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Gamble, Julia Florence Beatty – Obituary

Mrs. Julia F. Gamble, formerly of Hutchinson, died at midnight Tuesday [June 30] at her home in Tribune. Funeral will be at 10 a.m. Friday at the Tribune Methodist Church. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mrs. Gamble is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Bertha Kauffman and a son, Ralph Gamble, both of Tribune. Hutchinson News Herald, July 1, 1953 Contributed by: Shelli...

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Gamble, Henry M. – Obituary

Henry M. Gamble, 74, resident of Hutchinson 50 years, died in his home, 1540 East Fourth, at 4:45 yesterday afternoon after a long illness. He was born in Nokomis, Ill., and came to Hutchinson 50 years ago, working in produce and wholesale houses many years before opening his own grocery. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Julia [Beatty] Gamble; a daughter, Mrs. Bertha Kaufman of Tribune; a son, Ralph Gamble of Houston, Tex.; five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Hutchinson New, March 11, 1942 Contributed by: Shelli...

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Bigraphy of Herbert A. Rowland

Herbert A. Rowland, of McPherson, is one of the most widely known civil engineers of Central Kansas. He had served nearly twenty years as county surveyor of McPherson County, is city engineer of McPherson City, but his work in laying out and supervising municipal improvements is not confined to one locality. He had been consulting engineer for half a dozen or more of the larger towns in that section of the state. Mr. Rowland belongs to the pioneer element of Kansas. He was born in a dugout on a claim in Saline County April 2, 1869. His parents were Joseph W. and Sarah Jane (Chamberlain) Rowland. His father, a son of William Rowland, a native of Washington County, Ohio, was also born in that county, October 28, 1840. He had just reached the years of manhood when the war broke out. He enlisted in Company I of the Sixty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served until the close of the struggle. He was in the Army of the Potomac, the Army of the South and the Army of the James, and among the many important battles in which he participated were Bull Run, Deep Bottom, Wilderness, Winchester and in the closing scenes at Appomattox. In all the risks and dangers he incurred he was wounded only once, and then slightly, and was never taken prisoner. He was promoted to sergeant....

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Biography of Norman B.Fall, M. D.

Norman B. Fall, M. D. Though established in his profession at Geuda Springs only a few years, Doctor Fall had proved himself a physician and surgeon of thorough competence and equal to all the emergencies and exigencies of his work, and at the same time had taken a decided interest and wholesome part in the affairs of his community. Doctor Fall is a native of Kansas, having been born at Hutchinson February 7, 1891. His ancestors were Scotch-Irish people who settled in North Carolina in colonial times. His grandfather, Abram Fall, who was born in South Carolina in 1843, was a Kansas pioneer. After leaving his native state he lived in Indiana and Iowa, but in 1874 came to Kansas and spent the rest of his active life as a farmer near Hutchinson, where he died in 1909. He married a Miss Asher, a native of Indiana. She died in Reno County, Kansas. The father of Doctor Fall is G. T. Fall, who is a resident of Hutchinson. He was borr near Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1861, and during his boyhood lived in Indiana and Iowa, and was thirteen years of age when his parents came to Reno County, Kansas. He had had varied experiences as a farmer and coal miner, but had done his chief work in agriculture and still lives on his farm just south of the City...

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Biography of Hon. George A. Neeley

Hon. George A. Neeley, of Hutchinson, is one of the younger men of Kansas, but had already gained distinction both in the law and business and as a valiant fighter for the cause of advanced principles in public affairs. Mr. Neeley came into special prominence not only in Kansas but over the nation during his two terms as congressman from the “Big Seventh” district. He was elected on the democratic ticket. In 1910 he was a candidate for the office against the redoubtable E. H. Madison. Madison was elected, but died in September, 1911, before finishing his term. At a special election on January 11, 1912, Mr. Neeley was chosen his successor for the term ending in March, 1913, and in 1912 was regularly elected to the sixty-third congress by the biggest majority received in that year by any congressional candidate, either republican or democratic, in the State of Kansas. In 1914 Mr. Neeley contested the nomination in the democratic primaries for the United States Senate. He had six opponents, but won the race. In the following election he was defeated on the face of the returns by Charles Curtis, though out of a total vote in the state of 527,000 the plurality of Curtis was only 3,896. While in Congress Mr. Neeley was especially prominent in banking legislation. He was a member of the Banking and Currency Committee...

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Biography of John W. Mahuran

John W. Mahuran, postmaster of Chase, also editor and owner of the Chase Register, was about fourteen or fifteen years old when he made his first acquaintance with a printing office. He had worked as a printer or as a newspaper editor and owner the greater part of his active life. He is one of the second generation of Kansans, and was born in a sod dugout on a farm in Reno County, February 24, 1876. As a boy he imbibed some of the spirit of the western plains which had always been a noticeable feature of his business and newspaper career. His parents were James W. and Mary (Ansala) Mahuran. His father, who was born on a farm in Indiana in 1840, was a corporal of Company G, Fifty-Ninth Indiana Infantry in the Civil war. Though he was out three years and six months and in many battles and campaigns, including the march of Sherman to the sea, he was never wounded. In 1873 he joined the pioneers of Central Kansas, taking up a homestead in Reno County twelve miles west of Hutchinson. That homestead he had developed as a fine farm and still owned and occupies it, being now at the venerable age of seventy-seven. His is one of the few homesteads in Kansas that had never been mortgaged. His wife was born in Ohio in 1845...

