Location: Rock County IL

Biography of Colonel Stanhope E. Blunt

The history of the United States Government Arsenal located upon Rock Island is exhaustively narrated from its inception in another portion of this work. Consequently it is not the intention of the writer of this sketch to touch upon any phase of that history except the period covered by the regime of the present Commandant of Rock Island Arsenal, Colonel Stanhope E. Blunt, a man whose executive ability has been demonstrated of a high order. Stanhope E. Blunt was born in Boston, Massachusetts, September 28, 1850. His father was Colonel Charles E. Blunt, Corps of Engineers, United States – Army, who graduated from the Military Academy at West Point in 1846. His mother before her marriage was Miss Penelope Bethune English. Both his father and mother were born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Colonel Blunt’s forebears were among the earliest colonists in America. His paternal ancestors , rank among the original settlers of Massachusetts, who, as history records, arrived there from England about 1634. As a boy Colonel Blunt attended the public schools of his native city, Boston, and later the high school at Oswego, New York, from which he graduated in 1868, and thus he was well qualified for entrance to West Point. Upon the completion of the prescribed course of four years at the military academy, he graduated from that institution in 1872 with the rank of second...

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Biography of Morris Rosenfield

One of Rock Island’s most prominent and respected citizens during his life-time spent in that city, and whose memory is cherished and revered by all who knew him, was Morris Rosenfield, the subject of this sketch. He was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, December 18, 1841, and died January 28, 1899, at Tuebingen, Germany, where he had gone in hopes that he might regain his shattered health. The Rosenfield family was one of the most respected in the little city of our subject’s birth, his father being one of the most enterprising and prosperous citizens of Wurttemberg. As an instance of the indomitable spirit that animated the elder Rosenfield, it may be related that after he was well past three score years he came to America on a visit to his son, Morris, and other relatives located here, a very considerable undertaking for a gentleman of his years in a day when the luxuries of traveling were very far below what they are today, and when any lengthy journey was inevitably accompanied by delay, fatigue and danger. To the firm and unfaltering character of this patriarch the success of the future generations of Rosenfields can be traced. Morris Rosenfield received his education at the high school in Megentheim, Germany. After completing his studies in that institution he decided to emigrate to America. He came to this country in 1859 when...

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Biography of Lyman Wood

LYMAN WOOD. – This popular gentleman, recently auditor of King county, Washington, was born in Gallatin county, Illinois, February 25, 1839, and lived at that place until he moved with his parents in 1845 to Moline, Rock Island county, Illinois. Here he was educated and grew to manhood. On the 11th of August, 1862, enlisted in Company K, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. He served until May, 1863, when he was mustered out on account of disability. During the winter of 1863-64, he was employed as clerk in the office of the adjutant-general of Iowa. His home was still at Moline, Illinois, until he removed with his little family to Lancaster county, Nebraska, in 1871, building the first dwelling-house in the town of Firth in that county, and keeping boarders for a time until a hotel could be erected. He was married at Davenport, Iowa, May 22, 1865, to Mrs. Nellie Allen, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Shanks, the first pioneers of Joliet, Will county, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Wood have one child, Enoch Wellington. Mrs. Wood had two children by her previous marriage, William F. and Fannie, the latter having been the wife of Mr. C. Hoisington, of Firth, Nebraska. Soon after reaching maturity and entering upon married life, they both passed away with consumption. Mr. Wood came to Seattle May 1, 1882. His first employment...

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