Location: Saline County KS

Biography of Daniel D. McAuliffe

Daniel D. McAuliffe. While Saline County knows him as a pioneer settler and for many years one of the leading farmers and stockmen, Daniel D. McAuliffe is in fact one of the few remaining picturesque characters of the real West. He was in Western Kansas during the time of the Indians, the buffalo, and all the other features of the wild and woolly West. Few men have had more experience in that life, and his career serves in a way as a connecting link between the now fast receding past and the modern and progressive era of the present. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now His travels through the world have covered a great area of country. He was born in County Limerick, Ireland, March 6, 1840, a son of Dennis and Bridget (Fitzgerald) McAuliffe. He grew up in his native country, had a variety of experiences there, and came to America at the age of twenty-six in 1866. A few months he was employed in...

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Biography of Peter M. Pehrson

Peter M. Pehrson is numbered among the pioneers of Saline County, having gone there more than forty-five years ago when the Swedish colonists were gaining a foothold in the new district, and many years of hard toil and intelligently directed efforts have brought him rewards beyond his fondest anticipations and dreams. He is one of the largest land owners and leading farmers and stockmen in the vicinity of Smolan. Mr. Pehrson was born in Sweden January 13, 1850, son of John and Ellen (Swenson) Pehrson. He was reared and educated in his native country, and in 1871, on reaching manhood immigrated to America. He came almost at once to the Swedish colony in Saline County and for the first two years worked as a farm hand at $25 a month. For five years he was employed as a section foreman on the old Kansas Pacific Railway. Mr. Pehrson was not only a hard worker but had the thrift and good judgment which enabled him to save with a view to the future. In 1877 he bought 320 acres of land two miles east of the present Town of Smolan. That was the nucleus of the magnificent farm property he now owned. At the present time his place consists of 940 acres, all of it valuable land, and the more valuable because of the improvements he had placed there. Mr....

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Biography of Swan M. Carlson

Swan M. Carlson. Saline County lost one of its most capable citizens and one of its best known pioneers in the death of the late Swan M. Carlson, who had come to the vicinity of the present Town of Falun more than forty-five years ago and had become successful and prominent in that locality long before the accidental death which took him from his family and friends. Mr. Carlson was born in Christala Parish in Sweden December 31, 1850, a son of Carl M. and Anna (Erickson) Carlson. In 1869 the Carlson family immigrated to America. Carl Carlson took up a timber claim near the present Town of Falun in Saline County, and by his hard work in developing that claim he contributed something of value to the permanent prosperity of the county. Carl Carlson was born in Sweden in 1819 and died at Smolan, Kansas, in 1897. His wife was born in 1821 and died at Smolan, Kansas, in 1891. Of their five children, four sons and one daughter, two are now deceased. The late Swan Carlson was only nineteen years of age when he came to America. In the meantime he had acquired his early education in his native tongue, and he found himself among friends and fellow countrymen in Kansas. He soon found work during the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad, and for nine years...

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Biography of Capt. John May Smith

Capt. John May Smith. An honored veteran soldier and officer of the Civil war, now living retired at Salina, Capt. John May Smith had been identified with Kansas for more than forty years and he devoted much of his rugged strength to the development of a Kansas homestead. He served his country well, had reared and provided for a family of capable children, and in the evening of life he enjoys the honor and esteem of a host of friends. Captain Smith was born July 26, 1838, in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, a son of Charles and Jane (McClelland) Smith. His parents were also natives of Pennsylvania and were substantial farming people in the western and rugged section of that state. There were ten children, five sons and five daughters, whose names are: Ann, John, May, Lydia, Mary, George William McClelland, Eliza, Ira, Margaret Jane and Charles. Those now living are John M., William M., Margaret Jane and Eliza. The first advantages enjoyed by Captain Smith in the way of schooling was in country districts and a log school house of Crawford County, Pennsylvania. When he was about eight years of age his parents moved west to Kane County, Illinois. There again he repeated his experience as a student in a log schoolhouse. His parents had located on a new farm, and they spent the rest of their years there....

