Location: Randolph County MO

Biography of James Fulkerson

Fulkerson (This name in the native tongue, was Volkerson, but after the removal of the family to America they began to spell it as it is pronounced.) James Fulkerson, of Germany, came to America at an early date and settled in North Carolina. There he became acquainted with and married Mary VanHook, and subsequently removed to Washington Co., Va. The names of their children were Peter, James, John, Thomas, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, William, Polly, Catharine, Hannah, and Mary. Peter married Margaret Craig, and they had Polly, Robert C., James, Benjamin F., Jacob, Peter, Jr., John W., Margaret, Rachel, David C., and Frederick. Of these children Robert C., Benjamin F., and Frederick settled in Missouri. The former (Robert C.) was born in Lee Co., Va., August 27, 1794. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812, was afterward elected Colonel of militia, and took part in the Black Hawk war in 1834. He first came to Missouri in 1816, with Major Benjamin Sharp, but remained only a short time, when he returned to Virginia, where he resided until 1828. During that period he served his County for seven years in the capacity of Sheriff, an office which at that time was beset with many dangers and hardships, requiring a man of nerve and determination to discharge its duties. So faithful was he in the performance of his labors,...

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Biography of John Russell Vaughan, M. D.

Comparatively few representatives of the medical profession attempt to give their attention to general practice, so broad and complex has become the scope of medical and surgical science. Many concentrate upon single lines, thereby developing skill that could otherwise never be attained and following this recognized course of the present age Dr. Vaughan has become an obstetrician and gynecologist. He was born in Huntsville, Randolph county, Missouri, March 16, 1888, a son of Walter William Vaughan, also a native of Missouri, born at Bridgeton, St. Louis county. His parents were William R. and Harriett Newell (Patton) Vaughan, pioneer settlers of St. Louis county who removed from Virginia to Missouri in 1844. Walter William Vaughan was reared and educated in St. Louis county and also attended the Fayette (Mo.) Central College, and was graduated with the M. D. degree in 1890 from the St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has been in active practice in St. Louis for the past thirty years, long recognized as an able physician of the city. He married Ella M. Peery, a native of this state, her birth having occurred near Mexico in Audrain county. Her father, Franklin P. Peery, was one of the early residents of the state, representing a family from Kentucky. To Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Vaughan three children were born, two of whom have passed away. Dr. John...

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Biography of Henry A. Smith, M.D.

Dr. Henry A. Smith, physician and surgeon of St. Louis and also the president and medical director of the People’s Life & Accident Insurance Company, a Missouri corporation, was born in Madison, Jefferson county, Indiana, September 16, 1857. He was educated in the public schools of Madison and pursued his medical course in the American Medical College, an Eclectic School of St. Louis, from which he was graduated with the M. D. degree in 1905. Various experiences, however, had come to him ere he prepared for his present profession. At the age of fourteen years he started out to earn his own living and was apprenticed by his father to the drug business, which he continued to follow successfully for a decade. During the succeeding ten years of his life he was connected with the Wabash Railroad Company at Moberly, Missouri, acting as chief clerk for five years in the yardmaster’s office and later as assistant chief clerk In the office of the master car builder. When twenty-eight years of age he entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, and served as an ordained clergy man in the Missouri conference. He is still active as a local elder in that church. On the 1st of August, 1898, he removed to St. Louis and became connected with the Prudential Insurance Company. While thus engaged he studied medicine and...

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Biography of James M. Chisham

James M. Chisham. Perhaps no one had been more closely identified with the public affairs and public ntilitias of Atchison than Mr. James M. Chisham, who is now superintendent of the Atchison Water Company. For a number of years he filled official positions in the city’s government, and helped make Atchison a city of medern improvements, including paved streets, and possessed of those public utilities which are insoparable from health and convenience. He is an old resident of Atchison, having come to the city when a child. He had fought his own way to success. He was born in Randolph County, Missouri, December 23, 1859. His ancestors, the Chishams, came from Scotland, were early settlers in Virginia, in colonial times, and from there the family moved to Kentucky and later to Missouri. Mr. Chisham’s grandfather Chisham was a Randolph County, Missouri, pioneer, and spent his life there as a farmer. Mr. Chishem’s maternal grandfather Palmer went out to California during the gold excitement of the early ’50s, and while returning by way of the Isthmus of Panama was lost on the Gulf of Mexico. George Chisham, father of James M. Chisbam, was born in Missouri, in 1836, spent his active career as a farmer and died in Randolph County in 1862. He was a democrat in politics. His wife, Elizabeth Palmer, was born in Missouri in 1838 and died...

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Biographical Sketch of Jacob Maggard

Jacob Maggard residing near Anaheim, was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky, August 12, 1815. His parents,. Jacob and Susan (Bright) Maggard, natives respectively of Virginia and Tennessee, had ten children, he being the fifth. At the age of twenty years he started out in life for himself by working by the day in Scotland County, Missouri, whither his father had moved fifteen years previously. He was reared principally in Randolph County, Missouri. He continued in his calling as a farmer, in which he was successful, until about twelve years ago, when he came to California and purchased property in Sonoma County. More recently he purchased his present residence, where he will spend the evening of his life. He and his wife have long been earnest workers in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and are exemplary in their conduct as Christians. Mr. Maggard was married in Missouri, February 11, 1841, to Elizabeth Myers, a native of that State, and a daughter of Henry and Catharine Myers. Theirs was the first recorded marriage in Scotland County. They have five children: Irvine J., M. D., of Oxford, Kansas; James A., M. D., of Denver, Colorado; William F., M. D., of Corning, California; Emma, wife of Sidney Holman; and Sarah Frances,...

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Biography of Dr. Joseph M’Adoo

The subject of this sketch was born in Donegal county, Ireland, August 9, 1832. His parents were Thomas and Esther Rankin McAdoo, and Joseph was the oldest of six children, four brothers and two sisters. He came to America with his parents in 1838, locating near West Greenville, Mercer county, Pennsylvania, and there resided till he completed his education, which was partially obtained in the common schools of the county, and completed at Westminister College, and at Philadelphia. He began teaching school at eighteen, teaching in several districts, where others failed because of bad order in the school room. Young McAdoo’s executive ability enabled him to bring order out of chaos and to pass class after class through the advanced arithmetical course in the short term of three months. For four years he carried on coal and ore mining operations quite successfully, but quit to finish his education. He located in Tiffin, Ohio, in 1856, where be began the successful practice of medicine. During the civil war, he was, a part of the time, connected with the Ohio National Home Guards, and, in 1864, was chosen first lieutenant of Co. A, 164th Reg. Ohio Vol. Infantry, and at the close of his term, was complimented by President Lincoln. In 1865 he came to Missouri in search of a dryer climate, locating at Huntsville, Randolph county, where he remained till...

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