Location: Tazewell County IL

The Conner Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

There are few citizens of American blood, native born in Randolph County, who date their birth back as far as does Mr. W. S. Conner, a resident of the southern part of Township five — eight. He was born within a quarter of a mile of his present residence, in the year of 1815. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH...

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Early Exploration and Native Americans

De Soto and his band gave to the Choctaws at Moma Binah and the Chickasaws at Chikasahha their first lesson in the white man’s modus operandi to civilize and Christianize North American Indians; so has the same lesson been continued to be given to that unfortunate people by his white successors from that day to this, all over this continent, but which to them, was as the tones of an alarm-bell at midnight. And one hundred and twenty-three years have passed since our forefathers declared all men of every nationality to be free and equal on the soil of the North American continent then under their jurisdiction, except the Africans whom they held in slavery, and the Native Americans against whom they decreed absolute extermination because they could not also enslave them; to prove which, they at once began to hold out flattering-inducements to the so-called oppressed people of all climes under the sun, to come to free America and assist them to oppress and kill off the Native Americans and in partnership take their lands and country, as this was more in accordance with their lust of wealth and speedy self-aggrandizement than the imagined slow process of educating, civilizing and Christianizing them, a work too con descending, too humiliating; and to demonstrate that it has been a grand and glorious success, we now point with vaunting pride and haughty...

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Biography of Francis Xavier Paquet

FRANCIS X. PAQUET. – Francis Xavier Paquet, son of Joseph Paquet and Marie Madaline Godant, was born in the parish of Saint John, about thirty miles west of Quebec, at the junction of the Jacquarka river with the St. Lawrence. Joseph Paquet was a stonemason by trade, but lived on a farm and took jobs of stonework. He was the father of eighteen children, nine boys and nine girls. F.X. Paquet, the sixteenth child in order, was born on the fifteenth day of January, 1811. He learned the trade of shipbuilding at Quebec, being apprenticed to Peter Labbe when not quite fourteen years of age. When seventeen years of age, he emigrated to the Untied States, engaging himself to the American Fur Company, to go to Mackinaw and construct a schooner for said company. After the schooner was completed he took charge of her and engaged in boating wood from Linwood Island and Round Island, and also made a trip to Chicago to get oak timber for staves and for building small boats called Mackinaw boats. This schooner was named Eliza Stewart, after the wife of Robert Stewart, who was the head man of the American Fur Company at Mackinaw at that time. That was in 1828. Old man Beaubien was then head man at what was afterwards Chicago, and which then consisted of three or four small log...

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Biographical Sketch of Daniel White

Daniel White, son of Samuel White, was born near the city of Richmond, in Madison County, Kentucky, February 26, 1831. He remained in his birthplace until he was about twenty-one years of age, during which time he was engaged in farming and working for his father. After becoming of age he was engaged in farming for two years, and then worked in a mill three years. August 9, 1862, he was enrolled in Company F, Seventh Kentucky Cavalry, and was in the service during the war, being in several battles and skirmishes. After the war Mr. White moved to Tazewell County, Illinois, where for seven years he was engaged in farming. He then moved to Piatt County, Illinois, where he was farming for six years. In 1816 he moved to Caldwell County, Missouri, where he farmed two years. In 1880 he came to Daviess County, Missouri, where he purchased a farm and has since been living. In 1857, Mr. White was married to Miss Mary S. Cruise. They have six children: William S., Martin V., Mary T., James A., Eliza and...

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Biography of Charles F. Little, M.D.