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Biography of Joseph Chesky

Joseph Chesky has had his home in Kansas nearly forty years, and is one of the old time business men of Nickerson. Though retired from the mercantile field in which his activities were engaged for so many years, he is still a man of affairs in that community and is president of the Nickerson State Bank and is one of the largest land holders in Reno and adjoining counties. In this outstanding figure of Nickerson is represented the Province of Posen, Prussia, Germany, where Mr. Chesky was born February 6, 1853. His father, John Chesky, spent his life in Posen, where he was born in 1816 and where he died in 1868. He was a meat dealer, and considering the somewhat circumscribed position of the private citizen in that country he was a man of more than average influence and ability. He served on the city council and on the school board of his home community. He was a member of the Catholic Church. The maiden name of his wife was Antonio Jaroch, who was born in Posen in 1818 and died there in 1886. Only two of their five children came to America. Cecilia is the wife of John W. Wocknetz, living at Ripon, Wisconsin, Mr. Wocknetz being a carpenter; Anastasia died in the old country; Anna still lives there; the fourth in the family is Joseph, and...

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Biography of Will Shackelford Thompson

Will Shackelford Thompson has as much as any other citizen during the past twenty years identified himself with those activities which spell the vital and pulsing commercial life of the City of Hutchinson. He possesses that quality so much valued in any community of putting himself in line either as a leader or co-operator with movements and enterprises that are considered essential to the general welfare. Mr. Thompson’s main business at Hutchinson had been as an insurance man. The Thompson family seems to have been generally inclined in that line of work, his father and several of his brothers having had successful careers as insurance men. Mr. Thompson’s remote ancestors came out of Scotland and were colonial settlers in Maine. His grandfather, Palatiah Thompson, was born in Maine in 1795, but for many years lived at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, where he was in the dry goods business. He died at the age of seventy. His wife was Kitty Moore, a native of Virginia. Charles Lewis Thompson, the father of the Hutchinson business man, was born at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in 1824. When he was quite young his parents moved to Ohio and in 1847 to St. Louis, where he married and where he was engaged in the wholesale dry goods business for a number of years, but later took up and made a success of insurance. He died at...

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Biography of John Willard Campbell

John Willard Campbell is a pioneer of Reno County, had lived there continuously forty-four years, and had identified himself successfully and public spiritedly with the community of Plevna, where he still resided. Mr. Campbell was born in what is now Bay City, Michigan, May 4, 1852. He is of Scotch-Irish ancestry, the Campbells having located in New York State in colonial days. His grandfather, John Campbell, was born in New York State and died near Buffalo in 1845. He was a sturdy farmer of Western New York. N. R. Campbell, father of J. W., was born near Buffalo in 1820, grew up near that city on a farm, and in 1851, near Erie, Pennsylvania, he married Miss Elmira Dixon. She was born in Tayburg County, New York, in 1832. Soon after their marriage N. R. Campbell and wife moved to Bay City, Michigan, where he did general work for a time, and for two years was a resident of Oakland County, Michigan. In 1873 he brought his family to Kansas and was one of the first settlers in Plevna Township, where he homesteaded 160 acres a mile south and one and one-half miles east of the town, and also took up and developed a timber claim of a quarter section. This land sufficed him for his purposes of a general farmer and stockman, and he lived on the homestead...

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Biography of Claude Lathrop Cole

Claude Lathrop Cole, principal of the Reno County High School at Nickerson, had been identified with educational work and administration in Kansas for the past four years, but his teaching experience covers almost twenty years and in a number of the Middle Western states. Wherever he had been it had been the testimony that Mr. Cole had been successful in giving vitality and increased efficiency to the schools under his direction, and such had been the character of his work that he deserves the name educator as an appropriate means of distinguishing him from one who merely teaches or administers a school. In the words of the assistant secretary of the State Board of Agriculture of Missouri his qualifications rest “not so much in his college degree as in his strong personality.” Since their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Cole have usually been associated in their school work and one of the prominent lawyers of North Dakota in a town where they taught said of them: “They possess both noble and cheerful qualities which are essential to successful school work and they are able in a marked degree to command the respect and hearty co-operation of the pupils in all the grades. From four years of intimate acquaintance with them are measured their work and influence as teachers. Their physical characteristics are perfect, education comprehensive, morals above reproach, social qualities...