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Biography of Oliver D. Walker, M.D.

Oliver D. Walker, M. D. By reason of his active service as a member of the Kansas State Board of Health, of which he was president in 1912, and the honor conferred upon him in his election as president of the Kansas State Medical Society in 1915, Doctor Walker, of Salina, is one of the best known physicians and surgeons in Kansas. At the doctor’s home in Salina resided his venerable father, George M. Walker, whose long experience and active service identifies him with a number of pioneer things in the State of Kansas. George M. Walker was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, September 16, 1830, a son of David O. Walker, a native of the same state. When he was twenty-seven years of age, in 1857, he came out to the Territory of Kansas. He made his home in Lyons County, then a frontier community. He took charge and until the outbreak of the Civil war operated the first overland mail and package line between Lawrence and Emporia. He saw a long and active career as a soldier during the Civil war. Enlisting in the Eleventh Kansas Cavalry, commanded by Preston B. Plumb, who later rose to distinction as one of the great Kansans of his generation, he served as a private for a year and then was made first lieutenant. He was one of the capable and...

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Biography of Bryce Muir

Bryce Muir is one of the prominent pioneers of Saline County, Kansas. He had lived in that locality more than fifty years, and if any man can be accounted an authority on the early history and development of that section of the state it is this genial and well known old timer. Prosperity had come to him in large measure during these long years, but he still prefers to keep his home on his fine farm near Salina, on rural route No. 2. He was born September 9, 1840, in Scotland. He had many of the characteristics that have made the Scotch people famous in all quarters of the globe. His parents were Robert and Jane (Crawford) Muir, also natives of Scotland. In 1854 Robert Muir brought his family to America, and buying land in Southern Illinois engaged in farming. Later he came to Kansas, and he died at Salina May 12, 1892. He was born in 1807, and his wife was born in 1808 and died in Illinois in 1888. There were ten children in the family: James, Ellen, William, Robert, Jennie, all now deceased; Bryce; John; Maggie, who lives in Illinois; Jane, of Salina, Kansas; and Andrew, deceased. Bryce Muir was fourteen years of age when his parents came to America. Practically all his education was acquired in the old country, and in this country he attended...

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Biography of Cleveland D. Miller

Cleveland D. Miller is one of the progressive and substantial younger farmers of Saline County. His home is Smolan Township and as the owner of 560 acres of land, devoted to alfalfa and other staple crops, he stands in the forefront of Saline County agriculturists. His far has all the improvements, and he had naturally allied himself with every movement for the betterment of his home community. He was born in the same locality where he now resided April 14, 1886. His parents were Valentine W. and Sarah (Barley) Miller. Valentine Miller was born in 1836 at Limestone, Tennessee, and had spent all his life as a farmer, and a very successful one at that. In 1875 he came to Kansas, acquiring some raw land in Saline County in Smolan Township. He did his part as an early settler, converted a large acreage from a raw prairie to fertile farms, and now had large quantities of valuable land and improved homes in different parts of Saline and Dickinson counties, where he is one of the large tax payers on real estate. After he retired from farming in 1909 he moved to National City, California, where he still resided. His wife died in 1909. There were eleven children in the family, two of the sons dying in infancy, and the others being mentioned as follows: Oscar, now a resident of...

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Biography of George F. Beatty

George F. Beatty, who had spent nearly all his life in Kansas, had been enrolled in the ranks of the lawyers of Salina for the past twelve years, and is now serving as referee in bankruptcy with the United States District Court. His birth occurred August 17, 1877, at 1001 Olive Street in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents were Dr. George F. and Martha Ann (Posey) Beatty. His mother, who is still living, is a daughter of William Thornton Posey, who was closely related to the family of George Washington. During her girlhood Miss Posey graduated from a seminary at Shelbyville, Kentucky. Dr. George F. Beatty was born at Buffalo, West Virginia, then old Virginia, May 5, 1834. His parents took him in boyhood to Kentucky, and he was connected with the banking and tobacco business in that state and Indiana until he was thirty-six years of age. Taking up the study of medicine, he entered the medical department of the University of Cincinnati, where he completed the four years’ course. His first location for practice was at St. Louis, where he remained until 1879. Having been appointed division surgeon of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, he then moved to Paola, Kansas, though his headquarters were at Wichita. He later practiced at different points in Kansas, and died at Bennington in this state February 14, 1904. He was a very...

