Location: Tescott Kansas

Biography of Samuel S. Gross, M. D.

Samuel S. Gross, M. D. With an experience as a physician and surgeon covering over twenty years, and with increasing eapabilities for exact and thorough service, Doctor Gross had been located for the past ten years at Denton, Kansas, where he controls a large practice and had also identified himself with the business interests of the locality. His paternal ancestors several generations back came out of Germany and were early settlers in the State of Tennessee. Doctor Gross’ grandfather was a native of Tennessee and went as a pioneer to that pietureeque district of Northwest Missouri now known as Excelsior Springs in Clay County. There he prcempted a tract of land, and continued to farm it until his death. Doctor Gross himself is a native of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, where he was born October 2, 1874. His father, A. W. Gross, who was born at the present site of Excelsior Springs in 1850, had long been prominent in that city both in business affairs and in public life. He had extensive interests as a farmer and- stock raiser, and is also engaged in the banking business at Lawson, Missouri. For one term he represented Clay County in the State Legislature, having been elected as a democrat, and had served as county judge and for eight years was presiding judge of the Clay County Court. He is a deacon in...

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Biography of W. A. Scidmore

W. A. Scidmore. The center of the financial interests of the Town of Tescott is the Bank of Tescott, an institution that had been holding up the financial credit and stability of the community for many years. It was founded by Mr. F. F. Scidmore in 1887. At the present time the bank had a capital stock of $50,000, surplus and profits of $10,000, and its deposits average $160,000. The two story brick structure on Main Street which was built and owned by the bank in 1911, is the most conspicuous business building in the town. The present officers are: F. F. Scidmore, president; H. H. Heath, vice president; W. A. Scidmore, cashier; and F. E. Scidmore, assistant cashier. F. F. Scidmore, the president, was born at Grass Lake, Jackson County, Michigan, April 2, 1856, a son of Abram Scidmore. Abram Scidmore was a pioneer farmer in Jackson County, Michigan, where he died. F. F. Scidmore grew up and married in his native county and in early life had experiences as a worker in stores and for a time was postmaster at Grass Lake, Michigan. In 1887 he came to Kansas and was identified with the beginning of the Town of Tescott, where not long afterward he established the bank and served it long and faithfully as cashier. He was elected president in 1914. F. F. Scidmore also owned...

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Biography of John W. Simpson

John W. Simpson. The people of the Town of Tescott in Ottawa County recognize in John W. Simpson the man who more than any other individual had been identified with the growth and upbuilding of the community, and they have confirmed their choice of him as a natural leader by keeping him in the office of mayor continually for twelve successive terms, so that he is at once the first and last and only mayor the village had ever had. Mr. Simpson was born in Owen County, Indiana, March 26, 1854, and is of old Virginia colonial stock. His father, John Simpson, was born in Virginia in 1817. In 1821 his father died and in 1829 his mother passed away, so that at the age of twelve years he was left an orphan. He soon went to Ohio, where he followed farming and where he married, and in 1847 he migrated to Owen County, Indiana, and as a pioneer he pre-empted a tract of land and paid $1.25 an acre. He cut down the timber, built a log cabin and went through all the trials and vicissitudes of an early settler. He was a man of substantial prominence in the community for many years and died there in 1897. In politics he was a republican. John Simpson married Rhoda Barnes, who was born at Zanesville, Ohio, in 1819, and...

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