Location: Polk County MO

Biography of Marion C. Early

Marion C. Early is the son of George G. and Mary A. Early. His father, George G. Early, was born near Norfolk, Virginia, July 13, 1819, and while still a boy removed with his mother to Knox county, Tennessee. His mother, Mary A. (Brittain) Early, was born near Lenoir City, London county, Tennessee, February 23, 1827. His parents later removed to Polk county, Missouri, where on a farm the subject of this sketch was reared. In a log schoolhouse there was held each year a four months’ term of school and this he attended until past nineteen, when he entered the Southern Baptist College at Boliver, Polk county, Missouri, which he attended one year; thereafter he entered the preparatory department of Drury College, Springfield, Missouri, which institution he attended for several years but did not graduate. While attending college he earned his own way. In 1892 he entered the law department of Washington University, St. Louis, and while pursuing the law course he earned all his expenses by working in the law library. June 14, 1894, he was graduated with the degree of LL. B. and on June 18, 1894, was admitted to the bar in St. Louis and immediately entered the law office of Kehr & Tittmann, Wainwright building, St. Louis. In the same building since that date and without interruption he has devoted his whole time to...

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Biography of John Goldsberry

JOHN GOLDSBERRY. The parents of this much esteemed citizen, William H. and Elizabeth (Fouts) Goldsberry, were natives of the Old North State, born in either Davidson or Randolph Counties. In 1836 or 1837 they left their native State and came to Missouri, locating on Gasconade River, in Pulaski County, where they made their home until 1846. From there they moved to Polk County and after living there a short time moved to Hutton Valley, Oregon County, before Howell had become a county. From Hutton Valley they moved to the place where Mountain View now stands, and there the mother died in 1870, when about sixty-three years of age. The father afterward lived with his children until his death in July, 1893, when eighty-one years of age. He was a minister in the United Baptist Church from the time he was a young man. He had a severe attack of the gold fever in 1849, which a trip to the Pacific coast alone would allay, and he crossed the plains with ox teams. At the end of six months, on account of sickness, he returned home by the Isthmus, New Orleans and Mississippi River. He helped to organize a great many of the pioneer churches and became one of the best known and best respected citizens in the section. Goldsberry Township, in Howell County, was named in honor of him....

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Biography of Barnett P. Parrish

BARNETT P. PARRISH. Although almost eighty years have passed over the head of the gentleman who is the subject of this sketch, he is well preserved, physically and mentally, and is a typical representative of the native Ohioan, honest and upright in word and deed, energetic and pushing, and of a decidedly practical turn of mind. He was born in the Buckeye State September 13, 1818, and is a son of Ira O. W. W. and Ruth (Cheneworth) Parrish. It is thought that the father was a Virginian by birth, but at an early date he was married in Ohio and, when our subject was but seven or eight years of age, he and family removed to Vermillion County, Indiana, and in 1835 to Illinois. Later they left that State and settled in the woods of Polk County, Missouri, improved a farm, and there passed the remainder of their lives, Mr. Parrish dying a number of years after the war, when eighty-three years of age. He was a well-to-do farmer and hotel man, and was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was of Irish descent. His wife died before the war. They were the parents of nine children: William Thomas, who died when a boy; Barnett P., the subject of this sketch; Casandria, deceased, who was the wife of Calvin Gaylor; Joseph, a soldier of the Mexican...

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Biography of Thomas F. Williams

THOMAS F. WILLIAMS. T. F. Williams is a substantial citizen of Taney County, Missouri, and from early boyhood has devoted his attention to farming interests, being now the owner of an excellent tract of 280 acres, 100 acres under cultivation, in Swan township. Mr. Williams was born in Polk County, Missouri, December 6, 1859, and is a son of John E. and Louisa J. (Hale) Williams, both natives of Tennessee, the former born October 21, 1820, and the latter September 27, 1830. The grandfather, John Williams, died in Tennessee. About 1852 the father of our subject came to Missouri and settled in Polk County, where he resided until 1867, when he came to Taney County, settling on a farm at the mouth of Beaver Creek, on White River, where his death occurred in 1882. All his life was devoted to farming and stockraising, but he was public-spirited and held the office of justice of the peace for a number of years. In political matters he was a supporter of Republican principles, and during the war, he was enrolled in the State militia, but was exempt from duty on account of holding the office of justice of the peace. His wife died in 1885. She was the daughter of Samuel Hale, a native of Tennessee, who came to Polk County, Missouri, where he died about 1890. He was a farmer...

