Location: Seneca New York

Biographical Sketch of Thomas Burrell

T. William Burrell belongs to that class of citizens who have been very generally overlooked by the biographers of modern times in favor of those whose paths in life he in the learned professions. Yet it is a fact that no class is more worthy of the respect and esteem of all their fellows than those who labor earnestly to bring from the earth the best that it can yield, and improve and advance the methods of cultivation. The Burrell family has been engaged in agricultural pursuits for many generations and came to this country in the eighteenth century from Northumberland county, England. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now (I) Thomas Burrell, grandfather of T. William Burrell, came to this country with his father, Edward Burrell, September, 1800, when he was but four years of age. Seneca township, Ontario county, New York, was decided upon as a suitable location for a family home, and the homestead has been in the possession of the family since 1801....

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Biographical Sketch of George S. Stubbs

(III) George S., only son of Watson E. and Martha E. (Louw) Stubbs, was born in Halls Corner, Seneca, June 13, 1867. He resides in Geneva, New York, and is a man endowed with unusual executive ability. Under his capable control, during the past twelve years, the business with which he has become identified, made rapid forward strides, and has taken a high rank in the commercial world, in addition to its former prestige. He is an earnest supporter of Republican principles, and a member of the North Presbyterian Church. His fraternal affiliations are with the following organizations: Past master of Ark Lodge No. 33, Free and Accepted Masons; past high priest of Geneva Chapter No. 36, Royal Arch Masons; eminent commander of Geneva Commandery No. 29, Knights Templar; member of Umarken Grotto No. 21, of Geneva; past exalted ruler of Lodge No. 1054, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Mr. Stubbs married, 1888, Lydia Waltheart. Children, the elder attends the Geneva high school; Hazel L., horn in 1889; Elizabeth M., born in...

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Biography of Abram A. Post

Abram A. Post, owner of one of the finest farms in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, which has been in uninterrupted possession of his family since 1809, has had the advantage of extended travel to assist him in the cultivation of this piece of land and bring out its especial qualities. Frank J. Post, father of Abram A. Post, was born on the homestead farm, October 16, 1842, died in 1904. He improved the land which had been left to him by his father, in many respects, but it was left to the improved methods of his son to bring out its entire capacity. Abram A. Post, son of Frank J. Post, was born on the homestead, July 26, 1876. He acquired his education in the schools of Geneva and Penn Yan, New York, and in the New York Military Academy. He took the first step in his business career while still attending school, having found employment in a shoe store at Penn Yan, during his summer vacations. In 1898 he was employed by the General Electric Company, Schenectady and New York, remaining with this concern for about one and a half years, then went to Havana, Cuba, where he was engaged in business for a period of five years. Upon his return to the United States he went to the homestead, where he engaged in farming. and where...

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Biography of James P. Fulton

James P. Fulton, postmaster at Stanley, Ontario county, New York, and who has held a number of other positions under the government of the United States, has served his country bravely and well, as will be found detailed further on in this sketch. He is a descendant of the distinguished Fulton family, of Ireland, and it seems but natural that his name should be found in the lists of those who fought so gallantly during the civil war, as he but displayed the traits inherited from a number of his ancestors. Among these was his maternal great-grandfather, Captain John Rippey, who was in active service throughout the revolutionary war, was brevetted major, shared the hardships endured at Valley Forge, and participated in all the battles in which Washington was personally engaged. James S. Fulton, father of James P. Fulton, was horn in Seneca township, New York, in 1813, and died there, May 6, 1887. He was occupied as a farmer throughout the active years of his life. He married Margaret Ann, who died January 2, 1892, daughter of Thomas and Anna (Rippey) McCauley. Among their children were: John M., who was graduated from Hobart College, and studied law at the Albany Law School, and is now (1910) a prominent lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri; and James P., see forward. James P., son of James S. and Margaret Ann (McCauley)...

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Biography of Thomas J. Bolger

Thomas J. Bolger, who has attained and holds a place in the foremost ranks of the nurserymen of Ontario county, New York, and who is prominently identified with the political and social affairs of that section of the state of New York, is of Irish descent, and has inherited many of the excellent traits which distinguish that people. Andrew Bolger, father of Thomas J. Bolger, was born in Ireland in 1844, and came to this country in early manhood. He commenced work as a laborer and has always followed that occupation. By means of his thrift and industry he succeeded in acquiring a moderate capital, purchased a home in the town of Seneca, and has lived there more than forty years. He married in Geneva, New York, in 1873, Honora Buckley, born in Ireland in 1851, died aged thirty-six. Children : Thomas J., see forward; Andrew, born in 1877; Mary. born in 1880, married Ernest J. Mosey. Thomas J., son of Andrew and Honora (Buckley) Bolger, was born in Seneca, New York, November 28, 1875. He was but eleven years of age at the time of the death of his mother, and immediately was obliged to assume heavy responsibilities. He took full charge of the household cares and at the same time, devoted a portion of his time to outside work, to assist in the support of the family....

