Post, John B. Post, Samuel...

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Captain McGehee, G. M. D. No. 673, Harrisonville District

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Captain McGehee, G. M. D. No. 673, Harrisonville District Allen, James A. Allen, John A. Allen, Matthew Arnold, John Bailey, Jeremiah Bailey, Joseph Bailey, William Baley, James W. Barnes, Micajah R. Beck, Jacob Bird, John Black, Joseph Brooks, Biving Brooks, Julius H. Brown, Robert W. Bruster, Sheriff Bryant, Ransom R. Butt, Frederick A. Cardin, Jesse Cardwell, James Cardwell, John Cawsey, Absalom Cawsey, William Chapman, Berry Clark, John Cobb, Samuel B. Coney, William Cook, Philip Cox, Thomas W. Dewberry, Giles Dewberry, John Duke, John M. Duke, Thomas Duncan, Nathaniel Edwards, Asa Evans, William G. Ford, Bartholomew Ford, Jesse Freel, Howell Fuller, David Furgerson, William Galding, Robert Germany, Augustus B. Germany, John P. Glenn, James, Esq. Goode, James S. Goode, Mackarness Gray, Thomas Greer, Henry Grice, Larry Hallsey, Benjamin L. Harrist, Archibald M. Harrist, Daniel Harrist, John Harrist, Thomas M. Hewston, James Hightower, Arnold Holderfield, John Holsey, Benjamin W. Holt, Thomas S. Horn, Joshua Howell, Philip Hutchins, Littleberry Jennings, Coleman Jennings, James R. Jennings, John Johnson, James F. Johnson, Sankey T. Johnston, Isham Johnston, James Johnston, Lindsey Johnston, Posey Johnston, Samuel A. Jones, Jefferson Justice, William Leath, William C. Lee, Athanatius Looser, John C. Loran, John Lyons, Robert Matthews, Frederick McGehee, William McKnight, William McLain, James Meacham, John Menefee, William Miller, Homer P. M. Mitcham, Hezekiah Mitcham, James...

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Biography of John P. Rounsevel

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now John P. Rounsevel, formerly a well-known wool buyer of Claremont, was born in Unity, N.H., January 2, 1815, son of Royal and Betsey (Sweat) Rounsevel. Rounseville, the original spelling of the name, was changed to the present form by Joseph Rounsevel about the year 1768. In 1749 Thomas Rounseville wrote from Ottery St. Mary to Philip Rounseville, of England, who afterward came to this country. He settled in Freetown, Mass., and was called by the townspeople King Philip. His son Joseph, who, born January 3, 1737, died in 1827, went to Washington, N.H., between 1768 and 1772, from Middleboro, Mass., having previously resided in East Freetown. Joseph was a good farmer, a well-read man, and a Justice of the Peace. He executed the legal business of the town, and represented Washington with other towns in the General Court. His children were: Alden, Charity, Phebe, John, Rosamond, and Royal. Alden married Hannah Wells. Charity married Manasseh Farnsworth in 1784. Phebe never married. John married Rebecca Chamberlain in 1768. Rosamond married Thomas Putnam in 1787. Royal’s children were: Joseph, Minerva, Elle I., Lyman, and John P. Of them Joseph, who was born in 1796, and died December 24, 1858, married Betsey Laughton, who had by him five children-Sarah, Harriet, Holmes, Lyman, and Marinda. Minerva, born in 1799, who...

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Troup County Georgia Genealogy

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The land for Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll counties was ceded by the Creek people in the 1825 Treaty of Indian Springs. Troup County was created June 9, 1825 and December 11, 1826 with 447 square miles acquired by Creek cessions of January 24, 1826 and March 31, 1826. It was named for George Michael Troup, 1780-1856. He was the governor of Georgia, 1823-1827. He was elected to the U.S. Senate. Later, he was nominated to be president of the United States. The court house...

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Troup County Georgia Government Officials