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Biography of Knut J. Knutson

Knut J. Knutson. Three quarters of a century is the measure of a long lifetime. It is a sufficient time in which to accomplish all those things which men most desire. These seventy-five years from birth to old age have been well utilized by Knut Knutson of Saline County. Mr. Knutson came to Central Kansas over forty years ago, and while he had many hardships and difficulties in establishing a home and maintaining it in earlier years, he came to the age of three score and ten with all that he might reasonably desire. He had ample material possessions in the form of farm lands, had reared a family of useful children, and enjoys the esteem and friendship of the many with whom he had worked and labored in this section of the Sunflower State. Mr. Knutson was born October 9, 1841, in the Province of Blekinge, Sweden, a son of Mattis Johnson. He grew up in his native country, gained some education there, and was inured to hard labor from boyhood. While it was possible to make a fair living, he could see that the future of himself and his children was restricted by the limitations of his native land, and it was in the hope of bettering his condition that he crossed the ocean to America in 1868. He became identified with Northern Central Illinois, where thousands...

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Biography of Alexander M. Campbell Jr.

Alexander M. Campbell, Jr. Those who scan the pages of American history with a view of selecting the personages most deserving of attention in their day and generation because of lives which have been useful and inspiring to others, could not fail to mark the name of Campbell in the annals of Saline County, Kansas. It had been continuously identified with the county since 1858, when Alexander M. Campbell, father of the present bearer of that name, came herE and immediately became a vital factor in the development of this section. At the present time the family includes 400 individuals in Saline County. Alexander M. Campbell, the father, was born at Lonemed, Paisley, Scotland, and was a son of Patrick and Margaret (Melvin) Campbell, natives of the same place. He was educated in Dublin, Ireland, and from there, in 1847, he came alone to the United States, his parents remaining in Scotland. He made his way to Sparta, Illinois, and found no difficulty in securing work as a farm hand and remained there for the next eight years. His was too active a mind and too energetic a personality, however, to remain buried on a farm and in 1855 he came to Kansas, stopping at Westport Landing, now Kansas City, and working in a wholesale house until he had formulated plans for the future. In 1856 he proceeded to...

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Biography of Olof Forsse

Olof Forsse. One of the strongest and most forceful elements in the citizenship of Saline County had been the colony of Swedish people who located there when all the country was a wilderness and out on the western frontier. Anyone who knows the character of that community is impressed with its thorough and forthright Americauism, though in many ways the sturdy characteristics of their native land have colored the activities and customs of the district. One interesting reminiscence of their native land is the Town of Falun, one of the most important centers of the Swedish colony. Falun was named in honor of the capital of the province of Dalarne, a rich mineral district of Sweden often referred to as the treasury of Sweden. Foremost in this colony have been the members of the Forsse family. Mr. Olof Forsse, who was long engaged in business at Falun and is now living retired, had had a career which makes him an important character in the community, and he is a son of the late Maj. Eric Forsse, one of the strong and big men of his time both in Kansas and in Illinois, where the family lived before coming to the Sunflower State. Maj. Eric Forsse was born in Sweden March 4, 1819. In 1850 he brought his family to America. Landing at New Orleans, they proceeded by steamboat up...

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Biography of Thilon J. Rollman

Thilon J. Rollman. While the community of Brookville in Saline County had known Mr. Rollman as a banker for some years, his chief distinction in that part of Kansas rests upon his long and active service as an educator. He is one of the veteran school men of the state, and for thirty-two years he held the principalship of the Brookville schools, which constitutes the longest continuous service in such a position in any one community in Kansas. The influence exerted by such a man of high ideals in the lives of the hundreds of individuals who came under his instruction during that time and in the entire community is incalculable. Mr. Rollman came to Kansas after ten years of educational experience in the East. He was born on a farm near Millersburg, Pennsylvania, January 22, 1845, and had already passed the age of three score and ten. His parents were Samuel and Mary (Bordner) Rollman, also natives of Pennsylvania. He was the first in a family of four children, two sons and two daughters. His brother Samuel and his sister Catherine are now deceased, and his sister Mary, unmarried, lives at the old home in Pennsylvania. Mr. Rollman had a liberal education, much of it acquired at the expenditure of his own labor and means. He attended the Palmyra Academy of Pennsylvania and the Freeland Seminary, and for...

