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Location: Reeds Missouri

Biography of J. O. Crane

Among the popular and efficient public officials of Washington county is numbered J. O. Crane, who since 1914 has capably filled the office of county surveyor of Washington county. He is a native of Kansas, his birth having occurred in a log cabin in Labette county. His paternal grandfather, William Crane, successfully followed agricultural pursuits in Illinois, becoming the owner of large property holdings in that state. His son, J. H. Crane, was a native of Illinois and followed the trades of painting and wagon making in that state. In 1854 he left Decatur, Illinois, and journeyed across the plains to Sacramento, California, whence he proceeded to San Francisco, there joining Walker on a filibustering expedition to Central America, where they remained for two years, during which period they endured many hardships, returning home by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. While serving under the leadership of Walker, Mr. Crane had one finger shot off and also received a wound in the shoulder. They succeeded in taking the city of Nicaragua, but were afterwards obliged to flee for their lives. In 1875 Mr. Crane went to Kansas, purchasing a farm in the vicinity of Oswego, which for some time he continued to cultivate, and his demise occurred in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in 1909. Mr. Crane of this review designed a beautiful tombstone which he placed on his father’s grave. His mother,...

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