Location: Salisbury Massachusetts

Ancestors of Frederick Macy of New Bedford Massachusetts

The Macy family of New Bedford is among the oldest and most prominent families of Nantucket, the name having been identified with the business interests of New Bedford for the past seventy years. The first American ancestor of the family was Thomas Macy, clothier merchant, who came, it is said, from the county of Wilts, England, and was in Newbury, Mass., a proprietor; he was a freeman of Sept. 6, 1639. He removed to Salisbury and was town officer and deputy. He removed about 1659 from there to Chilmark; his was the first family on Nantucket island. He was...

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Early New England People

Sarah Titcomb over her years of study of various New England families had collected quite a bit of material of several early New England families. At the bequest of some of her friends, she prepared and published them in book form. When reading through the material I was impressed with the amount of material collected on each individual, and rather then a brief genealogical sketch, readers are provided an in-depth study of each early family: Ayer, Bartlett, Bradley, Chase, Dean, Dow, Dunster, Ellis, Fuller, Hope, Kilby, Martine, Les Dernier, Maverick, Mills, Montague, Pemberton, Pepperrell, Poore, Precott, Sewall, Longfellow, Spofford, Titcomb, Watmough, and Willard.

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Genealogy of William Allen Family

I131 WILLIAM ALLEN: b. in England; came to America in 1638, and lived in Salisbury, Mass.; m. Ann Goodale, by whom he had 11 ch. I132 BENJAMIN ALLEN: b. 1652; m., first, Mrs. Rachel Wheeler; m., 2nd, Hopestill Leonard; served in King Philip's War in 1678; father of 14 ch., including I133 JEREMIAH ALLEN: had 14 ch., including I134 BENJAMIN ALLEN: whose s. was I135 BARNABAS ALLEN: served in the Revolutionary War. I136 REUBEN ALLEN: who had I137 PHILEMON ALLEN: d. 1866; had I138 CLARK ALLEN: m. (2nd) Emeline Whipple; 3 ch. by 1st w. and 6 by 2nd. (1) Elliott: d. y. (2) Charles: d. y. (3) Alta: b. 1863; m. Frank Hamil, 1897. (A) Cecil. (B) Allen. (4) Marion John: m. Mary Ray, 1900. (A) Marion: now (1929) studying for his master's degree in Chicago. (B) Florence: a college grad.; engaged in the teaching profession near Kansas City. (C) Doris: b. 1910; student at the Tulsa, Okla., University. (D) John: b. 1912; also a student at the university. (5) Mary Jane: twin sister of Marion; b. 1867; m. Charles Hatch, of Canada. Issue. (A) Elizabeth: b. 1894. (B) Marion: b. 1896; a journalist near N. Y. City. (C) John: b. 1897; m. Birdie Campbell; lives in Dallas, Tex.; engaged in automobile business. (D) Clark: b. 1899; d. 1918. (E) Mary: b. 1903; m. Ernest Ames, of Calif.,...

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