Location: Rutherford County TN

Biographical Sketch of George W. Griffin

(See Conrad and Hendricks)-George W., son of Isaiah and Katie (Rich) Griffin was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee March 4, 1861; Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Married at Tahlequah Aug. 8, 1899 Jenetta, daughter of James R. and Elizabeth (Hendricks) Gourd, born Jan. 24, 1868. They are the parents of Alice, born Oct. 15, 1901; Ira, born Oct. 3, 1908, and Blanche Griffin born Oct. 25, 1911. Mr. Griffin is a farmer near Hulbert,...

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Slave Narrative of Ann Matthews

Person Interviewed: Ann Matthews Location: Nashville, Tennessee Place of Birth: Murfreesboro, Tennessee Place of Residence: 719 9th Ave. South, Nashville, Tennessee “I wuz bawn in Murfreesboro on Stones River. I dunno how ole I ez en hit meks me ‘shamed ter tell peeple dat, but mah mammy would hit me in de mouth w’en I’d ax how ole I wuz. She say I wuz jes’ tryin’ ter be grown.” “Mah mammy’s name wuz Frankie en mah daddy wuz Henry Ken Kannon. Don’ member much ’bout mah mammy ‘cept she wuz a sho’t fat Indian ‘oman wid a turrible tempah. She d’ed, durin’ de war, wid black measles.” “Mah daddy wuz part Indian en couldn’t talk plain. W’en he go ter de store he’d hab ter put his han’ on w’at he want ter buy. He d’ed eight months ‘fore de Centennial.” “Our marster en missis wuz Landon en Sweenie Ken Kannon. Dey wuz good ter us, en we had’n good things ter eat.” “I member de Yankee en Southern soldiers. One day me en mah young missis, en sum chilluns went up ter de road en we se’ed sum Yankee soldiers kumin’, I clum’ed on de fence, de urthurs run ‘way en hid. One ob de soldiers sezs ter me, ‘Lettle girl who wuz dat wid you,’ en I sezs, ‘Hit wuz Miss Puss en sum chilluns.’ He laughed...

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Biographical Sketch of Llewellyn Kiene

Llewellyn Kiene had served four years in the office of sheriff of Shawnee County, and his administration had been all that his friends predicted and had been such as to give him rank among the ablest sheriffs this important county in the state had ever had. Sheriff Kiene is a Kansan by many years of residence and is thoroughly in the spirit of the Sunflower commonwealth. He was born March 2, 1868, in Putnam County, Illinois, one of the twelve children of Francis A. and Rose (Doriot) Kiene. When he was fifteen years of age his parents came to Kansas, and he had been a resident of the state since 1882. His education in the meantime had been supplied by the public schools of his native county and the state normal school at Emporia. Mr. Kiene is perhaps most widely known as a newspaper man, and was active in that profession for about twenty years before he became sheriff. His first work was as a reporter on the Topeka Daily Capital, beginning in 1891, and he afterwards served as city editor of the paper and later became managing editor of the Topeka State Journal. Mr. Kiene was managing editor with the Journal for about twenty years. He gave up that office in order to make a stirring canvass of the county as republican nominee for the office of sheriff,...

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Biography of Robert P. Lawing

ROBERT P. LAWING. This well-known pioneer, who is everywhere respected for his sterling worth, came originally from Rutherford County, Tennessee, where his birth occurred August 4, 1825. He is a son of Robert and Mary A. (Sublett) Lawing, and the grandson of Andrew Lawing who was a native of the Old North State, where he received his final summons. The Sublett family came to Tennessee from Virginia, and our subject’s grandfather, William Sublett, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, being captain of a company. He was of Irish descent. Mrs. Lawing was but seven years of age when the family moved to Tennessee, and in that State she died in 1843. The father of our subject was born in Mecklenburgh County, N. C., in 1787, but came to Tennessee at an early date and was here married to Miss Sublett. Ten children were born to this marriage, eight of whom grew to mature years and four are now living: Sarah, now deceased; Mary, now resides in Tennessee; Allen died in Arkansas in 188l; Susan resides in Springfield and is the mother of Judge Vaughan; Robert P., subject; Frances, married a Mr. Sibley, and died in Tennessee; Louisa is still a resident of this county, and is single, and James B., who died in Texas. The father of these children came to Christian County, Missouri, in 1856, and located...