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Biography of Clark Forster

Clark Forster, whose family has been closely identified with the agricultural interests of Ontario county, New York, for many years, is considered one of the most successful fruit growers of the district, making a specialty of apple culture. William Forster, father of Clark Forster, was born in England in 1792, and came to this country in 1817. For somewhat more than a year he lived in Massachusetts, then, for a period of two years, made his home in Clyde, New York, and finally decided upon Seneca, Ontario county, New York, as his permanent home. He obtained employment on the farm of Edward Hull, whose farm he managed for ten years, and then purchased one hundred and thirty. acres of land a half mile east of this farm, and occupied it until his death. He was very successful in its cultivation and left it in a fine condition to his sons. Mr. Forster married, September, 1823, Mary, daughter of George and Mary (Wilson) Caward, both English, the former born October 2, 1775, died June 8, 1867, the latter born August 14, 1778, died April 15, 1834. Mr. and Mrs. Forster had children: i. George, born November 24, 1826; died April 16, 1843. 2. Mary Jane, born July 26, 1828; died July 17, 1888. 3. William D., born March 29, 1830;; married, May i, 1867, Matilda J. Britt, and resides at...

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Biography of William B. Forster

William B. Forster, who is engaged in general farming in the town of Seneca, Ontario county, New York, occupies a high position in the literary circles of that section of the country and is also prominently identified with its religious life. William D. Forster, father of William B. Forster, was born at Halls Corners, Ontario county, New York, March 29, 1830, and is the oldest living person born at that place. He attended the common schools of his native township and supplemented this education by attendance at the sessions of Alfred Academy. He then engaged in teaching, and taught schools in the south for a period of two years. With the exception of these two years, all the active years of his life have been occupied in cultivating the soil, in which pursuit he has been remarkably successful. He has owned, and resided on, the farm on which he now (1910) lives for fortyfour years, and the products have always been of the finest quality of their kind. A considerable portion of it is devoted to the growing of fruit, for which the soil seems to be especially adapted. , in following the course of events. He married, May 1, 1867, Matilda J. Britt, born in the town of Catskill, Greene county, New York, March 3, 1837, died February 10, 1910. Children: William B., see forward; Elizabeth May, and...

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Biography of George W. Hewson

George W. Hewson, owner of a fine farm in Hall, Ontario county, New York, a large portion of which is devoted to the growing of fruit, is a fine example of what may be accomplished by energy, perseverance and a fixed determination to reach the top of the ladder. He has inherited the traits of industry, thrift and faithfulness in the discharge of duties, so characteristic of the English nation, from which he is descended, and where his family was an old and honored one. George Hewson, father of George W. Hewson, was born in England in 1810, and died in this country in 1887. He was thirty years of age when he came to this country, and had but five dollars in his pocket when he arrived here. He immediately sought employment, which he found on a farm, and was identified with farming interests throughout his life in this country. He located at Gorham, Ontario county, New York, and in 1845 purchased the farm which became the family homestead. He married Eliza, born in England in 1822, died in America in 1881, a daughter of John Gelder, with whom she came to this country when she was a mere child. She was a most devout Presbyterian all her life. George W., son of George and Eliza (Gelder) Hewson, was born on the old homestead in the town of...

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Biography of George Frederick Fordon

(IV) George Frederick Fordon, a member of the third generation of his family in this country, is a well known farmer and fruit grower in Geneva, Ontario county, New York. He is descended from a family engaged in agriculture in England for many generations. Continuing the excellent and proven methods in vogue in that country for many years, he has supplemented them by adopting the most modern ideas that have been evolved in the cultivation of the soil and bringing its products to the highest state of perfection. In this direction, Mr. Fordon has been especially progressive, and the excellence of the output from his farm has earned him more than a merely local reputation, and his methods have found many imitators. George Frederick, eldest child and only son of William and Honor Matilda (Durrant) Fordon, was born in the town of Seneca, Ontario county, New York, January 11, 1850. His education was acquired in the country district schools and in Geneva high school. As he had always been of an ambitious disposition, it is needless to say that he made the best use of his time in these institutions. His spare time was spent in supplementing the education thus obtained, and the habits of study acquired in his youth have been retained throughout his life. After his graduation he commenced teaching in Country District School No. 7, in...