Charles F. Little, M. D., is one of the oldest living members of the medical profession in Kansas. It was fully half a century ago that he came to Manhattan, and until his recent retirement was almost continuously identifled with his professional duties in Riley County. Doctor Little is one of the men who gained their training and attended their first cases prior to the Civil war. In the war he served as an assistant surgeon. A great fund of practical business ability has been a prominent characteristie of Doctor Little and for years he has been one of the influential business men of Manhattan. His individual record of honorable service adds to the lustre of the family name. His ancestry goes back to New England. He is a descendant of George Little, who came from London, England, to America in 1640 and settled around Massachusetts Bay at Newbury. The line of descent from father to son in subsequent generations is as follows: George Little, the progenitor of the family in America; Moses; Tristam; Henry; Henry h; Abner Bailey; Caleb J. T.; and Dr. Charles F. Little. Doctor Little represents the eighth successive generation of the family in America. Charles F. Little was born at Milford, New Hampshire, January 27, 1836, a son of Caleb J. T. and Eliza. Ann (Brooks) Little. Caleb J. T. Little was born at...

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Biography of Fred Warren Bailey, M. D.

Dr. Fred Warren Bailey, a St. Louis surgeon, was born in Minier, Tazewell county, Illinois, September 30, 1876. His father was Dr. G. O. Bailey, also a native of that state and of Scotch descent, their family having been founded in America in early colonial days. The family was represented in the Revolutionary war and has sent its representatives to each of the succeeding wars of the country, including the Indian war. Dr. G. O. Bailey was a graduate of McKendree College at Lebanon, Illinois, where he won his Bachelor of Science degree and later he pursued a course of study in Rush Medical College of Chicago, which in 1865 conferred upon him the M. D. degree. He then continued to devote his attention to his profession until his death, which occurred in Los Angeles, California, in 1916, when he was seventy three years of age. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Helen Gertrude Arnold, was a native of New York and belonged to one of the old families of that state of Scotch and English descent. She can trace her ancestry directly back to Oliver Cromwell and also to Sir Walter Scott. She is now a resident of Los Angeles, California. Dr. Fred Warren Bailey was the fifth child in a family of four sons and five daughters. He obtained a public school education in Tazewell...

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Biography of William L. Sturdyvin

William L. Sturdyvin. A resident for more than forty-five years in Champaign County has made William L. Sturdyvin one of his community’s best known citizens, and the honorable and industrious life he has led has given him a substantial place among his people. The years have dealt kindly with him and with his efforts, and he and his good wife now reside in a comfortable and hospitable home in Rantoul. Theirs is one of the fine residences facing the park in Rantoul, and stands on a street corner about two blocks from the interurban station. Mr. Sturdyvin is a native of Illinois and was born in Tazewell County, twenty-two miles south of Peoria. He is a son of Obadiah and Cynthia (Musick) Sturdyvin. His parents were born in Ohio and in pioneer times migrated to Illinois, locating south of what was then an Indian trading post consisting of a single log cabin on the site of the present vigorous City of Peoria. In the Sturdyvin family there were the following children besides William L.: Grant, Abraham and James, deceased; Steven, Allen and Robert; and two deceased daughters. The children were able to attend school in their pioneer district of Illinois only about three months a year. The Sturdyvins lived forty-five miles from Springfield, and in the early days there were only two houses on the entire road. Besides farming...

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Biography of Robert Allen Sturgeon

Robert Allen Sturgeon. For more than a quarter of a century Robert Allen Sturgeon has been a resident of Champaign County, and during this time it has been his fortune to have built up a prosperous business, to have established an extremely creditable record as a public official and to have made a lasting place for himself in the confidence of. the community through honorable conduct of the activities of life. In the difficult field of realty operation Mr. Sturgeon has achieved standing and reputation, and in the office of justice of the peace has proven a conscientious and efficient official. Robert A. Sturgeon was born in Tazewell County, Illinois, October 29, 1861, being the third in a family of five sons born to Samuel and Margaret J. (Wilson) Sturgeon, all of these children surviving. His brothers are: William S., who is engaged in business at Chicago, Illinois, is married; Samuel W., who is married and engaged in agricultural operations in the vicinity of El Paso, Woodford County, Illinois; James F., who is married and a resident of El Paso, where he is cashier of the Woodford County National Bank, a graduate of Knox College, and admitted to practice in the courts of Illinois; and Charles B., a resident of Peoria, Illinois, where he is identified with the United States Mail service. Samuel Sturgeon was born near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,...

