Location: Richwoods Arkansas

Biography of Hon. Edwin E. Rosson

HON. EDWIN E. ROSSON. There is no class of men who more surely rear up visible monuments to their industry and their enterprise than the hardworking and thrifty farmers of a community, and among these Hon. Edwin E. Rosson holds a prominent place. He was born on the place on which he now lives in Richwoods, September 11, 1856, and is a son of Simeon Ellis and Mary (Whitfield) Rosson, who were born, reared and married in Hardeman County, Tennessee. and thence moved to Arkansas in 1842, locating in what is now Bickell’s Cove. In 1844 they came to Richwoods and were among the first to settle here, and here the father passed from life in March, 1865, at the age of forty-eight years, his widow still surviving him at the age of seventy-three. He was a farmer while a resident of Tennessee and held some minor official positions after coming to Arkansas, such as justice of the peace, and later as sheriff of Izard County, holding the last named position two terms, or eight years. At a still later period he represented this county in the State Legislature and served twice as a member of the Senate, the duties of which responsible position he was holding at the time of his death. He was quite an orator, was a forcible and eloquent speaker, was greatly opposed to the...

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Biography of Col. John J. Kemp

COL. JOHN J. KEMP, deceased. The influence of a good man will be ever expanding with the lapse of time, and his deeds of charity and acts of kindness will live to commemorate his name and perpetuate his memory. It can be truly said that a good man has been gathered to his fathers, but his virtues live after him, and his name is everywhere mentioned with respect and honor. He was born in middle Tennessee August 6, 1818, and his death occurred May 31, 1893. His early education was obtained in the State of his birth, and having been brought up to the occupations of farming and stock raising, he followed them throughout life. Upon coming to Arkansas he settled at Flatwoods, in what is now Stone County, and over forty years ago took up his residence in Richwoods. By the judicious exercise of both brain and brawn he cleared up what is now one of the finest farms in the county, if not the finest, containing 480 acres, all of which is extremely fertile. He was very successful in his chosen calling, and was one of the very first in this section to introduce a good grade of horses, cattle, mules and hogs. He lost heavily during the Civil War, but afterward retrieved his losses, and at the time of his death was wealthy. He was a...

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