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Troup County Clerk of Superior Court 1827-1934 1827-34 N. Johnson 1835-42 Robert F. McGehee 1842-48 Moses Lee 1848-50 H. B. Williams 1850-62 William M. Latimer 1862-66 Inhn R Awtrev 1866-75 R. S. McFarlin 1875-81 John W. Sledge 1881-87 John Edward Toole 1887-96 E. T. Winn 1896-14 William L. Cleaveland 1914- G. Thomas Travlor Court of Ordinaries Roster 1852-1934 1852-56 Wiley H. Sims 1856-58 Thomas C. Evans 1858-64 Samuel Curtright 1864 James Turner 1864-68 Littleton Pitts 1868-72 Henry H. Cary 1873-77 Littleton Pitts 1877-88 William C. Yancey 1888-93 Robert M. Young 1893-01 John B. Strong 1901-25 Henry T. Woodyard 1925- J. Forest Johnson Judges of Superior Court 1826-1931 1826-32 Walter T. Colquitt 1833-40 Hiram Warner 1841-44 William Ezzard 1845-53 Edward Young Hill 1854-55 Obediah Warner 1855-61 Orville A. Bull 1864-65 Benjamin H. Bigham 1866-67 Hiram Warner 1868-69 John Collier 1869-71 John S. Bigby 1871-72 William F. Wright 1872-80 Hugh Buchanan 1881-82 Francis M. Longley 1882-03 Sampson W. Harris 1903-04 Thomas A. Atkinson 1904-16 Robert W. Freeman 1917-20 J. Render Terrell 1921-30 Charles E. Roop 1931– Lee B. Wyatt In the above roster the names of Edward Young Hill, Orville A. Bull, Benjamin H. Bigham, Francis M. Longley, Thomas A. Atkinson, and Lee B. Wyatt, indicated by italic type, were citizens of Troup. Inferior Court Judges 1827-1877 Amoss,...

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World War 1 Troup County Georgia Soldiers Who Died in Service

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The names listed below are those who died in service and were members of the army unless otherwise indicated. The names are not included in the Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors Roster. [donotemail] Surname Given Rank Town File # Date Race Akins Frank Private LaGrange 4562729 September 5, 1918 W Bailey William B. Private LaGrange 761411 October 17, 1918 W Bohannon Joel M. Corporal LaGrange 87640 October 16, 1918 W Bonner Loveface Private LaGrange 3583307 July 31, 1919 C Boykin Charles Emory Private LaGrange 1947564 September 27, 1918 C Brock Joe McKinley Private (marine) LaGrange 117094 June 8, 1918 W Cannon John H. Private LaGrange 57791 July 18, 1918 W Clemons Spurgeon Sergeant LaGrange 4133140 December 4, 1918 C Cole Simon Private LaGrange 232648 April 1, 1918 C Dunn Aubrey Private West Point 97494 September 17, 1918 W Dunn Lonzie Private West Point  January 1, 1918 C Evans Willie Private Hogansville  May 11, 1918 C Frasier Hoke Private LaGrange 1897211 October 12, 1918 W Hamer Ferrell L. Private LaGrange 1195935 July 18, 1918 W Hamlett Eria C. Private LaGrange 2902761 October 13, 1918 W Hancock Allen D. Sergeant LaGrange 1365301 November 23, 1918 W Heard Willie Private West Point 4754521 October 15, 1918 C Hill Otis Private Hogansville 3581576 April 11, 1919...

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Troup County Georgia World War 1 Commissioned Officers

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following list of Commissioned Officers was extracted from NARA records by Dennis N. Partridge. They represent officers who served in World War 1 and are not present in the Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors Roster. [donotemail] SurnameFirst NameRankCountyState AllenWinston S.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia AtkinsonJames L.2nd LiuetenantTroupGeorgia BakerArthur Marshall1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia BradfieldArthur D.2nd LiuetenantTroupGeorgia BradfieldLoyd1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ChandlerHomer E.Field ClerkTroupGeorgia ClarkNeal1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ClarkWallace H.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia CookEdmund F.2nd LiuetenantTroupGeorgia CrossleyGeorge H.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia DallisRender1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia DavisWilliam N.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia DeLamarJames Dean1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia EctorVirgil A.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia EmoryWalter1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ForresterRedmond V.2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia FrostRobert C.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia GravesJohn Lafayette1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia HadawayW. H.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia HallCharlie Y., Jr.Field ClerkTroupGeorgia HammettHoward Hilt1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia HowardWilliam Linton2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia JenkinsGeorge Pearce2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia JonesChilion Vickers2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia LehmannCasper Hunt1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia LemanDeManville AbrahamCaptainTroupGeorgia MorganDavid EmmettCaptainTroupGeorgia MottJohn R.Field ClerkTroupGeorgia NewtonHenry Edgar1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ParhamLonie C.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ParkEmory Robert1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia PhilpotEugene Allen1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia PottsJett MillerField ClerkTroupGeorgia ReynoldsJohn Andrew1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia RobbinsEtta D.NurseTroupGeorgia RobisonJohn Leon1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia RutlandSilas Clifford2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia SmithBlanchard D.2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia StanleyRoyden Keith2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia TraylorCharles Lamar2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia WebbWilton WendellCaptainTroupGeorgia WhatleyRobert J.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia WilsonRussell F.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia YoungJohn GuinnField ClerkTroupGeorgia...