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Biography of John P. Slaughter

John P. Slaughter. One of the largest and best known financial houses in Kansas is the Farm Mortgage Company, which to a large degree represents the personality and the financial judgment of John P. Slaughter, who is its president. The Farm Mortgage Company, which deals almost entirely in farm mortgages, is an institution occupying a large building of its own at Topeka, and its business also extends to Oklahoma and elsewhere, there being a branch office at Hobart, Oklahoma. The company is capitalized at $100,000 and its chief officers are: J. P. Slaughter, president; W. A. Smith, vice president and treasurer; H. L. Winter, vice president; Russell E. Frost, secretary; and Ray W. Palmatier, cashier. The experience of John P. Slaughter in the farm mortgage business began almost coincidentally with his coming to Kansas. He arrived in Kansas with other members of the family in 1881, when he was sixteen. In the meantime he had attended the public schools and finished his education in Baker University. At the age of sixteen he became a clerk in the office of his uncle, Col. J. B. Cook, at Chetopa, who was then engaged in handling farm mortgages. With that financier he had a working experience of eight years, and was then qualified for a broader participation in banking and business affairs. While continuing his education in Baker University he served as...

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Biography of Mahlon F. Stout

Mahlon F. Stout. Many of the finest citizens of Kansas were never heard of outside of their home state. Their names in fact have not been generally known outside of their home communities and counties. They led quiet, unostentatious lives. They did the duties which lay nearest them, they were honest, straightforward, beloved and idolized in their home, upheld all the moral virtues and practically everything which their lives touched was benefited thereby. Such a citizen was the late Mahlon F. Stout of Williamsport Township in Shawnee County. He did not live to a great age, but he filled his brief life with a multitude of kindly and benignant activities. He was born in Clinton County. Ohio, June 30, 1850, one of fourteen children. Of the thirteen that grew to maturity only three are now living. Their parents were Seneca and Rachel (Clevenger) Stout. Seneca Stout was an Ohio farmer, a Methodist and a republican. In 1857 the family removed to Illinois, first locating in Logan County and afterwards in Tazewell County, where both parents died. The youthful years of Mahlon F. Stout were largely spent in Tazewell County, Illinois. His home was a farm and his environment the wholesome country district. A distrlct school gave him an education, but he was able to attend it only during the winter months. Two of his older brothers entered the Union...

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Biographical Sketch of E. R. Hoag

E. R. Hoag, farmer and stock-dealer, P. O. Ionia, was born in Peoria County, Ill., December 26, 1844. Came to Jackson County, Kan., and to Jewell County in the fall of 1871, where he took a homestead eleven miles southwest of Mankato, and is now the owner of 320 acres of land, and feeds 200 head of cattle. In July 1861, he enlisted in the United States army, in Company A, Illinois Second Light Artillery. Discharged October 4, 1864. Was married April 22, 1869, in Tazewell County, Ill., to Miss Catherine Anderson. They have four children – Winter, Emita, Mary and Clay...

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Biography of Jeptha D. Vawter

Jeptha D. Vawter. In the task of giving credit to the men who made Kansas, it would be difficult to single out one who was more deserving of a place among those makers and builders than the late Jeptha D. Vawter of Shawnee County. He had much to do with the early history of that county, and what he accomplished, the ideals he lived for, and the influences that emanated from his life, are still vital and quickening. His was a long as well as a useful life. He was born in Todd County, Kentucky, July 18, 1809. By character and early training he was moulded after the manner of the pioneers, being courageous, industrious and optimistic. About 1847 he moved to Tazewell County, Illinois, and from there in the spring of 1868 came to Kansas, establishing a home on the southwest quarter of section 33, which is in the southwest corner of Williamsport Township of Shawnee County. It was in that immediate locality that the rest of his years were spent. Mr. Vawter became an extensive dealer in cattle, and in that capacity his name was not known alone in Shawnee County, but in other counties and in other states. He prospered as a result of good judgment and foresight, and at one time owned many hundreds of acres of Kansas’ best land. He was twice married. His...

