Location: South Deerfield Massachusetts

David Todd of Charlemont MA

David Todd6, (Titus5, Titus4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born March 17, 1807, died in 1880, married Dec. 1, 1831, Clarissa Bradford of Williamsburg, Mass., who was born Sept. 15, 1808, died in 1884. She was in the sixth generation in direct line from Governor Bradford of the Mayflower and Plymouth Colony. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now He was a Methodist Clergyman and as to his pastorates, his son, Stephen Olin Todd says: “soon after he began preaching he was located at Winchendon, Mass.; thence to Haddam or Haddam Neck, Conn., about 1834, he went next to Hebron, Conn., in 1836, later he was at Londenderry and Wilmington, Vt., about 1848 to 1852; thence to Amherst, Mass., 1853; Feeding Hills, Mass., 1854; and South Deerfield, Mass., 1855.” Retiring he bought a place at South Deerfield where he lived until 1863; thence he moved to Charlemont, Mass., where he lived until his death in 1880. His widow sold their place in Charlemont in 1883, and went to live...

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Asa Todd of South Deerfield MA

Asa Todd6, (Titus5, Titus4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born April 16, 1810, died July 6, 1871, at South Deerfield, Mass., married June 22, 1835, Emeline White, who was born July 22, 1816, died in 1906. Asa Todd’s father, Titus Todd, moved from North Haven, Conn., to Charlemont, Mass., about 1804, as can be verified by consulting deeds recorded in the Court House in Greenfield, Mass. Children: 932. David Emery, b. Nov. 29, 1836, d. June 15, 1862, in a Confederate Prison located at Newbern, N. C. *933. Asa Emerson, b. Feb. 25, 1839. 934. William Henry, b. May 23, 1841, d. July 16, 1864, while confined at the infamous Libby Prison where so many Union Soldiers were confined and died of starvation and pestilence. *935. Frances Emeline, b. April 18, 1843. 936. Oscar Gould, b. Jan. 27, 1854, d. July 26, 1865. 937. Mary Marilla, b. March 7, 1858, d. Dec. 5,...

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Asa Emerson Todd of Springfield MA

Asa Emerson Todd7, (Asa6, Titus5, Titus4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Feb. 25, 1839, died Nov. 2, 1898, in Springfield, Mass., married, Dec. 31, 1868, Anna Elizabeth Eaton, of South Deerfield, Mass., who was born March 4, 1839. He lived in South Deerfield, Mass., prior to 1860, and enlisted from there in the 10th Massachusetts Infantry, serving through the last three and a half years of the civil war. From 1872, till his death he lived in Springfield, Mass., where., his widow still lived in 1920. Children: *1658. Robert Emerson, b. July 22, 1871. *1659. James Lewis, b. Aug. 18,...

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Biography of Robert James Decker

ROBERT JAMES DECKER – When we think of tobacco in its various forms, as cigars, cigarettes or “the pipe that sootheth,” we are apt to think of the Orient, of far and distant lands like Egypt, Greece, Bosnia, or on our Western Hemisphere of Havana, Porto Rico, or of our own product of Virginia, famous the world over. That there is a considerable amount of the fragrant weed grown in our Northern States and distributed by a large industry is a fact known not so widely as it deserves. Among the packers and growers of tobacco in Massachusetts, an important place, both as to bulk of trade and quality of product, is taken by John C. Decker, a native of Hatfield, Massachusetts. John C. Decker, son of Gottlieb Decker, was born in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, May 3, 1855. He received his preliminary education in the public schools of Hatfield and Deerfield, Massachusetts. Until seventeen years of age he worked on his father’s farm and later, as is the custom in his locality, accepted work on other farms by the month. Later he became interested in tobacco raising and when he thought himself justified to translate his knowledge into practice he bought a farm, in 1887, in the village of South Deerfield, where he has raised tobacco ever since. From the year 1880 he has been a packer and grower...

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Biography of Clarence Harland Fisher

CLARENCE HARLAND FISHER – One of the Fisher families of Western Massachusetts are originally of Nova Scotian derivation and can be traced back to David Fisher who came from England, settled in Nova Scotia, and had a son John Parr, of whom further. (II) John Parr Fisher, son of David Fisher, appears to have been the first white child born in Stodick, Nova Scotia. His wife’s name was Agnes and they had ten children: George, of whom further; Betsy, Robert, Martha, Nancy, Samuel, John C., William, Thomas, Hannah. (III) George Fisher, son of John Parr Fisher, born in Nova Scotia, married May Ann Jenkins, who was born on board a ship. They had five children: Robert, of whom further; Belle, Lizzie, Jessie, and Louis. (IV) Robert Fisher, son of George Fisher, was a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he was born January 6, 1846, and died in Greenfield, October 13, 1918. He was a chairmaker by trade, working for one company in Gardner for thirty years and for another concern for five years. Later he was connected in business with his son George in Greenfield and in South Deerfield. He was a member of the Grange, and at one time also held membership in the Ancient Order of United Workmen. He was the husband of Lizzie E. Baker, a native of Baldwinsville, died February 8, 1923, who was...

