Location: Pomeroy Ohio

Biography of S. Allen Brown

S. Allen Brown. During the last forty years S. Allen Brown had busied himself with the handling of many important business interests at Independence. He is a son of the late William R. Brown, who was one of the pioneers of Montgomery County, and both father and son were closely associated in many of their business undertakings. One of the most attractive homesteads in Independence is owned and occupied by S. Allen Brown as his residence. It comprises a fine house at 515 North Second Street surrounded with fourteen acres of ground. In effect it is a piece of the country set down in the midst of a busy city. While Mr. Brown had some of the land in garden and had pasturage for his own cow, he had always taken a great deal of care in preserving and improving the grounds according to his tastes as a landseape gardener. The many trees are a notable feature of the place. There are three different kinds of oaks, and also a number of elms, hickory, pecan, walnut, besides some imported ornamental trees and a great deal of shrubbery. Because of these features it is one of the attractive spots for the wild birds in their migrations during the spring and fall, and Mr. Brown takes a great deal of pleasure in retaining all this combination of nature with the art...

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Biography of Hiram Arthur Gilmore

Hiram Arthur Gilmore has during the greater part of his residence in Elk County been identified with the educational forces of the community, and on the basis of his individual record as a teacher and his thorough familiarity with school conditions he was elected on November 7, 1916, county superintendent of schools. Mr. Gilmore was born at Pomeroy, Ohio, November 19, 1867. His ancestors came from Ireland, and the family was established in Ohio either by his grandfather or his great-grandfather. His grandfather Samuel Gilmore was a farmer, and died at Rutland, Ohio. John H. Gilmore, father of Hiram A., was born in Meigs County, Ohio, in 1830, grew up and married in that state, became a farmer, and from Pomeroy he removed to Rutland, where he died in 1879. He was a republican and a member of the Free Will Baptist Church. By his marriage to Miss Hysel, who was born in Meigs County, Ohio, in 1828, and died at Middleport in that state in 1904, there were seven children, namely: W. S., a farmer at Harrisonville, Ohio; Robert N., a teacher in the schools at Everett, Washington; John H., a carpenter at Wichita, Kansas; Mary M., who died in Colorado after her marriage; Luther L., a farmer at Perry, Ohio; Hiram A.; and Lewis L., a physician and surgeon at Wichita, Kansas. Hiram A. Gilmore spent his...

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Biography of William P. Brown

William P. Brown, brother of S. Allen Brown, a well known citizen of Independence whose career has already been sketched, has been prominently identified with various business affairs in Southeastern Kansas for nearly forty years, and is now a resident and has his headquarters at Coffeyville. Born in Pomeroy, Ohio, July 29, 1861, a son of Gen. William R. Brown, he received his early education in the public schools of that state, and came with his parents to Independence, Kansas, in 1874. He was then a student in the Independence High School, but at the early age of seventeen started out in business on his own account and from that time until he was twenty-two was in the lumber business at Independence and then for two years was a grain merchant at Cherryvale. Since 1885 his home has been in Coffeyville, where he conducted one of the extensive lumber yards until he sold out in 1906. Since 1891 William P. Brown has been one of the leading oil and gas operators and producers in the Kansas fields. He owns 325 acres of land with about ten producing oil wells on it. His home is a fine place at the corner of Eldridge and Walnut streets. This modern residence he built fourteen years ago. He owns several business houses in Coffeyville, and besides the farm already mentioned has a place...

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