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Biography of John H. Middleton

JOHN H. MIDDLETON. John H. Middleton, general merchant, farmer and postmaster at Omaha, Boone County, Arkansas, is a worthy citizen in all the relations of life, and has always been interested in the advancement in the different affairs of his section. He is a successful business man; his generosity keeps pace with his prosperity, and he contributes liberally of his means to the advancement of worthy enterprises, in which respect his generosity has been recognized and appreciated. Mr. Middleton is a product of Bolivar, Missouri, born January 9, 1854, and is a son of William J. and Lovina J. (Beckley) Middleton. The father was born in Tennessee in 1830, and when seven years of age went to what is now Stone County, Missouri, with his mother, and settled near Galena, on James River, where he remained until the breaking out of the Mexican War. He then enlisted and served all through that war as a private. After his return to Missouri he was married in St. Clair County to Miss Beckley and at once located in Bolivar, where he followed merchandising until about 1856. From there he removed to Linn County, Kan., and engaged in business at Centreville for a few years. In 1859 he went to Pike’s Peak, but about a year later returned to St. Clair County, Missouri, where he engaged in the pottery business, following the...

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Biography of Leroy Adams

LEROY ADAMS. This gentleman is regarded as one of the most enterprising pioneers of his district, and it is a pleasure to chronicle here the events that mark his life as one of usefulness. Material wealth must not exclude the riches of character and ability in recounting the virtues which have been brought to this country by its citizens, and among its most precious treasures must be estimated the lives of those citizens who have by their intelligence and their eminence in the higher walks of life assisted in raising the standard of life and thought in the communities in which they have settled. Mr. Adams was born in Wilson County, middle Tennessee, about 1812 or 1814 to the union of William and Ovidia Adams, and is a branch of the old Adams family. He was left fatherless when quite young, and of a family of seven children, he is the only one now living. In 1833, when a lad of about seventeen years, he took the advice of his father, who had told him before dying to go to a new country and get a home, and he, his mother and two younger sisters made their way to what is now Polk County, then Greene County, Missouri, and settling on a tract of land, remained there until 1838 or 1839. At that date they moved to a farm...

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Biography of Samuel G. McCracken

SAMUEL G. MCCRACKEN. Among the active and energetic business men of Ozark is Samuel G. McCracken, grain dealer and grocery merchant. He has acquired an enviable reputation as a business man and citizen, and well deserves the large competency he has acquired by honest methods and strict business integrity. The McCracken family is of Scotch-Irish origin and the first members of this family to come to America settled in Tennessee, where they were esteemed as honorable and upright men and women. Thomas McCracken, grandfather of our subject, was born in Tennessee, as was also Nathaniel McCracken, the father of our subject, whose birth occurred in Williamson County in 1813. The latter married Miss Arissa Cates and our subject was one of the children born to this union. Samuel G. McCracken was born in Hickory County, Missouri, March 30, 1851, and there remained until ten years of age, attending district school and assisting on the farm. The breaking out of the Civil War interrupted his studies at the above mentioned age, but he remained in his native county until after the war, when he entered the high school at Bolivar. Two years later he entered Drury College, when it was first opened in 1871, and passed three years in that well-known institution of learning. After leaving college he was employed as shipping clerk by J. M. Doling, grain merchant, and...

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Biography of Thomas R. Appleby, M. D.

THOMAS R. APPLEBY, M. D. In tracing the genealogy of the Appleby family in America, we find that three brothers of that name left the Green Isle of Erin and came to America about the time of the Revolutionary War. James Appleby, grandfather of our subject, was a son of one of these brothers. He was a native of Tennessee, whither his father had moved from Pennsylvania in 1832, and was a soldier in the War of 1812. About 1832 Grandfather Appleby moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he was among the first settlers, but later located in Polk County, that State, where he and his worthy wife passed the remainder of their days. His son, Andrew M., father of the subject, was born in Tennessee, and was only eight years of age when the family moved by wagon to Missouri. His birth occurred in Lincoln County, where some members of this family reside at the present time. Andrew grew to mature years in Polk County, and attended school but three months in early life. He married Miss Lititia Sumners, a native of Tennessee, born in 1827, and afterward began to gain an education, attending a common school for some time. He settled in Greene County, near Ash Grove, and there reared his family. His occupation in life was farming and stockraising, but he also followed black-smithing to some extent,...