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Biography of Joseph Rosenblum

JOSEPH ROSENBLUM is one of the most extensive onion operators in the United States, a man who has established the onion market, who has brought order to certain commercial conditions, and who has brought success not only to himself but to the scores of producers who are most vitally concerned. He is a power to be reckoned with in American commercial and financial circles, and has achieved this high position solely through his own ability, probity and perseverance. The State of Massachusetts, looking to her men of agricultural industries for the most favorable reports that she is accustomed to pass along to the countrys’ agricultural chiefs in the compilation of their statistics for the elucidation of the interested farming world in general, asks nothing better than to know of the individual effort and progress of such a specialist as Joseph Rosenblum, onion-raising, storing and shipping operator at South Deerfield. It is not an old story, that of Mr. Rosenblum’s successful oniongrowing venture in the Connecticut Valley, only a few years over a decade as to its duration, but it is a story of a forthright and practical business man who has made the most and the best of his careful investigations of a Massachusetts opportunity, and at a point where the culture of onions is most favored by natural advantages and circumstances. Starting out in the courage of his...

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Biography of James Campbell

JAMES CAMPBELL, well known among the business men of Western Massachusetts, is a resident of South Deerfield, treasurer and manager of the Connecticut Valley Onion Company. (I) John Campbell, grandfather of Mr. Campbell, was born in Invernesshire, Scotland. He was a tailor by trade, but in early life entered the army, where he remained for twenty-one years, serving at one time as a member of the King’s Guards. He was with Wellington in the battle of Waterloo (1815), and after the expiration of his term of military service was given a grant of land in Nova Scotia as partial compensation. In 1818 he came to Nova Scotia and settled in Glenco, Picto County, where he lived to the time of his death, which occurred in 1865, when he was seventy-five years of age. During the period of his residence in Nova Scotia he was engaged in agricultural pursuits. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, which he served as elder. John Campbell married twice. By his first wife he had seven children: Peter Elizabeth Katherine James William Grace Mary He married (second) Elizabeth McDonald, and to this marriage were born: Donald ┬áJohn McRae, of whom further Archibald Jessie Margaret Mary All of these children, except Peter, were born in Nova Scotia. (II) John McRae Campbell, son of John and Elizabeth (McDonald) Campbell, was born in Glenco, Picto County,...

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Biography of Edward Newton Frary

EDWARD NEWTON FRARY – One of the pioneers of New England, John Frary came from England and settled in Dedham, Massachusetts, and was one of the founders of the church there. He subsequently moved to Medford and died at an advanced age on June 14, 1685. His wife’s name was Prudence. Their children: Theophilus, Samson, Mary, John, Eleazer, of whom further; Isaac, and Samuel. (II) Eleazer Frary, son of John and Prudence Frary, was born in 1640, settled in Hatfield, Massachusetts, died December 19, 1709. He married, on January 25, 1666, Mary Graves, daughter. of Isaac Graves. They had seven children. (III) Isaac Frary, son of Eleazer and Mary (Graves) Frary, was born March 2, 1686, married on December 8, 1715, Lydia Parsons, daughter of Jonathan Parsons. (IV) Lieutenant Elisha Frary, son of Isaac and Lydia (Parsons) Frary, was born August 18, 1729, died July 8, 1801. He removed to Sharon, New York, in 1798. He married Miriam Warner, and they had eleven children. (V) Isaac Frary, son of Lieutenant Elisha and Miriam (Warner) Frary, was born August 22, 1763, died February 4, 1850. He bought the Belding Mills and lived on the Frary place, formerly owned by Eleazer Frary. He married Sarah Munson, daughter of Solomon Munson, born 1760, died 1845. They had eight children. (VI) Isaac Frary Jr., son of Isaac and Sarah (Munson) Frary, was born...

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Biography of Edward Parsons Swan

EDWARD PARSONS SWAN – Many years of success in a prosperous business enterprise have fairly earned for Edward Parsons Swan a place among the well-established manufacturers of Western Massachusetts. Mr. Swan is a descendant of an old New England family of English ancestry, which traces its origin back to a Dane of noble ancestry. The Swans have possessed land in the counties of Kent and Derby since the Norman Conquest, their possessions in the first named county including the manors of Swanscombe, Densted, Sutton, and Denton. Immigrants of the name came to New England at an early date, and their descendants have been active in the development of various sections of the country. Josiah Swan, grandfather of Edward Parsons Swan, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1802, and died in Westfield, Massachusetts, May 22, 1873. He removed to Western Massachusetts and settled in Westfield, where he engaged in the business of whip-making. Josiah Swan married (first) Sophia Olds, who was born in Southwick, Massachusetts, in 1803, and died November 1, 1848. He married (second) Sophronia Sacket. Children of the first marriage were: 1. Edward, of whom further. 2. Josephine, who married and lives in Dundee, Illinois. 3. Fannie, also married. 4. Myron, who died young. Edward Swan, son of Josiah and Sophia (Olds) Swan, was born in Westfield, Massachusetts, in 1830, and died in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1898....

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