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Biography of Capt. Joseph Thompson McCracken

CAPT. JOSEPH THOMPSON MCCRACKEN. Among the well-known farmers and stock dealers of Marion County, Arkansas, none has a better or more thoroughly cultivated farm than he whose name is here given. He is a product of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he was born November 29, 1830, a son of Joseph R. and Isabelle (Thompson) McCracken, the former born in North Carolina in 1776, and the latter in Virginia about 1780. They were taken to Rutherford County, Tennessee, in their youth and were there reared, married and made their home until 1851, when they came by wagon to Marion County, Arkansas, the journey thither occupying three weeks. The father purchased a small farm on James Creek, on which he spent the rest of his life, dying in 1865. His wife died in Tennessee and later he married a Miss Lorance, who died in 1862. He was a slave holder, a man of unblemished reputation, was for some time sheriff of Rutherford County, Tennessee, and for many years was treasurer of Marion County, Arkansas, which office he was filling at the time of his death. He was a soldier of the War of 1812 under Gen. Jackson, and was with him at the famous battle of New Orleans. He was a Southern sympathizer during the Civil War, but took no active part in the struggle. His father, John McCracken, was a North...

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Biography of Hon. William A. Lawing

HON. WILLIAM A. LAWING. Within the limits of Christian County, Missouri, there is not a man of greater personal popularity than Hon. William A. Lawing, whose recognized worth and progressive spirit are well known. He was born at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, November 17, 1818, to the union of Robert and Mary Ann (Sublett) Lawing, natives, respectively, of North Carolina and Virginia. The parents were married at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where Mrs. Lawing died in 1843. Afterward, the father married Miss Ellen Ward, who now resides in Jasper County, Missouri. While a resident of Tennessee the father followed the occupation of cotton planter and cotton-gin maker, but later moved to Mississippi, where he was engaged as a planter alone. In 1856 he came to Christian County, Missouri, and located on the Finley, near Ozark, where his death occurred during the war. He sympathized with the South, but took no part in the war. Honest and industrious, he was an ideal neighbor, and a representative citizen. His father was a Welshman, who came to America and passed the closing scenes of his life in the Old North State, where he reared a large family. Grandfather Sublett was a native Virginian, but an early settler of Rutherford, County, Tennessee, where he spent his last days, dying about 1840. All his life he tilled the soil. He came of Irish descent. His wife was a...

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Biography of William L. Aylor

WILLIAM L. AYLOR. Among those who have fought the battle of life bravely and are now enjoying the comforts and pleasures that wealth brings, is William L. Aylor of Grover Township, Baxter County, Arkansas, who can point back over a well-spent life. He was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee, in 1833. The son of George W. Aylor, who it is supposed was born in Georgia. He was a farmer by occupation and made his home in Rutherford County until his death, which occurred about 1842. He was a soldier of the War of 1812, and also helped to remove the Indians from Georgia and Tennessee to the reservation west of the Mississippi River. Willia L.. Aylor remained in Tennessee until sixteen or seventeen years of age, then came to Izard County, Arkansas, with an elder brother, Charles Aylor, and there made his home until the opening of the Civil War, when he became a member of the Ninth Arkansas Infantry, but after the battle of Chickamauga his command became a part of the Eighth Arkansas Infantry, and with this he continued to serve the Southern cause until the close of the war, surrendering at Greensboro, N. C. He took part in the battles of Chickamauga, Perryville, Kentucky, Murfreesboro, all the engagements of the retreat from Dalton to Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville, Shiloh and at Smithfield, N. C. When the war...