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Biography of Colonel William Wilson

Colonel William Wilson, who has been connected with various lines of business, and is now (1910) the head of a large hardware concern, is descended from an old colonial family through his maternal grandfather, Captain Jonathan Whitney, who earned distinction in the war of the revolution. Colonel William Wilson was born in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, June 16, 1855. He was the recipient of an excellent education, being graduated respectively from the Canandaigua Academy, the Geneva Classical and Union School and Hobart College, leaving the latter in 1879 with the degree of Master of Arts. For the next two years he read law but abandoned this study in favor of the nursery business, with which he was identified until 1903, when he sold his interests. In 1898, in addition to carrying on his nursery business, he engaged in the hardware line, including all branches of this business-plumbing supplies, sheet iron and farming implements-and now (1910) owns the largest store of its kind in Ontario county. The business, which is steadily increasing annually. is almost entirely retail, and the trade is drawn from about fifteen miles around. In 1898 Colonel Wilson was senior major of the Third Regiment and they were called upon for active duty. They served from May 1 to November 10, of that year, principally in Virginia, and he was advanced to the colonelcy, May 9,...

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Biographical Sketch of Aaron Black

(II) Aaron, eldest child of Moses and Mary (McMaster) Black, was born in Seneca, New York, September 21, 1821 ; died there, January 27, 1900. He followed the occupation of farming all his life. He married, December 16, 1846, Hannah Jane Hipple, born in Pennsylvania, May 8; 1829; died May, 1888. She was three years of age when her parents-settled in Seneca, New York. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian...

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Biographical Sketch of M. Newton Black

(III) M. Newton, son of Aaron and Hannah Jane (Hipple) Black, was born in the town of Seneca, New York, June 3, 1854. His elementary education was acquired, in the public schools, and he then attended the Canandaigua Academy. Early in life he followed in the footsteps of his father as a farmer, and in 1900, when the farm came into his possession, he branched out in other directions, and established himself as a wholesale produce merchant, with which line he has since that time been successfully identified. His farm land comprises seventy-five acres, and the greatest care is displayed in the scientific cultivation of every part of it. Mr. Black has been an active worker in the interests of the Republican party, and he has served his town as supervisor for two years. His church affiliations are with the Presbyterian denomination. Mr. Black married; October 24, 1877, Jeannette Watson, born in the town of Seneca, October 31, 1853. Her father, Lewis Watson, born in Scotland, in 1811, died in this country, in March, 1904. He came to America in 1851, locating at first in Geneva, New York, and later removing to Flint, where he worked- as a blacksmith for many years. When his two sons had grown to manhood, he bought a farm on which he spent the remainder of his life, engaged in its cultivation. He married,...

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Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Childs

(VII) Benjamin, son of Oliver and Nancy (Hart) Childs, was born in Seneca, April 8, 1819; died in that town, January 27, 1878. He was a prosperous farmer, owning one hundred and seven acres of land containing an almost inexhaustible supply of excellent clay, suitable for the production of tile and brick, and he engaged in the manufacture of tile, establishing an industry which proved exceedingly beneficial to the town. This business is now (1910) carried on by his son. Although the tile plant demanded his close attention during a greater part of the year, he still retained his interest in farming, and was quite an extensive dealer in live stock. He married, May 29, 1843, Laura, daughter of Homer and Electa (Hotchkiss) Sherwood, of Fairfield, Vermont. Children, all born in Phelps: 1. Homer Sherwood, born May 27, 1845; is now (1910) secretary and chief inspector of a large lumber company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2. Albert Sherwood, see forward. 3. Hattie Electa, born September 29,...

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Biographical Sketch of Oliver Childs

(VI) Oliver, youngest son of Libbeus and Sarah (Walker) Childs, was born in Conway, July 27, 1783. He settled in Seneca, New York, where he married for his first wife, Electa, daughter of Oliver Whitmore, of that town; she died without issue, August 2, 1816. He married (second) Nancy, daughter of Selah and Huldah Hart, of Seneca; she died April 30, 1831. He married (third) Betsey, daughter of John Gilbert, of Seneca. Children by second marriage: Benjamin, mentioned elsewhere; Electa Emeline; Theron Hart; Augustus Walstein; Edmund; Emeline; Joseph, and Gilbert. Children by his third marriage: Bradley Alonzo; Nancy Augusta, and Oliver Porter...

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