Location: Sanbornton New Hampshire

Casualties in Sanbornton New Hampshire

Casualties or severe accidents in Sanbornton New Hampshire 1766(?). The first to be recorded was serious rather than fatal. The earliest frame on the site of the original Clark house, west of Tin Corner (one of the very first framed dwellings erected in town) before being covered, was “cut in two by a large ash-tree blown down upon it” by a violent wind! It was immediately repaired, and the building proceeded. 1770(?). John Gibson was drowned in the Middle Bay, above Gibson’s Falls, by fallig from a boat. This is supposed to have been the earliest instance of drowning in town, and probably the first fatal accident. 1780. Nathan Philbrick, while “clearing” on his brother David’s land, was so injured by the falling of a tree that, though able to walk back (with assistance) to his sister’s Mrs. Ebenezer Sanborn’s, on the Sanborn road, he soon after died. July 4, 1795. Joseph Smith was drowned, or more probably killed, by a fall on the dam of his own mill, at the Threshing Mill Brook. Aug. 19, 1796. Jacob Hersey was drowned at what has since been called “Hersey’s Cove,” Little Bay. He was bathing with William Burley and one other young man, and was seized with the cramp. Burley’s exertions to save his cousin resulted in his own death the December following. The spot has since proved a dangerous...

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Sanbornton NH Soldiers in the Civil War

There are a total of 265 men listed. If you have anyof these names in your family genealogy and would like me to put a link to your url or email please let me know. All information is taken from The History of Sanbornton, NH vol. I by Rev. M.T. Runnels 1882 The three years’ men of 1861 N.H. Fourth Regiment enlisted Sept. 18-20, 1861 for three years CHARLES K. BUSWELL; private, Co. D; discharged for disability, Dec 31, 1862 CHARLES C. CLARK; corporal, Co. D; discharged for disability, Dec 5, 1861; re-enlisted, Fifteenth Regiment, corporal, Co. H, Oct 11, 1862 ANDREW B. CUTLER; private, Co. D; re-enlisted veteran, Co. D, Jan 1, 1864; captured at Deep Run, Va, Aug 16, 1864; died at Salisbury, N.C., Dec 22, 1864 CHARLES H. DEARBORN; private, Co. D; died of disease, at Hilton Head, S.C., July 20, 1863 ALBERT L. FITZGERALD; private, Co. D; promoted to corporal; then to first lieutenant, Oct 26, 1863; discharged for disability BENJAMIN T. HANNAFORD; private, Co. D; resided in Northfield, but re-enlisted for Sanbornton Dec 26, 1863 ABNER L. KNOWLTON; corporal, Co. D; promoted to first sergeant; re-enlisted Jan 1 1864; commissioned first lieutenant, Co. H, Nov 9, 1864; commissioned captain, Co. H, Feb 17, 1865; mustered out Aug 23, 1865 HORACE B. MORRISON; private, Co. D; promoted to sergeant; mustered out Sept 27 1864 JOHN...

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