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Biography of William G. Pumphrey

WILLIAM G. PUMPHREY. This prominent citizen and retired farmer and stockraiser of Sugar Loaf Township, Boone County, Arkansas, was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee, in 1824. His grandfather, Larkin Pumphrey, was probably born in North Carolina, but at an early date moved to Kentucky, and from there to Tennessee, dying in Rutherford County, of the latter State, where he had followed farming. It is thought that he was a Revolutionary soldier. His marriage resulted in the birth of six sons and three daughters, of whom our subject’s father, Lewis Pumphrey, was one. The latter was born in North Carolina, but in after years went with his parents to Kentucky, where he finished his growth and married Miss Polly Thompson, a native of the Blue Grass State. From there he and family removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee, and in about 1835. Mr. Pumphrey came by wagon to what is now Fulton County, Arkansas, where his death occurred two or three years later. His wife had died in Tennessee, and he afterward married again, his second wife dying in Fulton County, Arkansas. Mr. Pumphrey was a well-to-do farmer and trader. Our subject’s maternal grandfather, Meredith Thompson, was probably a native of North Carolina, but was also an early settler of Kentucky. From the latter State he moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee, and followed farming until his death in 1836. His wife...

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Biography of G. B. Thomas

G. B. THOMAS is manager of the large establishment of S. H. Henry & Co., dealers in sash, doors, blinds and lumber. This company was established in 1882 by S. H. Henry, and two years later B. T. Henry, son of S. H., entered the business. The elder Henry is the pioneer lumber dealer of this city. He came here in 1857 from Tennessee where his birth occurred, and first branched out as a carpenter when a young man. Mr. Henry has taken a prominent part in city improvements, is interested in many of the prominent business enterprises, and is one of the city’s most prosperous business men. The Plains’ mill business grew with the city, and in 1888 a large brick building, 40×130, was erected. This was two stories in height, with a large power room with twenty-horse power, and from twelve to fifteen hands were employed. This mill is doing shop work, such as bank furniture, besides other fine work, and is a credit to the city of West Plains. Mr. G. B. Thomas became a member of this establishment in 1890 and is the book-keeper and manager of the plant. He is a native of Greene County, Missouri, born there March 7, 848, and the-son of B. C. Thomas, who located in that county in 1843, but who came to Howell County in 1859 and located...

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Biography of Granville H. Vaughan

GRANVILLE H. VAUGHAN. The occupation of farming is one that has received attention from the earliest ages, and it is not to be wondered at that it has become the art that it is at the present time. Among those who have shown a satisfactory knowledge of this calling, and whose operations are conducted in a very progressive manner may be mentioned Granville H. Vaughan, who is the owner of a valuable farm in Finley Township. He first saw the light of day in Rutherford County, Tennessee, in 1831. His parents, James and Nancy (Hatchett) Vaughan, were natives of the Old Dominion, the former born in Mecklenburg and the latter in Charlotte County. The parents were reared and married in their native State, and after the birth of their first child, or in 1811, they removed to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where Mr. Vaughan kept hotel for some time. He boarded representatives to the Legislature when that was the capital of the State, it being in David Crockett’s time. Mr. Vaughan also followed farming and superintended the construction of some of the turn-pikes that enter Murfreesboro, and was in official life for some time. He was a man of learning and ability, and of considerable note. During the War of 1812 he furnished a substitute. He was constable for a number of years, this being an important and remunerative office at...

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Biography of Walton Elan Bass

Walton Elan Bass, who came to Muskogee in April, 1916, and is here a prominent figure in connection with loan interests, holding the office of loan examiner in connection with the Farm & Home Savings & Loan Association of Missouri, was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, July 10, 1878. His parents were William Ambrose and Usa Dissa (Anderson) Bass, the former a dry goods merchant. Walton E. Bass pursued his early education in the public schools and afterward attended the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, from which he was graduated with the class of 1899, having pursued a mechanical and engineering course. He started out in the business world as a messenger in a bank and rose to the position of cashier of the City Bank of Whitesboro, Texas, with which he was identified for a decade. He afterward became state agent and general loan examiner, for the above company occupying that position to the present time. He moved to Muskogee in April, 1916. Through the intervening period of six years he has been closely associated with financial circles here as a prominent representative of loan interests. He is a man of sound judgment and keen discrimination and these qualities have been most important factors in the attainment of his success. On the 14th of May, 1902, Mr. Bass was united in marriage to Miss Reba McAfee of Whitesboro,...