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Biography of Luther E. Tomm

Luther E. Tomm, conducting a real estate agency in Muskogee, was born in Delavan, Illinois, April 7, 1883, and is a son of Henry A. and Mary (Crabb) Tomm, the former a grain merchant of Illinois. The son obtained his early education in the public schools of Pekin, Illinois, passing through consecutive grades to a sophomore in high school, after which he attended the Lake Forest Academy at Lake Forest, Illinois, and was there graduated with the class of 1902. He afterward spent two years as a student in the University of Minnesota and thus liberal educational privileges well qualified him for life’s practical and responsible duties. In March, 1905, he came to Muskogee and entered the real estate field, since which time he has been engaged in buying and selling property. In March, 1908, he became one of the organizers of the firm of Culbertson & Tomm and under this style has since carried on business, handling farm properties and city realty and also city loans. The firm has built up an extensive business, having now a very large clientele, and they have negotiated many of the most important property transfers that have occurred in Muskogee. Moreover, they are owners of the Railway Exchange building, an eight-story structure which is the largest business block in the city. They are also agents for the Flynn-Ames building and many others....

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Biographical Sketch of L. F. Morse, M. D.

L. F. Morse, M. D., physician and surgeon, Mattoon; was born in Canterbury, N.Y. Feb. 5, 1839; his father was a farmer, and his early life was that of a farmer’s son; at the age of 14, he went to live with an uncle; in the winter of 1860, he began the study of medicine, under the supervision of Dr. L. T. Weeks, of Canterbury; after an extended course of reading, he attended a course of lectures in the Burlington Medical College, at Burlington, Vt.; in June, 1862, he was engaged in the Government hospital at Washington, as Contract Surgeon; here he remained one year; in 1863, he attended a course of lectures in Dartmouth Medical College from which he graduated in November, 1863; he then entered the U. S. Navy, as Assistant Surgeon, and was stationed on the west coast Of Florida; Dec. 7, 1865, he was discharged from the U. S. service; he next attended a course of lectures in the Homeopathic College of New York, from which he graduated in March, 1866; he first located in Biddeford, Me., and entered upon the practice of his profession; in September, 1867, he came West to see, and located in Pekin, Tazewell Co.; in May, 1868, he came to Mattoon, his present residence. He was married April 14, 1869, to Harriet F. Chamberlain, a native of Indiana; has three...

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Biography of Henry B. Lautz

Henry B. Lautz has hardly attained that period in life when he might be described as a middle aged man. Nevertheless he is a veteran in railroad circles, and beginning as a boy of fourteen in the capacity of messenger he had been steadily with the Santa Fe Railway Company, enjoying successive promotions based on merit and efficiency until he is now superintendent of the Middle Division of the Santa Fe lines at Newton. Mr. Lautz was born in Pekin, Illinois, August 2, 1876. His grandfather, Wendell Lautz, was born in Germany in 1801 and became a German machinist. Coming to America more than half a century ago, he located at Pekin, Illinois, and lived there until his death in 1893. The father of Henry B. Lautz was George Lautz, who was born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1846 and came to America with his parents when a small boy. He was reared and married at Pekin, Illinois, and became a contractor and builder. For a short time he lived in Kansas, but retired and went to California, where he died in 1912. He was a republican in politics. The maiden name of his wife was Barbara Bitzel. She was born near Heidelberg, Germany, in 1846, and is now living with her only son and child at Newton. Henry B. Lautz was brought to Topeka, Kansas, in 1880 by his...

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