Location: Quebec Canada

North America Indian Names of Places in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana

The Indians all over this continent had names, traditions, religions, ceremonies, feasts, prayers, songs, dances all, more or less, with symbolism and allegory, adapted to circumstances, just as all other races of mankind. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now But the world has become so familiar with the continued and ridiculous publications in regard to everything touching upon that race of people that a universal doubt has long since been created and established as to the possibility of refinement of thought and nobleness of action ever having existed among the North American Indian race, ancient or modern; and so little of truth has also been learned regarding the real and true inner life of that peculiar and seemingly isolated race of mankind, that today only here and there can one be found who, from a lifetime association and intimate acquaintance, is well versed in Indian thought, feeling and character, and able to unfold and record the solution of that imagined mystery known as “The Indian Problem,”...

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Medicine Man – North American Indians

But among the many things that are associated with the North American Indians as topics of conversation and subjects of the printer’s ink more talked about and less understood is the “Medicine Man.” On Nov. 14, 1605, the first French settlement was made in America, on the northeast coast of Nova Scotia, and they gave the name Arcadia to the country; and on July 3, 1808, Samuel Champlain laid the foundation of Quebec. The character “Medicine-Man” had its origin, according to tradition, among those early French colonists who corrupted the word “Meda” a word in the language of one...

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Sons of Quebec 1778-1843

The Sons of Quebec (Fils de Québec) were written by Pierre-Georges Roy and published in 1933 in a four volume set. They provide a series of short biographies of one to three pages of Quebec men from 1778-1843. Warning… this manuscript is in French!

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Early Exploration and Native Americans

De Soto and his band gave to the Choctaws at Moma Binah and the Chickasaws at Chikasahha their first lesson in the white man’s modus operandi to civilize and Christianize North American Indians; so has the same lesson been continued to be given to that unfortunate people by his white successors from that day to this, all over this continent, but which to them, was as the tones of an alarm-bell at midnight. And one hundred and twenty-three years have passed since our forefathers declared all men of every nationality to be free and equal on the soil of the North American continent then under their jurisdiction, except the Africans whom they held in slavery, and the Native Americans against whom they decreed absolute extermination because they could not also enslave them; to prove which, they at once began to hold out flattering-inducements to the so-called oppressed people of all climes under the sun, to come to free America and assist them to oppress and kill off the Native Americans and in partnership take their lands and country, as this was more in accordance with their lust of wealth and speedy self-aggrandizement than the imagined slow process of educating, civilizing and Christianizing them, a work too con descending, too humiliating; and to demonstrate that it has been a grand and glorious success, we now point with vaunting pride and haughty...

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The Discovery Of This Continent, it’s Results To The Natives

In the year 1470, there lived in Lisbon, a town in Portugal, a man by the name of Christopher Columbus, who there married Dona Felipa, the daughter of Bartolome Monis De Palestrello, an Italian (then deceased), who had arisen to great celebrity as a navigator. Dona Felipa was the idol of her doting father, and often accompanied him in his many voyages, in which she soon equally shared with him his love of adventure, and thus became to him a treasure indeed not only as a companion but as a helper; for she drew his maps and geographical charts, and...

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Narrative of the Captivity of Frances Noble – Indian Captivities

Narrative of the captivity of Frances Noble, who was, among others, taken by the Indians from Swan Island, in Maine, about the year 1755; compiled by John Kelly, Esq. of Concord, New Hampshire, from the minutes and memoranda of Phinehas Merrill. Esq. of Stratham, in the same state; and by the Former Gen. Tleman communicated for publication to the editors of the Historical Collections of New Hampshire.

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Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of Miss Sarah Gerish – Indian Captivities

Miss Sarah Gerish, who was Taken at the Sacking of Dover, in the Year 1689, by the Indians; as Communicated to the Reverend Dr. Cotton Mather, by the Reverend John Pike, Minister of Dover. Sarah Gerish, daughter of Capt. John Gerish, of Quochecho or Cocheco, was a very beautiful and ingenious damsel, about seven years of age, and happened to be lodging at the garrison of Major Waldron, her affectionate grandfather, when the Indians brought that horrible destruction upon it, on the night of the 27th of June, 1689. She was always very fearful of the Indians; but fear may we think now surprised her, when they fiercely bid her go into a certain chamber and call the people out! She obeyed, but finding only a little child in bed in the room, she got into the bed with it, and hid herself in the clothes as well as she could. The fell Indians quickly pulled her out, and made her dress for a march, but led her way with no more than one stocking upon her, on a terrible march through the thick woods, and a thousand other miseries, till they came to the Norway Planes. 1These planes are in the present town of Rochester, N. H. Editor.  From thence they made her go to the end of Winnipisiogee Lake, thence eastward, through horrid swamps, where sometimes they...

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War Between the Colonies and The Western Indians – From 1763 To 1765

A struggle began in 1760, in which the English had to contend with a more powerful Indian enemy than any they had yet encountered. Pontiac, a chief renowned both in America and Europe, as a brave and skillful warrior, and a far-sighted and active ruler, was at the head of all the Indian tribes on the great lakes. Among these were the Ottawas, Miamis, Chippewas, Wyandott, Pottawatomie, Winnebago, Shawanese, Ottagamie, and Mississagas. After the capture of Quebec, in 1760, Major Rodgers was sent into the country of Pontiac to drive the French from it. Apprised of his approach, Pontiac...

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The French and Indian War from 1754 to 1759 – Beaver Wars

After the peace, concluded between France and England in 1748, the French, excluded from the Atlantic coast of North America, designed to take possession of the country further west, and for this purpose, commenced to build a chain of forts to connect the St. Lawrence and the Mississippi rivers. The English, to prevent this scheme from being carried into action, formed an Ohio company, to whom a considerable extent of country was granted by the English government. Upon hearing of this, the governor of Canada notified the governors of New York and Pennsylvania, that if the English traders came...