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Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following information has been extracted from NARA records by Dennis N. Partridge, and provides a list of all known World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors as reported by their respective agencies. For additional names view the following: Troup County Georgia Commissioned Officers Troup County Georgia Soldiers Who Died in Service [donotemail] Last NameFirst NameRankFile #RaceService AbbottEmory C.Sergeant1356421WArmy AbellJohnPrivate2902852WArmy AbrahamWilliam H.Private726415WArmy AdamsCharles D.Private4745034WArmy AdamsCharles S.Sergeant794345WArmy AdamsWillie F., Jr.Private1346090WArmy AdamsJamesPrivate2648886CArmy AkersWashingtonCorporal1928823CArmy AlexanderJohnPrivate4574530CArmy AllenAlwyn L.Private4884386WArmy AllenBeverly P.Private1361853WArmy AllenFrankPrivate3497707WArmy AllenMarshall L.Private1343831WArmy AllenWilliam H.Private4432074WArmy AllenWinston B.Private793234WArmy AllenHenryCorporal1931817CArmy AllenJohn T.Private1924013CArmy AllenWillie F.Private2345943CArmy AllisonVirgilPrivate3991778CArmy AmmonsRobert M.Sergeant30863WArmy AmosU.J.Private1927983CArmy AndersonWillPrivate1360443WArmy AndersonJohnPrivate2650390CArmy AndrewsFrankPrivateWArmy AndrewsOliver M.Corporal2521288WArmy AndrewsRobertCorporal1897403WArmy AppblebyLeePrivate1923935CArmy ApplebyLeePrivate1931906CArmy ArmstrongThomas J.Private2376606WArmy ArnoldRobert D.Private2399364WArmy AskewJames E.Sergeant763665WArmy AskewFrank, Jr.Corporal1924001CArmy AtchersonJamesPrivate3581952CArmy AtkinsonWalter M.Private1114710WArmy AubreyMary T.Sergeant2588464WArmy AugustineAbrahamPrivate801616WArmy AutreyWillSergeant740931WArmy BaileyPaul B,Private612378WArmy BakerJames S.PrivateWArmy BakerMarvin A.Private793354WArmy BalengerDavePrivate748300WArmy BallardWilliam E.Private2656377WArmy BanksJohn M.Sergeant2652622WArmy BarkerNovatus L., Jr.Private2920241WArmy BarnesBentley O.Private2901193WArmy BarnesLenard L.Private2597167WArmy BarnesOlinPrivate5065231CArmy BarnesWillPrivate3494149CArmy BarrowJames H.Sergeant2652640WArmy BarshEliasPrivate3494393CArmy BartonTebe S.Private735912WArmy BassGrover C.Private1897901WArmy BassJimPrivate3581954CArmy BatchelorLewis M.Private5065225CArmy BatesCleavePrivate98463WArmy BatesHerbert A.Private3207968WArmy BatesJames A.Private4756744WArmy BatesMoses E.PrivateWArmy BatleBurkePrivate1927930CArmy BattleAndrewPrivate2343530CArmy BattleCasperPrivateCArmy BattleCharliePrivate230391CArmy BattleGarnettPrivate5065215CArmy BattleLawrencePrivate1923995CArmy BaughHenry G.Private2652664WArmy BaughWillie F.Private4484110CArmy BeanWilliam A.Private838767WArmy BeasleyAlbertPrivate5065218CArmy BeckHenry D.Corporal1344801WArmy BennettFrank G.PrivateWArmy BennettNathaniel H.Private4458865WArmy BennettReuben C.Private1342115WArmy BettieLouisPrivate2652651WArmy BigbyRobert C.Sergeant1897416WArmy BillingsleaJohn T.Private3993721CArmy BillingsleaLamonPrivate2655308CArmy BillingsleaLorieCorporal1927441CArmy BirdsongHoward J.Private2654626WArmy BirdsongLouisPrivate1363496WArmy BirdsongWaymondPrivate3611713CArmy BlackLouisPrivate2902340WArmy BlackJesse, Jr.Private3581956CArmy BlackWalterPrivate3991458CArmy BlackmanRoyPrivate3494270WArmy BlackmanWillPrivate3993981CArmy BlackmonEdgarPrivateWArmy BoddieGeorgePrivate3494261CArmy BoddieLewisPrivate1927989CArmy BoddieLonniePrivate2655432CArmy BohannonJohnson F.Private2903843WArmy BonnerWilliam H.PrivateWArmy BonnerLovefacePrivate358307CArmy BonnerVersePrivate3609609CArmy BookerVirgle E.Private2588469WArmy BoozerFred A.Private4573177WArmy BoozerJames H.Private2588468WArmy BordersCharles B.Private4159943WArmy BordersHomerPrivate2588468WArmy BostickJames M.Sergeant1193334WArmy BoswellEarl T.Private2648015WArmy BowenHenry I.Private2588470WArmy BowenJames M.PrivateWArmy...