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Biography of Maj. James A. Melton

The intelligence and ability shown by Maj. Melton as a progressive tiller of the soil, and the interest he has taken in the advancement of measures for the good of Stone County, Missouri, caused him long since to be classed as one of the leading citizens of his section. All that he has achieved or gained has come as the result of his own efforts, and he deserves much credit for the determined way in which he faced and overcame many difficulties. In tracing his genealogy, we find that his ancestors came originally from England, settled in North Carolina, and the grandfather, Ansel Melton, who was a native of that State, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The latter moved his family to Cannon County, Tennessee, and settled near Sugar Tree Knob in 1810, being one of the very first settlers of that State. He lived to be nearly one hundred years old, and died on the farm where he had first settled. His wife, too, reached an extraordinary age, dying when one hundred and four years of age. The Melton family for the most part held membership in the Christian Church. The father of our subject, Austin Melton, was born in the Old North State, and was but five years of age when he moved with his parents to Cannon County, Tennessee There he grew to manhood...

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Biographical Sketch of R. Lindley

R. Lindley was born in Polk County, Missouri in the year 1835. He migrated to Hopkins County with his father Jahu Lindley in 1849 and located on South Sulphur Creek where he was living when he died. Jahu Lindley had a large family but there are only two of this family living at this time: the subject of this biographical sketch and R. J. Lindley, who lives in Decatur, Wise County, at this time. R. Lindley was raised in Hopkins County. At the age of 23 years he married Miss Effie Sayle of Commerce, Hunt County, a lady of excellent birth and splendid ancestry. By this union 7 children were born to them, two of these are dead. Mr. Lindley has given two of his sons professions and they are located in business and are doing well, one son Jahu lives in the county and is a prosperous well to do farmer and stock raiser, a heavy tax payer and a splendid citizen, reliable, just, honest, in fact he is a superb gentle-man any where he is met. Mr. Lindley began life with no capital save energy and a determination. to succeed, he has made life a success and today is considered one of the heaviest tax payers of Hopkins County. He has been liberal with his children, assisting them in many ways. He has large stock interests in...

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Biography of William S. Norton

William S. Norton. Whatever their environment, men of true ability have the power to raise themselves above circumstances, and apparently handicaps and difficulties act only as a spur to increase effort and accomplishment. There are few Kansas whose careers better illustrate the truth of this assertion than that of William S. Norton, who is known so well in Cherokee County as a financier and business man. Mr. Norton could review by personal recollections practically every phase of life in Southwestern Missouri and Southeastern Kansas during the last half century. He was a Union soldier during the war and the keynote to his success can probably be found in the fact that he has been ever ready to meet danger and difficulty and has always been unusually resourceful in every exigency of a long life. As to his ancestry it can be stated that the Nortons were English people and were pioneers to the State of Ohio, where they settled before the War of 1812. Their first point of settlement on coming to America was North Carolina. Mr. William S. Norton was born in Edgar County, Illinois, July 26, 1844. His father was Amos Norton, a native of Mount Vernon, Ohio, where he was born in 1826. After spending the first nineteen years of his life in the vicinity of Mount Vernon, he moved to Edgar County, Illinois, where he...

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Biography of Ad V. Coppedge

Ad V. Coppedge, the pioneer lawyer of Delaware county and the first county attorney, has also been connected with every important constructive measure that has led to the up building, development and progress of this section of the state. He became a resident of Grove in 1963 and throughout all the intervening period has taken active part in shaping the county’s up building. Mr. Coppedge was born on a farm in Missouri near the Arkansas line, January 26, 1870, the old homestead being situated at Thayer. His parents were Houston Harrison and Tennessee Martha (Bledsoe) Coppedge, and the mother, a native of North Carolina, is still living at Grove, Oklahoma. The father, who was born in Virginia, served under John S. Marmaduke as a Confederate soldier for three years during the Civil war. He was wounded and was paroled at Vicksburg. In early manhood he began teaching and following his marriage he turned his attention to general farming. In 1879 he removed to Dade county, Missouri, where he carried on general agricultural pursuits to the time of his death. His political endorsement was always given to the democratic party and he was, one of the active workers in its ranks. He was also a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, and he died in that faith on the 9th of January, 1895, when fifty-two years of age....

