Location: Sabetha Kansas

Biography of William Edwin Nelson

William Edwin Nelson, who became superintendent of the public schools of Sabetha in the fall of 1917, is a thoroughly experienced educator, a native of Kansas, and for five years before removing to Sabetha was superintendent of schools at Robinson. Mr. Nelson had the qualification and training of a practical lawyer, which was the profession of his father. For many years one of the ablest attorneys of the Trego County bar was the late John A. Nelson. Born in Sweden, near Stockholm, in 1851, he was brought when an infant to the United States by his parents, who located in Illinois, where he grew up and acquired a liberal education. He was graduated from Knox College at Galesburg, Illinois, with the degree A. B., studied law in Galesburg, was admitted to the bar, and after some years of practice there moved out to Western Kansas in 1879 and was one of the pioneer lawyers at Wakeeney. He enjoyed a large and infinential elientele in that section and was in active practice until a short time before his death, when he removed to Lawrence, Kansas, and died there in November, 1915. For many years he served as county attorney of Trego County, and was a member in good standing of the Trego County Bar Association, the State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Politically he was a republican, was...

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Biography of Almon A. Gist

Almon A. Gist. Arkansas City is one of the most important points on the system of the Santa Fe Railway, the Oklahoma & Gulf Line there connecting with the eastern and western divisions of the system. Many of the important offices connected with the traffic and operating departments are located in Arkansas City, and some of the men who have risen highest in the service have their business headquarters there. One of them is A. A. Gist, now train master, who had been a railroad man during the most of his active career and had been located at Arkansas City since 1909. Mr. Gist is a native of Kansas and is a member of that prominent Scotch-Irish family of Gists which were Colonial settlers in Virginia and some of whom were frontiersmen in extremely early times. There was a Gist whose name is frequently mentioned in the history of Revolutionary times, was a path finder over the Alleghanies, and was frequently employed by Washington and other notables of the time. From Virginia the family came west and were pioneers in Missouri, where they located about the time that district was acquired as part of the Louisiana purchase. Mr. Gist’s paternal grandfather, William J. Gist, was born in Missouri as early as 1810, nine years before Missouri became a state. He spent his life there as a farmer, and died...

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