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Native American History of Troup County, Georgia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Troup County is located in west central Georgia. It was named after George M. Troup, who was the 35th governor of Georgia, a member of the House of Representatives and a United States Senator. Troup and his first cousin, Creek Mekko (town leader) William McIntosh, played a critical role in the removal of Creeks Indians from western Georgia. Troup County is bounded on the northeast by Coweta County, GA. On the east, it adjoins Meriwether County, GA. On the south, it is bordered by Harris County, GA. The county’s western boundaries are formed by Chambers County, AL and Randolph County, AL. Heard County, GA forms its north-northwestern boundary. Geology and hydrology Troup County is located in the Lower Piedmont geological region, which is characterized by underlying rock strata of igneous and metamorphicized igneous rock. The terrain consists of rolling hills, stream valleys and some relatively level plateaus in the area around Newnan. Seasonal or permanent wetlands parallel many of its streams. These are relatively narrow bands of soggy terrain that provide ecological diversity for animal and plant life. The top soils are thin over most hills and steep slopes, while much deeper near streams. Short-sighted cultivation techniques in the 19th and early 20th century caused much of the best top soil to be eroded; thus exposing...

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Slave Narrative of Lewis Favor

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Interviewer: Edwin Driskell Person Interviewed: Lewis Favor Location: Atlanta, Georgia [TR: informant also referred to as Favors in this document.] Among Atlanta’s few remaining ex-slaves is one Lewis Favors. When he fully understood this worker’s reasons for approaching him he consented to tell what he had seen and experienced as a slave. Chewing slowly on a large wad of tobacco he began his account in the following manner: “I was born in Merriweather County in 1855 near the present location of Greenville, Georgia. Besides my mother there were eight of us children and I was elder than all of them with one exception. Our owner was Mrs. Favors, but she was known to everybody as the “Widow Favors.” My father was owned by a Mr. Darden who had a plantation in this same county. When the “Widow’s” husband died he left her about one-hundred acres of land and a large sum of money and so she was considered as being rich. She didn’t have many slaves of her own and so her son (also a plantation owner) used to send some of his slaves over occasionally to help cultivate her crops, which consisted of cotton, corn, and all kinds of vegetables.” In regard to her treatment of the slaves that she held Mr. Favors says: “She...

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Biographical Sketch of Robert Waller Deering

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Deering, Robert Waller; university dean; born, Hogansville, Ga., June 27, 1865; son of Rev. John R. and Fannie (Covin) Deering; A. M., Vanderbilt University, 1885; A. M., Ph. D., University of Leipsiz, 1889; married Jessie Winn, of Mt. Sterling, Ky., Sept. 9, 1891; adj. prof. Germanic languages, Vanderbilt, 1890-1892; prof. Germanic languages since 1892, dean, Grad. Faculty, since 1893,. Western Reserve University. Editor: The Little Gipsy (translated from Cervantes La Jitanilla), 1891; Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell, 1894; Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell, spl. edit., 1900; Goethe’s Egmont, 1903; also monographs and reviews on philol....

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Coweta Tribe

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The Coweta were the second great Muskogee tribe among the Lower Creeks, and they headed the war side as Kasihta headed the peace side. Their honorary title in the confederacy was Kawita ma’ma’yi, “tall Coweta.” Although as a definitely identified tribe they appear later in history and in the migration legends which have been preserved to us the Kasihta are given precedence, the Coweta were and still are commonly accounted the leaders of the Lower Creeks and often of the entire nation. By many early writers all of the Lower Creeks are called Coweta, and the Spaniards and French both speak of the Coweta chief as ”emperor” of the Creeks. An anonymous French writer of the eighteenth century draws the following picture of his power at the time of the Yamasee uprising: The nation of the Caoüita is governed by an emperor, who in 1714 [1715] caused to be killed all the English there were, not only in his nation, but also among the Abeca, Talapouches, Alibamons, and Cheraqui. Not content with that he went to commit depredations as far as the gates of Carolina. The English were excited and wanted to destroy them by making them drag pieces of ordinance loaded with grape-shot, by tying two ropes to the collar of the tube, on each one...