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Biography of John D. M. Conrad

John D. M. Conrad. Among the most interesting men of Salina are those who can justly be named pioneers of this fair city. They have a wealth of experience that no later comers can claim, and it is because of their courage and enterprise that such rich and rapid development had taken place. In John D. M. Conrad, who is the only survivor of a once very important body, the first city council of Salina, is found not only a pioneer of this section but also a veteran of honorable record of the great Civil war. John D. M. Conrad was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, April 16, 1838. His parents were George J. and Rosanna (Miller) Conrad, the former of whom was born in Maryland and the latter in Bedford County. Until he was about twelve years of age the boy attended the district schools. Then he started to learn the shoemaker’s trade in Pittsburgh and continued working at the same until 1855, when he came west and located at Shelbyville, Illinois. There, on May 25, 1861, he enlisted for service in the Civil war, entering Company B, Fourteenth Volunteer Infantry, the regiment being commanded by Col. John M. Palmer. During his service of three years he took part in many important battles, including Shiloh, Corinth, Hatchie River, Vicksburg, Jackson and others. He was honorably discharged May 25,...

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Biography of Howard Dwight Pinkham

Howard Dwight Pinkham. Following is the record of a very successful Kansas business man and farmer. A citizen of New England antecedents and training, he was for many years a resident of Kansas, and toward the close of his life a farmer in Walnut Township of Saline County near Mentor. Born January 4, 1847, at North Chelsea, Massachusetts, Howard Dwight Pinkham was a son of Vincent and Lois (Low) Pinkham, both of whom were New Englanders. He was one of twelve children, the only survivor of whom is Herbert L., who lives at Salina. The other children were named James, Charlotte, Henry, Edward, William, Theodore, Adelia, Howard Dwight, Emma and Augusta. Howard Dwight Pinkham grew up in Massachusetts, gained sufficient education for his business needs, and his early experiences were as a salesman and bookkeeper in Massachusetts. He left that state in 1878, and in that year came to Marysville, Kansas, where he spent two years as a salesman. Returning to Massachusetts, he remained there seven years, and was then again in Marysville for two years. After another period of residence in Massachusetts for three years he came to make Kansas his permanent home. He bought a farm in Marshall County, and was actively engaged in operating it for fourteen years. Selling out his interests in Marshall County, he removed to Saline County and bought the 320 acre farm...

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Biography of Levi D. Hill

Levi D. Hill is an old timer in Saline County and is now living retired at Salina. His had been a long and creditable career, and as a young man he served as a soldier of the Union in the Civil war. He was born January 8, 1844, in a one-room log house on a farm in Johnson County, Indiana, a son of Squire S. and Mary Ann (Cunningham) Hill. His father was born in Kentucky and his mother in Indiana. Squire Hill was born February 17, 1810, and died August 5, 1886, at Tipton, Indiana. Throughout his active career he was a successful farmer. He was also a thorough Bible student, though largely self educated and self made, and was a local preacher of some note. He was the son of Abram Hill, who was an early settler in Indiana and enlisted from that state for service in the Black Hawk war. Levi Hill’s mother was born January 17, 1808, and died July 10, 1872, at Tipton. Indiana. She was a devout religious woman and an active member of the United Brethren Church. These parents were married in 1830 and had eleven children, six daughters and five sons: Persis, Mary, Martha, Littleton, Malinda and David E., all now deceased; Squire A., also deceased; Levi D.; Mary Jane, who lives in Topeka, the widow of M. L. Galyean; Jonathan...

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