Location: Roseville Illinois

Biography of Benjamin C. Bond, Hon.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Hon. Benjamin C. Bond. In the public service that frequently crowns the career of men of personal high standing in a community, very often is shown a great capacity for public usefulness that the opportunity presents. In electing Benjamin C. Bond, an honored citizen of Buffalo, Kansas, cashier of the State Bank of Buffalo, to the State Legislature, the people of Wilson County gave evidence of wise discrimination and intelligent judgment. Not only is Mr. Bond an exact business man, with those habits of mind that assure investigation and accurate decision concerning the important measures brought before the legislative assembly, but he is also a man whose life had ever been marked with unselfish devotion to duty and to fearless championship of causes he had believed to be just. Benjamin C. Bond was born April 21, 1878, at Mount Sterling, in Brown County, Illinois. His parents were John A. and Parthenia (Bush) Bond. One of the very earliest settlers in Brown County, Illinois, was Rev. Granville Bond, a Methodist preacher, a faithful pioneer in the cause of religion. He was the founder of the family at Mount Sterling and was the great-grandfather of Hon. Benjamin C. Bond, of Buffalo, Kansas. His son, Benjamin Bond, was born in the circuit rider’s cabin at Mount Sterling which he...

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Biography of John Thomas Axtell, M. D.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now John Thomas Axtell, M. D. In thirty-six years of practice in Kansas, most of which time had been spent in Newton, Doctor Axtell had made a distinguished name, especially in the field of surgery. He founded Axtell Hospital and had been at its head and its principal surgeon since 1886, and had enjoyed more than a local reputation as a surgeon and hospital administrator. Doctor Axtell had spent most of his life in Kansas and represents a family of early settlers here. His birth occurred at Roseville, Illinois, August 11, 1856. His ancestry goes back to a prominent English family. There was one of the name who served with the rank of Colonel in Cromwell’s army and assisted in the beheading of King Charles I. Later, after the Restoration, he was himself beheaded during the reign of King Charles h. In the meantime, two brothers of the name had immigrated to America in 1642 and settled in the colony of Massachusetts. One of these brothers was the direct ancestor of Doctor Axtell. John Milton Axtell, father of Doctor Axtell, was born in Mercer County in Western Pennsylvania, February 27, 1828. In 1838, when he was ten years of age, his parents moved out to Roseville, Illinois, where he grew up and married and took up the...

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