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Biography of Basil Tonion Barber

Basil Tonion Barber. The ever-changing conditions of present-day competition in business life offer splendid opportunities for men of foresight and sagacity in any growing locality, whether it be developing from wilderness to settlement or from hamlet to metropolis. The ability to recognize in advance the strategic commercial situation is an asset the value of which may not be overestimated, and the man who possesses this quality is bound to find himself, sooner or later, in a position of importance in the business world. It was through the ability to predict where business would develop and to know in advance what kind of business would flourish that had enabled Basil Tonion Barber, of Iola, to reach a position of eminence at an age when most men are just starting upon their careers. When he located at Iola, in 1910, he was still a youth, with only several years’ experience behind him, but he confidently embarked upon his career, and today finds himself at the head of a paying automobile and garage business and proprietor of the largest establishment in the city. Basil T. Barber was born at Sunnyside, a small community of Tennessee, May 27, 1885, and is a son of W. L. and Emily (Condra) Barber. He is descended from Irish ancestors who came to the United States during the colonial period and settled as pioneers in Kentucky, where...

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Biographical Sketch of A. B. Conley

A. B. Conley, merchant, and a prominent citizen of Tullahoma, Tennessee, was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee, November 7, 1847; the son of A. W. Conley, a native of Tennessee. Our subject was reared on a farm in what is now a part of Crockett County. He acquired his education in the common schools and in 1867 began the study of medicine. He attended the Eclectic College at Cincinnati, Ohio, the medical department of the University of Louisiana at New Orleans, and graduated in 1884 from the American Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati. From 1871 to 1880 he practiced in Louisiana and then went to Milan, Tennessee. June 17, 1886, he came to Tullahoma and engaged in general merchandising, his present occupation. At the age of fourteen he ran away from home, joined the Confederate Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry. After a year’s service he returned home on account of sickness. He was married in 1869 to Mattie J., daughter of Washington Mitchell of Rutherford County, Tennessee. Three children were born to them, one girl and two boys; our subject is a member of the Masonic, Odd Fellows, K. of P., K. of H., K. & L. of H. and A. O. U. W....

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Biographical Sketch of J. A. Clark

J. A. Clark, farmer in Coffee County, was born in Rutherford County, August 22, 1822. His parents, Anthony and Sallie (Dunlap) Clark, natives of North Carolina, came to Tennessee in 1800 remained until 1850 and then went to Texas. Here the father died about 1871, and the mother a year later. They were of Irish and English descent. Our subject married Millie Wilkinson in 1844. Born to them are nine children: John, November 5, 1845; Rufus, November 10, 1846; R. S., January 19, 1849; I. M., November 5, 1851; Ellen, March 3, 1854; Sallie, April 4, 1856; James, April 7, 1859; Elizabeth, August 17, 1861; and Willie D., August 30, 1865. Mr. Clark, his wife and six children are members of the Christian Church. He has educated his children, one of whom is teacher in the Winchester Normal School, one principal of Hillsboro (Texas), schools, and a third also teaching in Texas. Mr. Clark is a...

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Biographical Sketch of John H. Ashley

John H. Ashley, High Sheriff of Coffee County, and a prominent citizen of Manchester, was born in Rutherford County, June 13, 1848. He is the son of W. F. and Lidia A. (Mankin), both natives of Tennessee and of English descent; the former was born near Beech Grove in 1822 and died November 5, 1878; the latter, still living, was born in Rutherford County in 1822. The elder Ashley was a farmer and a sound democrat. Our subject was the oldest of seven children; received his academic education at Beech Grove Academy chiefly, and for sixteen years successfully pursued agriculture. In 1884 he was elected High Sheriff of Coffee County and was honored by re-election two years later by a handsome majority. He has raised, a self-made man, to his present successful position. December 18, 1868, he was married to Mattie E. Hightower, born in Murfreesboro in 1859, and a graduate from the Female Institute in her native city. Two children were born to them: Freelin H. born February 11, 1881, and Mamie, born September 7, 1883. Mr. Ashley is a stanch democrat and a member of the Separate Baptist Church, while his wife belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is an influential...

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