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Biography of Samuel A. Hemphill

Samuel A. Hemphill. Youth is no bar to the handling of important responsibilities in the business field. Witness the case of Samuel A. Hemphill, aged twenty-five, who is vice president and cashier and executive head of the Nashville State Bank at Nashville, Kansas. Mr. Hemphill took up banking as a career soon after leaving school and was given executive responsibilities at a time when most young men are just laying the ground work of the business or professional career. He was born at Pretty Prairie, Kansas, October 5, 1892. His ancestors were Scotch-Irish-Dutch people who came to America in early days and the family were pioneers in Ohio. The father, W. B. Hemphill, who still lives at Pretty Prairie, was born in Ohio in 1855, grew up there, married in Illinois, and about 1882 settled at Pretty Prairie, Kansas. He had been a farmer all his life, and though he had sold his own land he is still engaged in farming on a rented place three miles west of Pretty Prairie. He had been quite a factor in republican politics, served as deputy assessor of Reno County, and in 1910 took the census in several townships of that county. He is a very active member of the United Presbyterian Church and an elder in his home church. He married Maggie E. Rhomstock, who was born in New York City...

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Biography of Walter E. Wilson

Walter E. Wilson, banker and business man at Washington, is the present bank commissioner of Kansas. His appointment had brought additional credit upon Governor Capper’s administration as one of those that reflect thorough business administration of state affairs. A native of Kansas and of a pioneer family, Mr. Wilson was born at Manhattan August 21, 1871. He is of an old Virginia family, the Wilsons having come from England and first settled at Jamestown in Colonial times and afterwards moving to the western portion of the state in what is now West Virginia. Their affiliations were all with the North during the struggle over slavery. The maiden name of Mr. Wilson’s grandmother was Nancy Lee, and she was a kinswoman of the great Lees of Virginia. Charles L. Wilson, father of Walter E., was born at Charleston, West Virginia, in 1840 and accompanied his parents to Kansas in the spring of 1856. The Wilsons were pioneers in the vicinity of Manhattan and there Charles L. Wilson grew up and married. He was for some years engaged in the harness business at Manhattan, but in 1878 homesteaded 160 acres near Miltonvale and lived on his farm until 1894, when he removed to Topeka and retired. His death occurred in Topeka in 1900. He was an old line republican and for many years held the office of trustee of Star Township....

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Biography of Henry S. Thompson

Henry S. Thompson, president of the Kansas State Fair Association at Hutchinson, had owned and directed many large interests in Reno County for over twenty years. With all his active relations with the community and state at large and with varied business holdings, Mr. Thompson is essentially a farmer, and as a matter of preference he keeps his home at his large ranch situated a mile west of Sylvia. Mr. Thompson was born at Louisville, Kentucky, January 13, 1851. His father, Alfred Thompson, was born on the Isle of Wight, England, in 1807, grew up in that country, and when a young man came to the United States, settling at Louisville, where he married. He was a nurseryman, and had the distinction of establishing about 1834 the first commercial nursery in Kentucky. At that time Louisville was a very small city and his nursery occupied grounds about where the center of the city now is. Alfred Thompson was reared a member of the Church of England. He died at Louisville in 1855, when his son Henry was only four years of age. The maiden name of his wife was Emily Hall. She was born on the Isle of Wight in 1805 and died at Louisville, Kentucky, in 1865. They were the parents of seven children: George, who also came to Kansas and died on his farm near Sylvia in...

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Biography of David Bernhard Buhler, M. D.

David Bernhard Buhler, M. D. The work of Doctor Buhler as a physician and surgeon had been done in the county and locality where he was born and reared, Reno County, and the people living in and around the village of Pretty Prairie have for many years appreciated his abilities and excellent services. Doctor Buhler was born at Buhler, in Reno County, April 12, 1879. He represents a pioneer family of Mennonites who settled there in early days, and the village of Buhler was named in honor of his older brother, one of its most enterprising citizens. His father, Bernhard Buhler, was born in Germany in 1833, but grew up in Southern Russia, where he was in the milling business. In 1878 he brought his family to the United States and on the 4th of July arrived in Reno County, Kansas. He established a home where the Village of Buhler now is, that village taking its name from his son, the late A. B. Buhler. After coming to Kansas Bernhard Buhler identified himself with agricultural pursuits, but is now living retired at Newton, Kansas, with his daughter, Mrs. P. W. Enns. As a voter he is a republican, and is both a member and minister of the Mennonite Church. In Southern Russia he married Anna Penner, who was born in that country in 1837. Their oldest child, the late...

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Biography of John A. Clements

John A. Clements is assistant manager of the Hutchinson, Kansas, plant of the Morton Salt Company. This is the largest salt manufacturing plant in Kansas and the Middle West. It had a daily capacity of 4,000 barrels of pure salt, and it is one of the industries that have given a just fame to Kansas as a salt producing state. The plant of the Morton Salt Company is located two miles southwest of Hutchinson. Its importance as a local industry is indicated by the fact that it employs 275 hands. Mr. Clements is an active young business man and had spent most of his career with the present company. He was born at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 27, 1887, and, represents a family of business people. His grandparents were James and Jane Clements, both natives of Ireland. His grandfather was born in 1823, came as a young unmarried man to this country and settled at Philadelphia, and about 1866 took his family to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He spent the rest of his active business career as a coal and wood merchant at Oshkosh finally retiring and was a resident of Chicago at the time of his death in 1912, though he died in Oshkosh. His wife, Jane Clements, was born in Ireland in 1827 and died in Chicago in 1911. Seven of their children are still living. Margaret, who had never...

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