Location: Thomasville Missouri

Biography of John H. De Priest

JOHN H. DE PRIEST was born in Thomasville, Oregon County, Missouri, October 5, 1844, but grew to manhood in this county and is one of its representative citizens. His father, Isaac C. De Priest, was a native of Smith County, Tennessee, but when a small child was taken to the Hoosier State, where he grew to manhood. From there he went to southern Illinois, and thence to south Missouri about 1839 or 1840. He located near Thomasville, probably in the woods on upper Eleven Points, and made his home there until 1856, when he moved to Birch Valley, a short distance from where the town of Birch Tree now stands. In 1863 he moved from there to Jefferson County, Illinois, but returned two years later and located again in the same neighborhood. There he died in 1878 when seventy-two years of age. For many years before the war he was assessor of Oregon County, and after the war he was appointed assessor of this county and held the position four years. He was also justice of the peace for some time. For the most part Mr. De Priest followed farming, but for a number of years before his death he sold goods on his farm. In politics he was a Democrat. He was married in south Illinois to Miss Elizabeth Buffington, a native of Blenerhasset Island, where Aaron Burr...

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Biography of Capt. James B. Old

CAPT. JAMES B. OLD, a prominent citizen of Oregon County, Missouri, was born May 22, 1835, and is the son of Thomas E. and Mary E. (Posey) Old, who were born in Halifax County, Virginia, and lived in various places. They were married in Virginia and afterward moved to Weakley County, Tennessee, and January 1, 1841, landed in Oregon County, Missouri, coming through with teams, and located where Thomasville now is. They both died in 1872 at the age of seventy-two years. Mr. Old was a farmer, but practiced medicine for many years. He was educated at a prominent old Virginia institution, and was judge of Oregon County Court some years. He was a member of the Southern Methodist Church, and a Democrat in politics. His father, James Old, removed from Virginia to Tennessee, where he died. Dr. Old was quite successful financially, but lost heavily during the war, but recovered before his death. Capt. James B. Old, the subject of this article, was reared in Missouri and educated principally at Bethel Academy in Jasper County. He served in the Confederate Army from March, 1862, till July, 1863, as sergeant of Company D, Fourth Missouri Infantry. He then came home and organized a company which he commanded until his surrender at Jacksonport, Arkansas, at the close of the war. He was all through the Price raid. He was never...

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