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Biographical Sketch of Eric Wold

Eric Wold who has been city engineer of Burlingame for the past four years and at present is also acting in the same capacity for the infant municipality of San Bruno, has been engaged in engineering work the greater part of his life. His college training and wide experience has splendidly fitted him for the important work that he is now doing; while Burlingame’s streets, the water system and other municipal improvements well bespeak Mr. Wold’s ability. Anxious to have their municipality profit from the same competent engineering that Burlingame did, the San Bruno citizens retained Mr. Wold. He is now at work perfecting plans for bridges, street improvements, sidewalks and a water system which when completed will make San Bruno one of the ideal towns of the county. Besides his wide experience as a municipal engineer Mr. Wold has followed his profession in other lines. He was in the service of the government for three years. While engaged in railroad work he made many important locations for the Western Pacific and other lines. Eric Wold was born in Norway on April 5, 1878. While just a child his parents brought him to Quebec and from there they moved to Minnesota where Mr. Wold spent the early part of his life. After graduating from the La Crosse High School at La Crosse, Wisconsin, he entered the University of Minnesota....

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Biography of Terence Masterson

Terence Masterson, street commissioner, capitalist, and proprietor of the Wisnom Hotel, has been a resident of San Mateo for twenty-five years. He came here a total stranger; but his fair dealings, enterprise and confidence in San Mateo’s future, have made him one of the leading citizens of the community. As city trustee and street commissioner Mr. Masterson has been devoting the greater part of his time to the welfare of San Mateo. His keen business ability is reflected throughout the work of the city trustees. The streets of San Mateo were never cleaner and in a better state of repair than during his administration. He has also supervised the vast amount of street improvements made during the last few years. Mr. Masterson has extensive business interests in San Mateo. Besides being proprietor of the Wisnom Hotel he is a stock holder in several banks of the county and the Peninsula Rapid Transit Company. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the San Mateo County Development Association and the energy lie devotes in this cause is only a small part of his civic devotion. Among the interests that Mr Masterson holds outside of the state is stock in the famous Silver King mine in Utah from whose ore treasures, over $25,000,000 in metals has already been taken. Terence Masterson was born in Quebec, Canada on March...

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1851 Quebec Canada Directory, Engravers to Gunsmiths

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Engravers And Copperplate Printers Leggo, William A., jun., engraver, Treasure st., Leggo, William A., sen., copperplate printer, 6 U. T. Dauphin st., U. T. Fishing Tackle Maker And Bird Stuffer Kendall, Owen G., St. John st., without. Fancy Stores Cote, Pierre, St. Vallier st., St. Rochs. Wheatley, Mrs., Couillard st., U. T. Reid, Mrs., 8 Palace st., U. T. Wyse, Frederick, 21l St. John st., U. T. Flour Inspector Phillips, Charles S., Giilespies’ wharf, L. T. Flour And Provision Stores BILODEAU, M., ship owner and dealer in provisions, flour, sugar, molasses, &c., 2 St.. Peter st., L. T. MENARD & BROTHERS, flour, grain and provision merchants, corner of St. Paul st. and St. Paul’s market, L. T. Roy, WILLIAM H., grain, flour and provision merchant, St. Andrew’s wharf, L. T. SCOTT, MICHAEL, provision, flour and grain merchant, Atkinson’s wharf, L. T. Bates, James, Artillery st., St. Louis. Matte, A. S., Lower Town market. Brown, Win., St. Vallier st., St. Rochs. Matte & Patoine, Lower Town market. Connolly & Co., Hunt’s wharf, L. T. Moffet, A., & F., King st., St. Rochs. Gauthier, Louis, St. Vallier st., St. Rochs. Tessier, F. X., Desfosses st., St. Rochs. Giguiere, Frs., Dorchester st., St. Rochs. Forwarders ANDERSON, JOHN, forwarding and commission merchant, 42 St. Peter st.,...

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1851 Quebec Canada Directory, Bakers to Butchers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Bakers M’CONREY, E., bread, biscuit and ship bread baker, St. Vallier st., L.T. PARKE, THOMAS, bread, biscuit and ship bread baker, 56 St. Paul st., near the market. Non Members Allard, P., King st., St. Rochs. Allard, J., Desfossés St., St. Rochs. Amiot, J., St. Joachim st., St. Johns. Bedard, P., Crown st., St. Rochs. Bedard, J., St. Margaret st., St. Rochs. Boivin, Jean, St. Francis st., St. Rochs. Chamberlain, C., Desfosses st.. St. RochS. Campbell, William, St. James st.. L. T. Cogle, D., St. Paul’s Market-place. Davidson. J., Fleury st., St. Rochs. Dion, Joseph, Desfossés st, St. Rochs. Dion, D., Church st., St. Rochs. Dostie, E., St. Joseph st., St. Rochs. Falardeau, Louis, Fleury st., St. Rochs. Falardeau, Louis, Crown st., St. Rochs. Gingras, J. C., St. Vallier st., St. Rochs. Gregoire, F. X., Desfossés st., St. Rochs. Hethrington, J., St. John st., without. Hill, R., Artillery st., St. Louis. Johnston, R., St. Francis st., St. Rochs. Johnston, G.. 39 St. John st., U. T. Lepine, Joseph, St. Gabriel st., St. Rochs. Lepine, Joseph, Queen st.. St. Rochs. Lortie, A., Crown st., St. Rocks. Martel, Joseph, Coteau, St. Genevieve, St. Rochs. Moffatt. J., Crown st., St. Rochs. Mulholland, J., Artillery st., St. Louis. Nelson, H., Nouvelle st., St. RochS. Racine, L.,...

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