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Biography of Judson Wheeler Mitchell

Judson Wheeler Mitchell, manager of The Emporia Ice & Cold Storage Company, had been a Kansas business man for a quarter of a century. He was born at West Damascus, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1863, and was the son of Harvey Wheeler and Mary E. (Avery) Mitchell. The Mitchells were originally a Scotch family, one branch of which settled in England in the seventeenth century. Matthew Mitchell came to America in 1635, making the voyage in “The Good Ship James,” which was accompanied by an armed vessel, “The Angel Gabriel.” He landed at Boston, and later settled at Stamford, Connecticut, where he died in 1647. The fourth generation of his descendants settled in the Delaware Valley, purchasing 750 acres of land where Cochecton, New York, and Damascus, Pennsylvania are now situated. The subject of this sketch was the grandson of John Tyler and Almira Wheeler Mitchell, the latter being a daughter of Major Ebenezer Wheeler, who served his country through the War of 1812. Mr. Mitchell had in his possession the letters written from army headquarters to Major Wheeler’s family during the second war. Through his mother, Mary E. (Avery) Mitchell, Mr. Mitchell is descended from the Groton branch of the Averys in America. The founder, Christopher Avery, came to America from Salisbury, Wilts County, England, in company with John Winthrop, landing at Salem, Massachusetts, June 12, 1680. Harvey Wheeler...

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Biography of E. O. Sloan, M. D.

E. O. Sloan, M. D. The attainment of success in life along any path of endeavor demands energy, honesty, conscientiousness, self-reliance and proper preparation. The presence of genius is also desirable, but for permanency the homely virtues and practical qualities are absolutely necessary. To the undoubted possession of these may be, in large part, attributed the success that had attended the efforts of Dr. E. O. Sloan, who had figured prominently in the medical profession of Crawford County for more than a quarter of a century, as a practitioner at Pittsburg and had maintained throughout his entire career a high standard of professional ethics and scientific principles. Dr. E. O. Sloan was born in Polk County, Missouri, February 25, 1855, and is a son of Dr. Absalom C. and Mary Jane (Hamilton) Sloan. He belongs to a family of Scotch-Irish origin which emigrated to America from Scotland and Ireland at an early day and located in Kentucky as pioneers during colonial times. In that state was born the grandfather of Doctor Sloan, Jeremiah Nelson Sloan, August 26, 1789. A farmer and stock raiser by vocation, in 1831 he moved to Polk County, Missouri, where he was elected the first county judge. He came to be a man of importance, substance and general worth in his community, and wielded a large influence for good among his fellow-citizens, who, recognizing his...

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Biography of K. J. Montgomery

K. J. Montgomery, a progressive young business man, familiarly known as “Jack” to his many friends in Vinita, is numbered among the leading cattlemen of northeastern Oklahoma and worthily bears a name which for the past eighteen years has been synonymous with enterprise and integrity in business circles of Craig County. He is a native of Missouri, his birth having occurred in Cedar County on the 21st of January, 1887, and is a son of Thomas R. Montgomery, who was born in Tennessee. The father subsequently removed to the west, becoming the owner of one of the finest farms in Cedar County, Missouri, on which he engaged in feeding cattle on an extensive scale. Later he established his home in Morrisville, Polk County, that state, where he continued his stock raising operations, while he also engaged in the dry goods business, likewise conducting a bank and a flour mill. In 1903 he arrived in Craig County, Oklahoma, purchasing a large ranch in partnership with a Mr. Peariman and engaging in the feeding and shipping of cattle. He developed a large business in that connection, conducting his operations under the firm style of Montgomery & Peariman, and he also figured conspicuously in financial circles of Centralia, Oklahoma, as President of the First National Bank. He is a very enterprising and progressive business man who has made a success of everything...

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