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Location: Roseburg Idaho

Biography of John A. Holman

JOHN A. HOLMAN. – To the esteemed and enterprising citizen who is named above we are constrained to accord a representation in this volume since he has wrought with vigor and intelligence for the development of this county, and stands today one of its leading and substantial agriculturists and stockmen. Mr. Holman was born in Tortuna, Vestmanland, Sweden, on December 8, 1857, the rural districts being his home. He received a good education attending school regularly nine months each year for a period of seven years. Then he gave his whole attention to assisting his father on the farm, and when he had reached his majority, engaged with a neighbor for six months, receiving as a remuneration for this service, one hundred kroner, equal to about twenty-seven dollars of our money. He served another six months on his father’s farm and then, being twenty-two years of age, he embarked for America, settling first in Kansas City, Kansas, whence, six months later, he went to Sandy, Utah, making his home in that vicinity for four years. In 1880 his father came to this country, bought a farm in Salt Lake county, ten miles south from Salt Lake City, and our subject rented the same, continuing in that capacity for three years. Then he went to Roseburg, Idaho, and settled on a fraction of school land, whence, in 1885, having sold...

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