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Muskogee Indians

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Muskogee. Meaning unknown, but perhaps originally from Shawnee and having reference to swampy ground. To this tribe the name Creeks was ordinarily applied. Also called: Ani’-Gu’sa, by the Cherokee, meaning “Coosa people,” after an ancient and famous town on Coosa River. Ku-û’sha, by the Wyandot. Ochesee, by the Hitchiti. Sko’-ki han-ya, by the Biloxi. Muskogee Connections. The Muskogee language constitutes one division of the Muskhogean tongues proper, that which I call Northern. Muskogee Location. From the earliest times of which we have any record these people seem to have had towns all the way from the Atlantic coast of Georgia and the neighborhood of Savannah River to central Alabama. (See also Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.) Muskogee Villages It is difficult to separate major divisions of the Muskogee from towns and towns from villages, but there were certainly several distinct Muskogee tribes at a very early period. The following subdivisional classification is perhaps as good as any: Abihka (in St. Clair, Calhoun, and Talladega Counties): Abihka-in-the-west, a late branch of Abihka in the western part of the Creek Nation, Okla. Abihkutci, on Tallassee Hatchee Creek, Talladega County, on the right bank 5 miles from Coosa River. Kan-tcati, on or near Chocolocko, or Choccolocco, Creek and probably not far from the present “Conchardee.” Kayomalgi, possibly settled...

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Early Troup County, Georgia Land Records

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following records of early Troup County Georgia Land records was extracted from the History of Troup County, Atlanta, Ga.: Printed by Foote & Davies Co., 1935, pp 11-26. The lot numbers followed by an asterisk (*) are fractional lots of less acreage than those unmarked; those followed by a plus (+) are not wholly in Troup County; the county from which registrations were made is the third column; names followed by an asterisk (*) are revolutionary soldiers or their widows; those followed by a plus (+) are soldiers of Indian wars or their widows. LotNameCountyDistrict 220Adair, John B.MadisonTwelth 7Akins, WilliamPikeSixth 100Albritton, ElizabethWashingtonFifteenth 123Alexander, William+JasperFourteenth 245Allen, ClementGreeneFifth 36Allen, EdwardWarrenEleventh 51Allen, JamesWarrenTwelth 82+Allen, SamuelWashingtonTwelth 193Allinder, Edward C.ChathamFourth 128Allred, AaronGwinnettEleventh 140Almand, WilliamBurkeThird 158Almond, William M.ElbertSixth 152*Amos, Elijah M.CrawfordFifteenth 145Anderson, AmosTelfairFifteenth 240Anderson, AnnWaltonThird 131Anderson, MaryWilkesSixth 182Anderson, T. W.TwiggsFifth 200Andrews, childrenTaliaferroFifth 177Andrews, JosephLibertyFourth 247Anthony, RuthLibertyFifth 98Archer, DavidClarkeSixth 63Armor, Robert+WilkesFifth 71Arnold, SarahOglethorpeSixth 59Arthur, Mathew*HabershamFourth 8Asbey, DavidJonesTwelth 267Astin, William L.GreeneFifth 243Atwood, BerryGwinnettThird 14Austin, ViennaGwinnettSixth 194Aycock, BenjaminWilkinsonFourth 31Ayres, Francis*JacksonTwelth 31Bachlott, Mary F.CamdenEleventh 110Bacon, Henry W.LibertyFifteenth 150Baggett, AllenWaltonFourth 51*Bailey, Charles C.Fourth 52*Bailey, Charles C.Fourth 182Bailey, JacobNewtonFourth 36*Bailey, Samuel A.TroupSixteenth 40*Bailey, Samuel A.TroupSixteenth 41*Bailey, Samuel A.TroupSixteenth 191Bailie, Peter K.TelfairFourth 48Bake, John EllisBaldwinSixth 93Baker, BartlettPulaskiEleventh 67Baker, CharlotteHabershamSixth 57Baldwin, William+OglethorpeTwelth 142Ballard, David G.GwinnettFourteenth 39Ballard, Fred*EffinghamSixth 32Banker, EdwardPulaskiFifteenth 16Banyan, William O.JonesFifth 97Barger, JamesElbertFifth 299Barker, EldridgeJacksonFifth 231*Barker, WilliamTroupTwelth 92Barnett,...

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